Sunday, January 10, 2021

US President Joe Biden & VP Kamala Harris Prediction

 by: Psychic Gurmeet

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Here is my prediction for US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

I see many women supporters and a special woman from two worlds who, as I had predicted, was Kamala Harris.  She will be the guiding light in whatever troubles Joe's opponents will put in front of him.  She is blessed and guided in every single moment by Hindu goddess Durga.  Kamala's destiny is connected to Joe in a very strange way which is yet to unfold.

As I write this post (8 January 2021), I received a vision of Joe Biden praying and thanking God.  He will face a lot of pressure but he will take his responsibility very seriously and work hard for his dreams for his country.  At the back of his mind will be those who will try to oppose and slow him down, but they will not be able to stop him.  He will achieve his goals and make the US stronger.  The world will remember him for his genuine patriotism.

I also see President Joe Biden confronting a challenge that will make him not being seen for some time and may go far to protect himself from the evil.  His place may be taken by someone else but he may return. Joe Biden will need to be more careful with his health and well being.  I see an old cult, a group of old men who will be watching his decisions extra carefully to see that he is on the right path.  He will be sincere to people's hopes but will have to conquer his own fears to be stronger.

For Kamala Harris, I see that she gets emotional for the hard work, success, and appreciation.  She will face extremely challenging times in the future from the damages created in the past as the previous evil will continue like an invisible villain until crushed completely.  If she managed to hurdle these she can be the most powerful woman in the world.  Number 3 is connected to her success in the future. 

I see the next nine years of prosperity and power for the US.

Congratulations to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.  May God bless America and the whole world.


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