Saturday, February 28, 2015

Solution to ISIS Problem?

Christians lined up before beheading
" Very sad dreams.  ISIL / ISIS will never be defeated.  GOD warned of this evil many years ago. 

We have left it too late to face the evil they believe in.

I have predicted for 30 years this terror we now see.

The whole muslim world is now at war, only Indonesia and Malaysia are safe for now. "

Reading Date:  February 26, 2015

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Who Killed Ninoy Aquino?

Question: After 30 years, would the Ninoy Aquino assassination case be ever solved?

Let's start with the first drawing - I will ask the cards, if there will be a chance to discover the circumstances and if they will find a clear answer about the development of all these:

The Kipper cards:  This drawing is telling you - yes, someone in his close to him was involved in this case, someone with a high standing and who was interested in a good business deal.  Another person helped him, but the cards are showing this person is still in hiding, and for the moment, they cannot find the real principal, who gave the order to do it.  However, there is one person who is very close to the answer and this person will uncover everything step by step.  It is indeed a big puzzle and he/she is missing only some small details to complete the dossier. I cannot tell you when, but it will be ... there is a clear "Yes" in the answer.

Now let's ask the Goddess cards:  Apparently, when Benigno Aquino did not agree to an important matter, the closest friends around him and others, who where involved, held secret meetings and decided to detach from him - and they decided all together how to do it.

Yes, all these will come out in the future, but I cannot tell you how soon.  In my country they say : die sonne bringt es an den tag - that means "one day the sun will show it".

Question: There were suspects as to who have masterminded this tragedy, and the most talked about are the then president Ferdinand Marcos, and another one, Eduardo Cojuangco, Jr., Aquino's brother in law.  Anything about them?

First, I will continue asking the cards what they show about Eduardo:

Kipper cards:  Apparently Eduardo learned about this and he played a small role in it, but not the principal, because the cards are showing, that he was problematic about this, and he discussed it with Aquino's wife.  So apparently, based on the cards, Aquino's wife knew about it as well!  It seems, that everybody had knowledge of it and they let the things rolled forward without doing anything about it, because they were hoping it would benefit them at the end.  They did not expect the worst,  but they did not help either - so they let the things went on that way, and indeed, at the end, they secured their profit.  So, you can say they are guilty in the sense of not helping but instead aiming for what the situation could benefit them.

Now the other person, Ferdinand:

Kipper cards:  Here the cards are showing very clearly, that for this person, it was always very important to be clear and in order - like in military life - organisation, straight to the point.  There was a personality very close to his heart who had big influences in his life.  When she asked something from him, he would try to fulfill her wish, whatever it was.  It was very difficult for him to keep a "good" balance between professional and private life.  Thus, he always had to make choices on what to do to satisfy everyone.  Consequently, he lost the full view and the outcome was catastrophic.

I cannot say which of them is really more guilty, but they all played a role in this big puzzle, and the chain of circumstances ended in this disaster.

*Questions submitted by blog followers
Reading date:  February 19, February 20, 2015

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

ISIS "Refugees" off to Europe

by: World Famous Psychic SPY

Thousands of muslim terrorists getting ready to invade Europe pretending to be refugees.

I have warned this before now its real!

More terrible things in store.  Tell the truth about Islam!

Reading Date: February 16, 2015
Photo: Scoopnet

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

John Lloyd Cruz & Angelica Panganiban

by: Psychic August

This is another Philippine show business couple that is in danger of breaking up if they allow themselves to gradually and imperceptibly drift apart due to too much time in their careers and not enough time to balance it with ample time for each other.  Also, pressure from the differing opinions of friends and other people around them can also cause estrangement from each other if they let it.

The relationship itself will last a long time - several years - before the tendency to drift apart catches up with them.  And so they have a lot of time to work on their relationship to prevent this from happening.

Their careers will still positively progress within the next immediate years.

John Lloyd will even be more successful, starring in several upcoming movies that will become big hits,  making him even more famous as a matinee idol.  Angelica Panganiban will also gain more fame, as she gets to be paired in a new love team which will be enthusiastically liked by the Filipino public.

But both must not get too engrossed in all this at the expense of their relationship. Both must  still have ample time to connect with each other so as not to drift apart.  Or else this relationship that started so beautifully will end after several years with both getting caught up in the trap that usually catches showbiz couples who let fame get in too much in their heads at the expense of personal romantic relationships.

Reading Date:  February 15, 2015
Photo: John Lloyd Angelica Panganiban FB

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Bea Alonzo & Zanjoe Marudo

by: Psychic August

Looks like there is some truth to the rumors circulating about the recent problems that have been besetting celebrity couple Bea Alonzo and Zanjoe Marudo.  Not that they have broken up cause they are still together, but that they really have had problems of late that if left unresolved could threaten the continuity of their relationship.

Both must really work equally on the relationship for it to last.  For Bea, she must be more patient with her man; it is necessary for her to be very forgiving in the start, even if only up to a certain point.

Zanjoe, on the other hand, must really put in the necessary adjustments in himself to make his relationship with Bea proceed smoothly.

It is heavily dependent on both if their relationship will indeed continue and end up with each other.  Future tendencies give the message that Zanjoe will be in a relationship with another woman - not in show business, and pretty much a woman with a thriving business - next year 2016 if they don't effectively work it out.

Reading Date: February 14, 2015
Photo: Various sources

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

JC Intal & Bianca Gonzales

by: Psychic August

The marriage of JC Intal and Bianca Gonzalez will last, unlike the majority of other celebrity relationships and marriages that have since gone down the drain. They see in each other a fulfillment that each thought they would find in their previous romantic relationships.

It will be a few years ahead before this couple will choose to have children, as both are still working on each of their own careers.

In fact the pressures that will be put to bear on this relationship are the problems that each would encounter in their respective careers, but their bond is strong enough to surmount this.

Reading Date: February 9, 2015
Photo: Various sources

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Anne Curtis & Erwan Heussaff

by: Psychic August

It will be a long engagement before this couple decides to tie the knot.  In addition to the four years or so that their relationship has reached, Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff will indeed get married in several years time from now.

They will be the subject of all sorts of rumors other than the ones that have surfaced recently, before they finally end up with each other at the time they decide that they are ready to accommodate a marriage in their busy primarily career oriented lives.

It is Erwan who is more open to a quiet marriage pretty much away from the public eye if it will happen in the more immediate years.  Anne still wants to keep their relationship as it is for now.

But they will indeed end up together several years from now, not going beyond the year 2020.
As for the moment, having children are still out of the picture for this couple for the next several years.

Reading date: February 10, 2015
Photo: various sources

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Chinese New Year Traditions for Good Luck

by: Psychic GU

Hi everyone! I hope you're starting the Lunar New Year in an auspicious way.  In this special feature of Fearless Predictions Real Psychics, I would like to share with you how we celebrate the new year the chinese way, which we believe bring good luck the whole year :)

2 Days before New Year Eve - House Clean-up

Clean up all the cobweb, need to change into anew bed sheets, pillow cases, new towels, and even new tooth brush ! Clean up all the dusts and throw away or donate stuff that you don't need.  Don't forget new sleepers. Brings good luck, new page of the year and closed all the old files, create a new page for the new year!

New Year's Eve Dinner (Family Reunion dinner)

Kick off the New Year with a hearty dinner, and more generally begin after the New Year's Eve worship. New Year's Eve family reunion can be said to be a very important event of the year, however, due to the busy lifestyle these years, you can just go out to the restaurant or do a potluck.  In the old days, it was a such a big deal for home cook. The traditional hearty dinner generally feasts chicken, fish, meat, etc., and each dish will also have the name of a Jixiang gas, such as Annual Surplus (fish), Backgammon, Five Blessings, Bamboo Safety, Longevity, Grains Harvest, Good Luck and so on.

Bring Along Your Sweetheart

During the dinner, if you bring your girlfriend or boyfriend along, that means the relationship is already stable, and you wanted to introduce your sweety to the family, treat as family members, it is a kind of recognition or commitment!  So you need to be sure of who you bring along!

By the way, we also have to finish our bath or shower before 12 midnight!

Red Money Envelope

After the dinner, younger ones receive "lucky money" from their elderlies in a red envelope i think you call them "ang powin the Philippines.  We would stay up until we receive the money, keep them under the pillow, and then happily fall asleep.  Open the red envelope the next day and use the money in New Year!

Fireworks, firecrackers

Comes from the traditional customs, from ancient legend we use firecrackers to drive the beast way.  Driving over the beast of fireworks, firecrackers also becomes an exciting showcase during the Chinese New Year.  The blogger told me its called "paputok" in the Philippines.  Be careful!

On New Year's Day

The first day of the New Year, we have to go visit the elder relatives and bring gifts along.  Normally, during this day, we have to visit all the people very close to us.  

Temples are always packed with people. They worship the Buddha and also ask for good luck.  They usually use chinese fortune sticks. If they drew a bad luck stick, they have to ask someone in the temple to burn something to ask for Buddha's protection and change their luck. Otherwise, they will have to burn incense for 1 year, and write down the names of those they wish to be protected for the whole year.

There are few popular dishes on New Year day: egg dumpling (in egg crepe) that symbolizes gold, turnip cakes or yam cakes for job promotion or good school marks, candied sweet lotus for fertility, sweet sesame dumpling for family reunion and safety.  We pour tea for our parents and wish them Happy Chinese New Year.  I also kneel down before them :)

And for buddhists, New Year is a vegetarian day!

Red Underwear for Good luck!

On New Year's day, wear red underwear for good luck.  You see a lot of vendors selling them on the street, malls, lots of red underwear everywhere!  Beside Chinese New Year, most chinese people believe red underwear bring in good luck, so, when they go to casino, they put on red undergarments.

Do not clean house, do not wash hair, and no new shoes, please!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Ex-Pres. Marcos @ Libingan ng mga Bayani

by: Psychic August

Will former President Marcos be ever buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani?

Yes, former president Ferdinand E. Marcos will be finally laid to rest at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

This will happen during the next administration commencing in 2016.

Reading Date: February 5, 2015
Photo: Various sources

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Ex-Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

by: Psychic Astrid

Could you do a reading on the outcome of ex-President Arroyo's plunder charges?  Will she be convicted?

This is a very difficult question and I am not sure, what the cards will answer, so just again for information - the cards can give possibilities and trends - but the outcome of a situation depends also on the behaviour of a person, what he/she is doing with the opportunities, and what the universe is giving to him/her.

I start with the Goddess-cards:   This drawing is showing very clear the development - at the moment all is still unclear and she will continue her way, she will explain her opinion and that she was acting in a good will, but she has also her limits and could not be responsible for all actions.  The world keeps on moving and she gets tired of finding the best solution for all - she had to be strong and she needs to be strong in the future as well.

That means for the Goddess cards, the situation will be difficult for her but she will be strong enough to accept it.

Now the Kipper-cards.  Here, I asked for the outcome of the situation for her.  She will travel a lot to visit different people, and she will have many who will help and support her.  The cards also say that the procedure will take a long time - months maybe years - but she has the card of big luck by her side; even if the cards also show prison, the result will not be so bad as was speculated.

And these 2 drawings are confirming the following vision I had last night - before Fearless Predictions Real Psychics asked this question.  In my dream last night, I saw a woman in black dress (I did not know her) walking on a zebra-crossing and a car came very quick towards her.  It seemed that it would be an accident, but on the last centimeter the car stopped and she survived and could continue her way to the other side of the road.  So for me, the result will be good for her under the difficult circumstances.

Best regards,


Reading Date: February 4, 2015
Photo: GMA News

Monday, February 2, 2015

The Fallen 44, #SAF44

by: Psychic August

First of all, I would like to extend my condolences to the families of these brave gentlemen who sacrificed their precious lives for the peace and order situation in our country, and the civilians who lost their lives from the massacre.

As for the deaths of the 44 PNP Special Action Force (SAF) members, it will be the passage of time that will enable the surviving loved ones to move on with their loss,  as the case will not really be resolved to their satisfaction.

This incident will have an adverse effect on President Aquino regarding his image as the Commander in Chief of the PNP as well as the rest of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.  He will be seen as a "hesitant flip-flopping " commander in chief,  as pointed out by former President Fidel V. Ramos.  DILG Secretary Mar Roxas will not be seen as to having handled the case effectively.  This will have a not so good effect on Mar Roxas' 2016 presidential bid.

Negotiations, most of them done in secret, will be started between the Philippine government panel and the people representing Bangsamoro, resulting in the recovery of the firearms, military equipment, and other personal belongings that was taken from the #fallen44.  However, their killers among the MILF and the BIFF will still be free.  And this is why the surviving loved ones of the #fallen44 will see that there was no real resolution of the case.  This will also have a negative effect on the morale of the rest of the PNP community, although they will still tow the line with their duties under their respective commanders.

As to the two alleged terrorists under the US Wanted list, the cards say:
  • Yes, Zulkifli Abdhir, otherwise known as Commander Marwan indeed met his demise in the hands of the PNP SAF operatives, contrary to the claims of the MILF.
  • Basmit Usman, the second bomb expert pursued by the PNP SAF operatives will eventually be captured late this year, but in Malaysia, not in the Philippines.
The grievances of the surviving relatives of the civilian casualties caught in the cross fire between the PNP SAF, and the MILF, BIFF will be totally missed off by the national government, leaving perhaps local barangay officials to address their concerns.

Finally, the real reason behind this clash or massacre will, unfortunately, never be known to the public.

     From the Blogger: 

Rest in Peace, Gentlemen
May Justice Be Swiftly Served!

Reading Date: February 1, 2015
Photo: #fallen44

Sunday, February 1, 2015

On Norman, Norman! The Beauty Pageant Blogger

by: Psychic August

Norman, the dedicated blogger behind  the phenomenal beauty pageant website, is having a full year of opportunity since 2014.  This 2015 his luck streak continues.  I see good fortune in being able to start a business with a woman who will play a big role in putting up said business.  Within the next several months, several conflicts occurring in areas of his life, including disagreements, misunderstandings among family members, or relatives would be resolved.  Problems with a much older man and a woman over work or practical matters would be straightened out.

If there has been some plans for travel to other countries that have been postponed last year or even a few years ago, they will happen this year.  Travel for leisure,  generally speaking is good for him this year.

In general, Norman is starting a new cycle in his life since mid of last year. This period in his life is filled with many opportunities that would stir his direction in the next 12 years. Thus, this is a very significant time in his life. His health in the near future is pretty much alright.

And on Norman 's blog,  indeed the man himself will continue to have a subtle but firm influence in the local pageant scene.  His blog is a powerful rallying point of local pageant fans, clearly informing them of how things are in the grapevine of the beauty pageant scene.  With the recent happenings in the pageant scene, it is also a powerful catalyst of change if anything going on in the local pageant affairs needs to be addressed. Indeed, with the recent decision of the BPCI people to finally consider the dresses  made by Filipino fashion designers after several long years, no doubt Norman's blog exerted a subtle but powerful influence upon this.

Norman himself will continously inform, educate, and help foster appreciation for all things related to beauty pageantry, both local and international, to all people, and will have fun and feel fulfilled doing so.

Reading Date:  January 25, February 1, 2015