Monday, September 21, 2020

Spirit World Connection

by: Psychic Gurmeet

People come to me with questions about their dreams or connections with ancestors or deceased loved ones. This usually peaks during a specific part of the year, and in 2020 it is in the September timeframe. If you are among those who have felt a connection this month you will be more interested to know there exists a portal in the spirit world known as pitra lok. During the period of Pitru Paksha in Hindu tradition, this portal opens up where souls connect with their loved ones in the dimension we live in. Souls become more powerful to connect, communicate, and influence a person's life whether positively or negatively.

During this period, I receive many requests one after the other, mostly on questions about those who have departed. At one time, there was this client from Illinois, USA who came for her first online reading session and wished me to connect with her grandfather. Without asking for any information, I told her that her grandfather was trying to connect with her for a month already and he may have contacted her in dreams. She started crying and I tried to calm her down. She then admitted she indeed recently had his grandfather in dreams and he was not looking happy. I told her about the period of Pitru Paksha and asked her if his grandfather has handed her a file of papers in any of those dreams. She looked at me in silence and nodded; his grandfather did so and told her that everything would be fine but she needed to see a doctor. To cut the long story short, she took her grandfather's message seriously, got tested, and was diagnosed with aggressive second-stage breast cancer. She received treatment and is now living a normal life. 


The souls of our loved ones give messages, may ask for something, or even give blessings or a curse. They sometimes want to tell how they feel in the other side, if they are at peace, or if there is a danger ahead, among others. It is strongly believed in Hinduism that offerings to deceased loved ones and praying for their repose give them more comfort and happiness, and in return they may also give their blessings, removing our own obstacles. Never ignore any messages from the spirit world and try to decode these messages as they are important.


Saturday, September 5, 2020

2020 US Presidential Election Psychic Prediction

by: Psychic Gurmeet

Thanks to all my readers for your love and appreciation. Here, I present my prediction for the 2020 US elections.

A falcon spirit in the front of an old patriotic man giving a speech and connected to number 6 guides him to victory. This man was once in the world of illusionary success where, in the past, his victory was unfulfilled. A woman of two worlds connected to the sign of Aquarius will put oil in his fire for harmonious change after which the country rises to more riches and prosperity when he wins.

Winds will change as the man who lies and with golden hair goes to the woman who prays for his success in all possible ancient ways. She believes he will lose but this man would do anything to win and can bring the system to a pause. Even the higher powers do not want him to win but he can become the lord of strife and can create chaos with wealth, power, and manipulation. He may lose too much and pass to the other side if tries to manipulate a win.

On the other hand, the old wise man with power from all directions, if he still prays during the nights, wins but also needs to take care of his health and himself from his powerful opponent. 

This is a war of good versus evil and no normal election, destruction, and chaos is seen. Voting will be different so will be the tactics and manipulations. May the best man win.