Saturday, January 30, 2016

Liza Soberano & Enrique Gil

by: Psychic Jay

Thanks for giving me an opportunity to read for this love-team.

What I see for them is some sort of routine that makes their relationship lack the excitement that it needs to keep burning.  It seems the excitement is not balanced, that one is more devoted to it than the other who is just going through the flow but looking for more than what there is already.

Coincidentally, there would be a big development in their relationship in the next 6 months.  Thereafter, they will need some serious time to determine exactly what they want if the relationship is to grow even further, although it also shows in the reading that they are more engrossed with their work and daily routine, thus will not have, and even refuse to have the time, to think of where the relationship is headed to.  At this point in time, maybe its still early days, what I see is frustrations in keeping the relationship on track.  However, as I have mentioned earlier, they should try to make things work and make this relationship worthwhile for both sides.

Right now, what I feel is that their energies are scattered, primarily because they are not yet sure of what they really want and therefore, are unable to focus on them.

Psychic Jay is a dream-precognition psychic, a clairvoyant and a seasoned tarot reader. Some of his significant predictions include Obama's presidency, the rise of ISIS, the German World Cup championship, and the recent Mayweather victory.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy 'Tim' Bradley @ 2016 WBO Welterweight

by: Psychic Gurmeet

I see Manny Pacquiao winning over Timothy Bradley in the forthcoming Welterweight Championship bout in Las Vegas, USA on April 9, 2016.

But read carefully: I give Manny the card of "The Chariot", and Bradley "The Six of Wands".  Both spell victory, so Manny must give up his over-confidence!

I see someone with an "A" or "B" will manipulate the match, so Manny must bring out the tiger in him.  He has to deliver solid punches as this will be his final match!

Manny has to win this match as he has chosen his desitny on someone else's advise and now is the real testing time for him.  He has to show what iron and soil he is made of for his country.

It will be a very close match.  So tough that, in my opinion, even the gods will enjoy watching it!

I would love to see a knock-out but the match culminates in a decision.

Manny, who is loved by his countless fans around the world, will also reap victory in the 2016 Philippine Senatorial election.

All the best for Manny!!

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Saturday, January 16, 2016


by: World Famous Psychic SPY



My dreams have warned this for many years.

This year will be thousands of them !!!
January 12, 2016

Sunday, January 10, 2016

2016 Philippines Prediction Showbiz: Maine Mendoza "Yaya Dub"

by: Psychic Jay

Currently the most popular female celebrity star in the Philippines, Maine Mendoza or Yaya Dub #Aldub, while going to be extremely busy with projects in 2016, will have more freedom to choose her projects, and any options she chooses will bring in enormous success.  Maine tends to be a perfectionist, and she will not embark on any endeavor until all the details are ironed out; she needs to show some flexibilities as well with the people around her.  She will be a subject of envy and pressure but she should not let these affect and intimidate her.  Having said that, she should also refrain from judging herself and instead enjoy things as they come.

I see a situation where she will  go through an imbalance in career-family life, spending too much time at work causing issues in her personal and family relationships.  I guess this is a reality with everyone within her industry, but it holds specially true for Maine and this came out repeatedly in this reading.  She needs to take a break from time to time so as to recharge herself and balance the energy with her family and loved ones.

While amassing material wealth and fortune in 2016, she will be generous in sharing her blessings to others.

She will get a romantic proposal from someone she likes, and this will catch Maine Mendoza by surprise.

Reading Date: December 30, 2015

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

2016 Philippines Prediction Showbiz: Alden Richards #aldub

by: Psychic August

For this reading on the Philippines most talked-about ALDUB sensation Alden Richards’ showbiz career, the following cards from the Marseilles deck were drawn:  Ten of Batons, Ten of Cups, Five of Batons, La Mort, Six of Coins.

Alden Richards is undeniably one of the most successful actors now in both local Philippine TV and cinema.  But such success has come at too costly a price for Alden, who was born under the sign of Capricorn.  Astrologically speaking, the planet Pluto, connected with deep radical transformations and even death and destruction, entered the sign of Capricorn in 2008 and is currently crossing through the sign for a 13 year period.

Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 Philippine Predictions: War and Peace & Order

by: Psychic Gurmeet

Below are the predictions on Philippines peace and order for 2016.  These are taken from the original post Philippines: Clairvoyant's View into the Future, published last April.  Happy New Year and May Peace and Order be With us All!
As I was looking at Philippines’s future I could see big fires and a group of massive sized eagles flying from two sides. The fire is extinguished and later the eagles disappeared, followed by a shower of beautiful flowers. A new breed is born - very powerful and strong.
A big troublemaker will be caught, and peace will be restored soon. High reward will be paid to Philippines for a single troublemaker who looks like a devil and has the power to unleash hell. The troublemaker caught and punished, fear will be gone for long, spirituality will be high in men and women. All religions become closer after a time of disturbance, there is peace and harmony. With this unification, economy rises, people flourish and become more spiritual.

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