Thursday, March 19, 2020

Coronavirus Covid-19 Psychic Prediction

by: Psychic Gurmeet

Thanks my dear readers for your love and appreciation!
TodayI will share my dream and later my prediction on coronavirus, Covid-19.

Six or seven days before the news of coronavirus broke, I had a dream that I was in a party on a terrace, before it suddenly stopped and people disappeared. I was left alone and noticed a flashing light in the sky.  I tried to run but it followed me. Very scared, I hid behind a wall but this light kept on hovering above.  And then it came closer - it was like a drone or something like a blinking star although I couldn't figure out completely what it was. Fumes or smoke came down from the blue light, and the bolts of lightning scribbling across the dark cloudy sky were terrifying.

I raced to the stairs and into the building, which looked like a hospital with people lying on the floor. I somehow managed to come out, to an unknown street before me. I started looking for my house, fearing that the blinking light would come chasing me again.

This dream broke at around 4 AM and I could not sleep again. The following nights were haunted by various strange and terrifying dreams until I noticed I was wearing moldavite. I removed it and my bad dreams stopped though I still get chills when I remember them as they felt true-to-life.

For the past couple of days, many blog readers have been anxiously requesting for a prediction on coronavirus. I have been busy with other reading requests and, somehow, also avoiding to see anything in this matter until I exchanged messages from a client and found her dream was the same as mine.  I had earlier advised her to wear moldavite but not continuously; she disobeyed, thus, the dreadful dream.

It's been the hardest of all the predictions I have done so far, not because it was hard to see but I was constantly fighting within myself not to see further. Not because of the fear of being labelled as a doomsayer, but only because being a human myself, survival of humanity is so vital that just the thought of Earth becoming just another lifeless planet gives me chills.

Now, the prediction on Covid-19.

Starting from the recent past I shall move to the near and distant future with all that I saw.

A man and a woman who look like a father and daughter, and rulers of a nation visit the world's wonder, unknown of the fact that their nation was being spied by those whom they gave work. Now their own country wants to dominate the world.

This man knew that to rule he has to maintain a balance and his trip was also of a political motive.  He is also a businessman with most powerful dark forces and a powerful woman on his side who loves to wear black. With 4 major enemies, this man is in deep thoughts. Number 4 is also the number for him, and his people's isolation also connected to the future.

The situation at present: Isolation and frustration are increasing.

What's expected: Things change drastically as time moves backwards. The poor will become rich, and the rich will become poor. A lot of chaos, struggles, and fights are seen. Men become violent as animals.  There are two men who come forward with a cure; a powerful man full of ego smiles and sells the cure to the rest of the world. (Fearless Predictions: Some details were deleted.)

Near future: A major part of the world is struggling with finances, many are starting anew, much has been lost for so many people, and the terrible time that they saw is now past. New beginnings, a wiser, beautiful, and loving world connected to number 1 is seen, where prosperity and unity are key.
March 29 to April 5, 2020  is very crucial and can be devastating if care is not taken. Things can change to positive around April 25 to May 2020.  Relief is seen around May 25 to 28, 2020.
Distant future: People are enjoying a peaceful life, new life is blossoming, technology and science are much more developed for the sake of humanity allover the world. Many new vaccines, treatments, and antidotes have been developed to fight deadly diseases. I see the world standing together and united to fight against a foreign enemy connected to number 7.
I pray and request everyone to pray everyday for the whole world to be free from this pandemic.