Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 Predictions: Psychic August

by: Psychic August

The Philippine economy as a whole for the next year will hardly improve, mainly due to the Philippine government's lack of a specific and all-encompassing economic plan since it's inception last 2010, besides the frequent trips overseas made by the head of state and some members of his cabinet, soliciting investments from economically developed and prosperous nations.

Even with these so called solicitations,  it still remains to be seen if the majority of those countries, foreign corporations, etc., that declared their pledge in  investing in the Philippines will push through at all. Those that do follow up on their pledges will do so only into the start of the next administration.

So poverty will still continue to be the norm for the majority of the Filipinos in 2015, even if there are occasional developments like there being more jobs available, bringing down the number of unemployed by a few numbers, too few to reflect a real improvement of the Philippine economy.

The trend of lowering the international price for oil will continue next year.  For the Philippines, this will mean lowering the rates of public transportation due to price rollbacks of gasoline begrudgingly made by the local oil fuel companies.  But the rollbacks will only be up to a certain point, and so transportation rates, although lower next year, will not be that much lower than the current ones.

The peace and order situation in the Philippines will improve in 2015.  The PNP's "Operation Lambat Sibat" in cooperation with the DILG will be generally successful in bringing down the crime rate in the country. Thus we will a decrease in violent crime next year. Although successful, this " operation lambat sibat " or another law enforcement program to fight crime must be continued into the next administration if we want to see a significant lowering of the crime rate that will really be experienced at the grass roots level.

Although there will still be some new laws enacted to fight crime, as well as the amendment of some existing laws to improve their effect, it is more of there being a better implementation of existing laws that will help bring down the crime rate next year.

The insurgency problem, especially in the southern Philippines will still be a continuing problem, however. The government will have better success in dealing with the insurgent new people's army, more also because there is currently & will continue into next year, a funding problem experienced by the NPA and it's political arm - the CPP.

But the Abu Sayyaf and other insurgent groups based in Mindanao will still be a growing problem for the Philippine government and military. Bolstered by funding & other kinds of support from international terrorist groups sympathetic to its cause,  such as the Al Qaeda and its offshoot ISIS, the Abu Sayyaf militants will grow in numbers and in the threat it poses to the overall peace and order situation of the country.  Kidnapping sprees conducted by this group will continue. Bombings in public places will still be enacted but most of it will be curbed even before it begins.  Those that do happen will do so mainly in the south.

Even the recently formed Bangsamoro will fail to stop or even curb this threat next year.

Although down played by the Philippine military, the recruitment of young Filipino Muslims to the international ISIS group will continue into 2015.

Reading Date:  December 12, 2014

Monday, December 29, 2014

2015 Fearless Predictions: Psychic Christy

by: Psychic Christy

As far as the presidential elections, Spirit is very clear on the face that there will be some deception going on.  They advice voters to really think before they vote and get the facts first.  There will be a lot of promises made that they are unable to keep.  The one that may win is the most outspoken.

There will be most typhoon in 2015 which will bring frustrations, however, it will only bring the Philippines hope as they are already on top of the situation.  It will bring people closer together which is what is needed for 2015.

The people of the Philippines will find the truth that affects the balance of their elections and will choose the right candidate.  This will bring a lot of celebrations, happiness and new beginnings.

Many people have been soul searching for a long time now.  They have made many decisions lately that have brought peace of mind.  This has to do with the politics.  The people need to know that people in office are actually trying to make things easier on them even if it does not seem so at this moment.

As far as the political uprising, unrest or terrorism that the moment there are too many factors around this.  So it is undecided what will happen.  There will be money improvements and there will be an ending quickly to most of the turmoil.  There is a lot of happiness coming to the people.  They are getting stronger in themselves and 2015 brings a lot of celebrations and happenings.  There will be many surprises for the pageants and the economy for 2015.  There will be a speedy finish to the chaos with the economy.  There will also be a lot of friendships.  People will stop judging each other and start to form friendships where once there were non.  2015 will come with some hardships but the year will bring Peace of mind to the public, Victory over a situation that will provide a balance that was once not there.  It will also bring security and a helping hand to the ones who need it the most.  Year 2015 is a message of hope and happiness.

Reading Date: December 12, 2014

2015 Predictions: Psychic Maria

by: Psychic Maria

Hello, Dear Readers!

Once again I am here writing to you all. This time I want to speak a little bit about 2015.  It is generally a good year, I would say. According to numerology, we will be going through an 8 (2 + 0 + 1 + 5), which is actually a good number that represents stability and achievements, the feeling of being grounded and down to earth.

I decided to focus my prediction on natural events and catastrophes as it is one of the biggest concerns for you guys, so you can, in a way, prepare yourself for what is to come. I started by checking the odds for natural disasters in Philippines and quite unfortunately I got a clear 'YES, there's going to be something'. The cards confirmed my gut feeling and also showed me this holds a very spiritual meaning to the people of Philippines.

I feel a strong event taking place in this country, that's going to shake some specific area. This seems to be intense and most likely involving an earthquake and possibly water coming in, like a tsunami.  I feel it for the month of April or close to April.  July and October are also months of testing when it comes to natural things taking place, but it feels these ones are not as intense as before.  However, this will have some impact on the economy I believe.

When I look at the map of the Philippines and try to feel a specific area/region, I am drawn to Viriato and Puraran mostly, some internal regions close by, and possibly near Mayon volcano.  I'm sorry if the names of the places are not correct, but there seems to be a lot of divergence in the maps I find.  I mean the eastern side of the country.  Hopefully, I am wrong and the people of this country will have peace during the coming year of 2015.  If I am right, then God help us make through and let us hope for the best.

Thanks for your time, and all the blessings for 2015!

With best regards,


Reading Date:  December 10, 2014

Sunday, December 28, 2014

2015 Predictions: Psychic Zeus

It gives me great pleasure to read for the beloved blog readers!

Philippines is now a close country to heart and anything I could do to help gives me great pleasure and satisfaction!

2015, I can't hide, will be a tough one to get through, not just for the Philippines if I may add.  I feel 2015 is going to test the Filipinos to the limits as per usual. No rest for the wicked as they say!

Philippines, is known, for calamities and disasters, well, not this year!  Nothing out of the norm, yes we will have typhoons and earthquakes but nothing out of the ordinary.  No major disasters as most will be planned and accommodated for in advance.

I am concerned about the POLITICAL picture around the young vibrant minds of the younger generation of Filipinos.  They see their country robbed and stolen everyday helpless to intervene through the bureaucracy and bad management of the land's resources.  They will react, this is my fear!  It is, on the path of collision with the elders in charge of the country!

The customs are killing them, the traditions are suffocating them and the restrictions are frustrating them.  I feel 2015 will be a testing time for all the student movement all over the country

Some racial and religious tensions are brewing too, with poverty, everyone pays the bill and that is true in death too!

Anyways, I wanted to get the gloom and doom out first for you to see the challenges ahead and get ready for a year of work and counter measures.  I am a straight forward guy to the those who know me, I hate masking anything, so I say it how it is!

Philippines, like many other countries, could be one of the richest in the world.  One the most developed in the world, the list of attribute goes on.  But, and it's a big but!

The Filipinos, due to the huge diversity on the land, find it difficult to identify themselves in one way or another.  It's like a child who wants all toys, especially those in other kids hands.  We all do it, I know, but, your country, if looked after the right way, will have more than enough top give away to all of you and more important, throughout all generations!

I feel, 2015, will be very crucial for lots of the treaties concerning the environment.  I know many locals don't pay attention to this topic due to this crippling poverty they live in.  But,and trust me on this, if you manage to sort out the environment challenges ahead, Philippines, will be one of the biggest exporters of BIO FRIENDLY BUSINESS.

I feel, most of the attention, should be given to those type of alternative investments, as it is crucial to save the country financially while sustaining a beautiful environment capable to absorb further TOURISTIC investment too!

Jobs, will be created, and families fed!

This was a brain wave i started the reading with, now, let's break the year in four sectors: 3 months each!

First Quarter

Financial results and gains from previous deals and contracts.  With financial gain comes corruption, so expect some scoops during this period!

A new beginning and a new treaty to make things better after the turmoil of the previous month.

2015 Predictions: Psychic Astrid

by: Psychic Astrid

Today, I will do a general reading to see whats in store for the Philippines for 2015.  We will go through the details as the year progresses, so for now I will only give you an overview.

First and Second Quarter

The coming year will start with some disappointments, because the things did not develop like most of the people were promised (government, weather, working places .....) so the people will feel a bit down and this is the reason, why they will start to complain in the second quarter and everywhere it will be discussions, disputes and conversations to find new solutions - specially this part of the year will be very active and full of stress, and in times like this the risk of accidents are very high - so my advise to everybody , "pay attention in every situation, to avoid accidents".

Third Quarter

In the third part of the year, the situation will calm down a bit and you will take the time to fill up your energies and you will observe, if the situation will be better - everybody is a bit tired from the busy and stressy first half of the year .

Fourth Quarter

People will be calmer and full of new hope - they will be more relaxed and they can enjoy more time in harmony and they will end the year in a positive mood.

All together the year 2015 will bring much discussions, disputes, disturbances and very much stress - but specially, when the poeople think "I cannot anymore....." than the situation will calm down and they can take a breath and relax for the next positive adventure ;)))

Wish you all a very Happy 2015!

love, light, and big hugs,


Reading Date: December 12, 2014 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Pope Francis and the Church

Pope Francis is the one to reform the Catholic Church making it a more practical and relevant church for the 21st century.

Starting with the acceptance of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT),  people in this life time will even see granting of the sacrament of matrimony for same-sex couples, recognizing and accepting their right to live a joined life, in several years time.  This acceptance of LGBT is silently and currently having a positive effect, and will continue to be more effectually pervasive in the next years to come, upon most of the errant sex offender - priests, especially the pedophiles.

This forgiving and accepting attitude, which the Catholic Church is now adopting, means that all the sex offender- clergymen can come with out the fear of too much rebuke from their fellows.  It will even greatly reduce the number of these erring clergy, as the fear and guilt of rejection by society that fuels the basic conflicts seething deep inside a typical LGBT, is put to ease with this more mature attitude that the catholic church is adopting.

But there is a big difference between acceptance and condoning; the Catholic Church will still not condone sex offenders within its ranks.  The sex offender - clergymen will just be quietly defrocked and rehabilitated, without too much censure.

We may even see the advent of women priests and priests being allowed to marry, but these changes will be several, several years down the line.  In this case the Catholic Church will seem to take a page from its anglican and fundamentalist christian counterparts, as the church reforms to somewhat resembling what it was in its early history during the time of the church fathers before the Nicean convention.

The church sacraments will be easier to obtain, and less costly too.

Church annulments maybe easier to obtain.  More importantly the Catholic Church will reform into a religion that readily addresses humanity's problems at hand, directly working with these problems, rather than just making comments about them.  We will see a more civic-oriented church, participating more with the rest of the world community in the handling of the upcoming global disasters.  As a result, the Vatican will be seen to become a participating relevent state, rather than just the official seat of a thousands year old religion.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Papa Jack

by: Psychic August

Mr. John S. Gemperle, well-known as " Papa Jack " of 90.7 Love Radio, will continue to be one of the most listened-to DJ 's in Philippine radio in 2015.

His popularity will skyrocket, not only in the Philippines, but also overseas.  However, he has to be very careful with his personal finances in 2015.

I see an influential woman in radio and other local media circles as contributing greatly to Papa Jack's growing popularity.  I see several local TV guestings alongside his usual numerous public appearances.  I see him being paired with another male DJ in his program in the wee hours of the morning.

His continuously rising popularity isn't all hot air, however.  At least a majority, if not most, of his listeners do benefit from his "tough love" kind of advice, contrary to what his critics claim, although these critics too, are growing in numbers.  His followers, however, will grow in much greater pace.

Reading Date:  December 21, 2014

Friday, December 19, 2014

Megan Young and Rolene Strauss

by: Psychic August

As per arrangement with the Miss World Organization, Miss Megan Young will still lead an active role after her reign.  She will still be very busy in charity programs, fund raising drives, etc., often working with her successor, Miss World 2014, Rolene Strauss. They will be doing this all over the world.

I see the revival of Megan 's showbiz career, in between her humanitarian works.  She will be paired with an up and coming matinee idol, and they will be a new showbiz love team.

As a result of her very high success status now,  Megan will continue to attract a lot of suitors.  But it would be better for her not to enter any formal romantic relationship in the next few years, as she is meant to continue doing her international good works mostly during this time.  Her heart may get broken abruptly if she enters a romantic relationship in the near future.

Eventually, Megan will settle down into a very happy marriage, but this is still several years into the future.

As for new Miss World 2014, Rolene Strauss, I don't see anything extra ordinary, aside from her hectic schedule associated with her reign. She will pretty much, often alongside her predecessor, Miss World 2013, Megan Young, be working on many fund raising activities.  She will be able to help amass large amounts of money for various charitable causes by her mere presence.  She will meet several world leaders, eliciting a lot of pledges from them for various good causes that will mostly come to pass, benefitting a lot of people.

Being Miss World 2014, some aspects of her personal life, like romance, will be put on hold, as she will focus most of her time to public service for at least a year.

This new Miss World will also shine on the world's stage,  being as active as her predecessor, and is thus a fitting successor to Miss World 2013,  Megan Young of The Philippines.

Reading Date: December 15, 2014
Photo: Miss World FB

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Bangs Garcia and Phil Younghusband

by: Psychic 2Light

When Bangs Garcia stated that she was exclusively dating Phil Younghusband, her heart is in this relationship.  She longs for a real relationship, one in which her celebrity comes second and her soulmate first.  She has bolstered up against the odds, breaking free of the restrictions and limitations that had prevented their relationship growth.

Bangs Garcia is ready to be with her soulmate, but the shadow of her celebrity makes even dating difficult. She and Phil Younghusband have worked through insecurities and uncertainty, although their relationship is still budding it has been difficult for both of them.  The routine and not so glamorous side of celebrity has taken its toll on both of them.  They can succeed in the relationship but the road ahead is a difficult one at best.  It feels as though they are soulmates and share a lot of the same values and opinions yet at times feel at odds with one another because of their career demands.

Their union at this time is tenuous and strained.  They are struggling to hold their relationship together and are working hard to blend their lives, while their careers pull and tug at them from all angles.  They cannot slouch.  What I sense is a confusion surrounding them, as if they want to be together but the hurdles in front of them are too high and the road pitted with difficult decisions.  They will succeed, only if they work together as a couple.

Right now, what I sense is that they're trying to work in tandem, learning more about one another as each day passes.  The romance is returning along with a strong, positive energy.  The hurdle they must surpass fame and fortune, while the vanity of celebrity threatens to undermine their relationship.  They must look past those who are envious of their relationship.  They must listen to what their hearts speak, and know that what binds them together is Light and Love and the purity of truth, which transcends celebrity.

Reading date: December 12, 2014
Photo: Manila Bullletin

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Bongbong Marcos' Sons

by: Psychic August

Bred in ways as befit a Marcos, the sons of Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr. are reared early on to lead successful lives.  Their ties with the father's side of the family is rather close and warm.  With their mother's side, it is mixed, however.

Although it is desired by their father that they eventually seek excellence in public office, they are ultimately given the choice to decide their own paths, and as to where they will want to succeed in.  The mom prefers them not to be too active in politics, and instead to excel in a chosen profession away from the public eye.
Ferdinand Alexander
Perhaps acknowledging the significance of taking on his grandfather's name, Ferdinand Alexander will enter politics when he comes of age; going for a seat in Congress to represent a district associated with his family. He will continue on to become a senator.
Joseph Simon
This middle child of the 3 boys will be the one not to formally enter politics, but will have a very successful law practice and corporate life. With his mother's preference that he and his siblings not formally enter politics, Joseph Simon will do just that.
William Vincent 
The youngest son of Senator Bongbong Marcos will also formally enter politics like his eldest brother. But he will do so at a more even and stable pace. He will start out with local government positions before entering congress.

Besides progressing in each of their own chosen endeavors, each will have many successful businesses.

These three boys are all born with the proverbial silver spoon in their mouths, but they must not let it make them contented with the push it gives to gain prominence easily.  If they go the extra mile,  they will add brilliance to the renown of their family.

Reading Date: December 8, 2014
Photo: Various sources

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sen. Bong Revilla @ PDAF Scam

by: Psychic August

PDAF Charges and Political Career

Being the 1st of the 3 senators to be denied bail by the Sandiganbayan, Sen. Ramon "Bong" Revilla Jr. will face a dark period in his life during the next several years of his life.  While still being able to function as a senator even while in detention, Senator Revilla will not be that active as a senator just before 2016, unlike his co accussed and friend, Senator Jinggoy Estrada.

As I have indicated in my earlier predictions for the 2016 Presidential Elections, Sen. Revilla, Jr. will run for president in 2016, even if he is detained in Camp Crame.  But he will lose.  What will follow for him after that is several years in quiet detainment while being visited by family, kin, friends, and supporters.  This will be interspersed with frequent visits to various hospitals, the only times he will be able to leave briefly his detainment, as his team of lawyers continue to battle legally for his freedom.

It will be a few years after the year 2022, when a legal technicality raised on his behalf by political allies, that Bong Revilla Jr. will emerge from his detainment.  He will not anymore pursue politics at this time, leaving it to the younger Revillas.  He will, instead, revive his showbiz career.

The Family

His wife, Congresswoman Lani Mercado, will have her political career severely affected by her husband's being accussed in the Php10 billion pesos pork barrel scam and subsequent detainment.  She will not be able to regain her position as congresswoman of her district in Cavite, nor will she be able to hold any other government positions hereafter.

Facing this impasse due to waning popularity and public mistrust, she will leave it to the younger generation of Revilla's to continue the family's political pursuits.  Thus, through these younger generation of Revilla's, the family will still be a strong political force in the future.

Reading Date: December 5, 2016
Photos: Interaksyon, Manila Bulletin

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Pope Francis Visit - Philippines 2015

Regarding Typhoon Ruby

Typhoon Hagupit (Ruby) lashes the Phillipines, but as I see it will not hit so strong, and many will see the Blessings. The Pope will not be inconvenienced from this storm, and no major devastation will occur.  Thanks to the light of the Pope and his Prayer being directed onto the Philippines.

The Papal Visit

Energies are running very strong as light is being shined on the Philippines.  I see a lot of darkness has been on this small country and getting the need for prayers and light.  It is crucial now that the people come and pray with the Pope, as spirit says if not, there could be more devastation to come.

I am seeing a lot of good movement for this country financially right after the visit; darkness can be lifted.  The people will be in different energy as Pope arrives, many illnesses will be miraculously healed, burdens will be lifted, this will be for the people, hope and movement.

Will the Philippines be prepared to show to the Pope the November 2013 Typhoon Haiyan devastated area and rehabilitation efforts?  The government who will be quietly oppose to the visit, will be hiding some things from the Pope.  Only certain parts of the devastation will be shown because a lot still has not been done and will not be done.  This is a political show, just like any celebrity -- camera, light, roll 'em!  Again, unless the people will be united in prayer only personal miracles will be seen.  It is necessary that the people speak up when the Pope is there to intervene with the government and put pressure for more humanity within the country.  It is wise the world reach out in prayer with these people. 

I do feel there will be devastation within months after visit.  The good thing will be the Pope's energy and light will be on the Philippine soil to prevent the worst of worst devastation when it comes.

So with a high energy celebration I ask not only the Philippines to deeply pray but the world as well.

Sad to say, I do see the government is putting a show on, and that is the extent of their feelings of him coming.  So now it is up to all of us to meditate for movement with this prayer and meditation that will be the outcome of how dark of days the Filipinos will have.

The true opposition is the government, spirit insist the Pope is there to change this country and build it up so unless prayers are really reaching to each one's soul, change can be hard.

Spirit tells me when he arrives to light a white candle, and while lighting, pray for your personal intentions, wishes, and hopes.  Those who do will have them granted, he is the light from above and with his energy your individual prayers will be answered.  Do this the night he arrives. Spirit says he is for the people, opposition is the government, again only the people can now change this small country's fate while he is in the country.

He will be taken to all the important historical religious places putting energy there; please go out and join Pope Francis.

Reading Date: December 6, 2014
Photo: GMA News

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Napoles, Enrile, Estrada, Revilla @ PDAF Scam

Ultimately, the four accused in the Php 10-billion Pork Barrel Scam - business woman Janet Lim Napoles and the three senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada, and  Ramon "Bong" Revilla, Jr., will ALL be denied bail by the Sandiganbayan.

Janet Lim - Napoles

Being denied bail, Janet Lim-Napoles' fate is also sealed. While her lawyers continue to battle the Sandiganbayan on her behalf, Napoles will be found guilty in the later part of 2015, and will spend the rest of her life serving out her sentence. 

Before the court's verdict is delivered, Napoles will continously be going in-out of the hospital, which is a well known tactic used by those accussed in high profile cases to buy them more time, acting out injuries or illnesses under full media coverage.

The two eldest children of Jenny, namely Jo Christine and James Christopher, who are accused of involvement in the misuse of the Php900 million worth Malampaya fund meant to help victims of typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng, will finally be arrested some time mid next year, and will face trial before the Sandiganbayan for their alleged involvement in said misuse.

Even Jeane Napoles, youngest of the Napoles children who has gained notoriety for alleged lavish lifestyle funded by her mother, will not be spared.  Various charges, including tax evasion, will be filed against her within the next two years.

Senator Juan Ponce Enrile

Even if eventually not being granted bail, because of his advanced age, former Senate President Enrile can be seen as not really having any criminal liability (persons 75 years of age and older considered as not liable to any criminal liability).

This period of time can be regarded as a semi-retirement for him, although now he can already still perform his work as a senator as the 90-day preventive suspension against him has been lifted.

Nonetheless, he will spend what is left of his life under hospital arrest, fighting in the courts of the Sandiganbayan to prove his innocence.

Senator Jinggoy Estrada

After eventually being denied bail, Senator Estrada will still be very much active in the senate now that the 90-day suspension order upon him has been lifted.  He will still fight it out with his team of lawyers before the Sandiganbayan. He will seek re-election as senator but will lose.

During the years of his detainment in the special bungalow made for him in Camp Crame, he will often be going out to hospitals for treatment of various ailments, but will be more or less physically capable to perform his duties as a senator during this time.

Some time midway through the term of the next president, some technicality of the law will be discovered by political allies and used on his behalf.  As as a result, Jinggoy Estrada will be a free man here onwards to pursue his political goals.

Reading Date; December 5, 2014
Photo: Various Sources

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Pork Barrel Scam List

by: Psychic August

More lawmakers from the lower and upper houses of Philippine Congress have been listed by Janet Lim-Napoles as possible accused.  However, it is not until into 2016 when actual charges will be filed for a new batch of lawmakers involved in the PDAF scam.

Reading Date: December 5, 2014
Phoro: Philstar

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Filipino Royal Couple: Dingdong and Marian

by: Psychic August

The  much anticipated wedding of Philippine showbiz royal couple Dingdong Dantes & Marian Rivera will be one happy successful star-studded event, featuring the crème de la crème of local showbiz,  politics, business sector, and high society.  The network war will cease for a day, borders will be crossed as all the friends of the couple from various networks will grace the event.  Political divide will be bridged as politicians from opposing sides will come together to honor the nuptial event with their presence.

After the wedding,  the new showbiz royal couple will go on a several week honeymoon visiting several foreign locales, namely in Europe, before going back to their respective showbiz careers.

Marian Rivera's fame will continue to soar, with projects coming one after another both in television and big screen, plus the expected dozens of endorsements that follow.  She will outpace her husband's career, especially in television, although Dingdong's star will still shine in Philippine movies.

This is one of the things that this couple should be careful about - that a sort of rivalry would happen between them, as one wants to be in the limelight as much as the other.

Also, too much involvement with each one's showbiz careers and other pursuits will give them less quality time to spend together, giving rise to the tendency to slowly drift apart.

Shortly after the wedding, Dingdong will begin a more formal preoccupation with politics.

He will also transfer to a rival network in a few years.

It will be some years after the wedding that this couple will be blessed with children.

After what is said here as to how this couple will live "their" lives after the wedding - only time will tell.

Reading Date: December 5, 2014
Photo: Stariraymagazine, Various Sources

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Nobel for Philippines' Valerie Weigmann

by: Psychic Massada 

After the Miss World 2014 results have been known, this will not stop Valerie from moving on with success and her life path now will take such a turn and bring inspiration to the world on Philippines. 


Valerie Weigmann will be granted the

Nobel Peace Prize 

within three years.

Reading date: November 29, 2014
Photo: Nobel Peace Prize website

Psychic Massada - The SAND READING Expert

Based in Israel, Psychic Massada has 25 years of experience as spiritual reader, and is an authentic sand reader.  Sand reading is a divination technique she studied with the head of a tribe in the Holy Land, and is something that is not allowed to be taught to just anyone. This is an ancient technique passed down from centuries, and even until today, certain beduoins use this in military actions.  

She has worked throughout the world, and considers the Holy Land  to be bringing many advantages to her divination activities, channeling the highest levels of energy for intense accurate readings.  She uses different locations throughout the Holy Land, where she spends meditating and healing for others even after she is done reading for them. "I receive many calls saying their lives have drastically changed after I read for them."

She has worked with authors, crime cases, princesses and other dignitaries.

Her philosophy is "unpredictability of the universe means that everything is possible, some things can be improbable but never impossible".

Psychic Massada is absolutely one of the best psychics I have ever encountered (my own opinion).  Her vibes are so intense it always baffles me when she picks up details about my personal situation that in no way she could have had known earlier or guessed.  In fact, it gives me goosebumps pondering about these while writing this article about her.

Psychic Massada speaks English, and yes, she is reachable -- just check her contact details.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Valerie Weigmann @ Miss World 2014

by: Psychic Maria, Psychic Astrid, Psychic August & Psychic Massada 

So, let's have a look, what the cards are showing about this beautiful lady; we will start with the Kipper-Cards:

This drawing is not so favourable for her - as you see the development is a bit difficult - she is preparing with a lot of work on herself, her image and her body and spirit.  She will be very happy about the travel to go there and to have the possibility to participate on this award - but she will be disappointed about the behaviour of the competitors, they are not fair and she needs to take care about what she says and does.  They are really waiting for her to do a mistake or a wrong step, that they can take the advantage out of the situation.  The fact, that she is a very sensitive person, this rough behaviour of them, could disturb her self-confidence and then she cannot be calm and cool on stage.  So the cards are proposing to her, to do yoga or meditation, to avoid too much stress and mistakes.

Now the Goddess-cards about her ranking-position: Miss World, 1st Princess, or 2nd Princess:

Yes, she will have the possibility to reach the last round - during the vote it will seem, that she can win it, but then another lady will become stronger and stronger.  Apparently this will be the moment, that she needs to take care to avoid mistakes and stress.  The goddess-cards are telling her, if she is not cautious in this situation, her chances will skid down to 2nd Princess.  Altogether, the cards are good for her and she just needs to avoid the stress and inadvertence so she can have a wonderful time and work on herself for a good future.

The Philippines bet for Miss World 2014, Valerie Weigmann, will fail to secure the crown, although she will manage to obtain a high ranking in the pageant.  Miss World 2013, Maegan Young, would be crowning her successor, who is a candidate from a western country.

Even if she failed to take home the Miss World 2014 crown for a back to back win for the Philippines, she will be a bigger Star when she comes back home.  Her Eat Bulaga daberkads will be giving her the warmest welcome; then will follow product endorsements, TV and movie role offers, and so on, pretty much like what happened to her predecessor on the noon time show, Diana Meneses.

I came up with a card spread, specially developed for this purpose, to check on possibilities of  Miss Philippines turning Miss World 2014.

There is a lot of emotion in the contest, generally speaking, and also it points in the direction of choices that have to be made. This contest involves a lot of money and so there is a lot at stake. It also shows a sort of mystery around the whole contest and people closed in themselves.

Miss Philippines - she is a  charming person, who is goal-oriented. She knows what she is heading for and she is focused on her goal, not losing track for sure. The cards showed her currently reviving happy moments from before (maybe when she had won a previous competition?).

Now, the outcome for Miss Philippines. The cards show a moment of reflection and Miss Philippines feeling cleared off from the competition, showing us that she is most likely not getting the crown, and obviously this means a big loss to her. The cards show that she will still have a great performance, therefore, she can still be happy about the contest.

So the question is:  Does this mean she could be the 1st or 2nd Princess?  I see there is a big blockage for her to get the 1st Princess title.  However, the title of 2nd Princess looks more auspicious for her.

My intuition screams Europe, though for some reason, Africa feels strong too.

The big day is ready to happen, Miss World 2014 is almost upon us and tensions are growing.  Energies getting really high at this point! 

I have a strong liking for Miss Philippines but it I feel one of the judges will not allow her to win, and that will jeopardize her coming in first.  I feel Miss Philippines placing second or in the winner's circle.  I also get Mexico and India as very strong. 

Fearless Predictions Real Psychics Note:  Psychic Massada has a surprise prediction for Valerie Weigmann.  Coming soon!

Photo: Miss World Philippines

Psychic Maria

Since childhood, Psychic Maria had always felt different from other kids.  She would predict something unconsciously which will eventually get to pass.  This would upset her because she could not understand why she was that way.  So at age 14, she asked her mom to get her a tarot deck, and started using it spontaneously, which also helped her develop more spiritually.  She also became a Reiki master at a very young age.  People would come to her and ask for help, and thats when she learned her mission in life - to help people understand their situations with clarity.

What makes me impressed with Psychic Maria is her candid and thoughtful insights on the questions at hand.  She imparts positive predictions with a warm, witty smile, but answers "no" with serious conviction.  She is such a sweet lady, but sugar-coating is definitely not her style.  Being spontaneous and frank, Psychic Maria can quickly discern details about a situation, and I would just leave wondering how in the world she did it!

Psychic Maria speaks English, Portuguese, and Spanish.  If you wish to know more about her or get in touch with her, please check her profile.