Sunday, November 30, 2014

Mommy Dionesia and Boyfriend Michael

by: Psychic August

Mommy Dionesia Pacquiao, or simply "Mommy D" is living it up with her 40-something year old boyfriend, Michael Yamson.  She should, however, be mindful not to overextend herself, making sure she gets enough rest from time to time.  Fortunately, Pacmom is made of sturdy stuff; more or less, she will be fine in the near future.

Financially, the Pambansang Daliri will even grow wealthier as many more businesses will be put up under her name.  Mommy D is very generous like her eldest son, the Pambansang Kamao.  This is very good yes, but must be tempered with prudence, giving only to those who are truly deserving; those who don't will take undue advantage of this generosity.

Mommy D's current boyfriend has declared on national TV that he was not primarily after Mommy D's money, so he better remember what he had said.  He will be able to put up a business in the near future.  Nonetheless, he will give back, as Mommy D will be very happy with this relationship.

Eldest son and Pambansang Kamao will still reluctantly give the relationship his blessing, however, he wishes nothing but happiness for his mom.  And so, Mommy D will enjoy romance with boyfriend Michael in the next few years, while the relationship lasts.

Photo: ABS CBN

Saturday, November 29, 2014

2015 Prediction: WAR IN AFRICA

Africa in ruins.

Religion and its divisions will over take greed and the single most serious threat to mankind. 
All the terror groups around the world will join forces next year.  Fires flood just like the bible says have started in places they never had them before

Africa down to the equator and all muslims countries they are fighting now but nothing like it will become.

The lie told for 1600 years has come home to roost.

Too late to stop.

This prediction is based on Psychic Spy's dreams in 2004 and November 27, 2014

Photo: Various sources

Friday, November 28, 2014

Kris Tiffany Janson @ Miss Intercontinental 2014

I have drawn all 26 cards for this because there seems to be a lot that Miss Philippines need to hear for this pageant.  The cards point to fluctuation and confusion.  She is being offered too much, and is juggling too much for her to focus and this is going to cause her a lot of trouble.

The next cards point to her past.  Being in pageants have given her a cause to celebrate and losses.  She has learned to take the losses as they come and walk away from ones that she had no control over knowing that she has done all that she can.  She has had to work very hard to get to where she is. She has also had a male figure in her life that has helped her be ambitious.  She is warned to make sure that she does not become greedy in all her glory.

Then, the cards that point to her future:

This pageant will bring her a chance at signing a money agreement for work.  However she will have to learn to balance her romance and work or she will become weighed down quickly with the load of it all.  She will find peace of mind because her fans see her as a positive influence. She will have a victory in this pageant but it will also bring frustrations.  In other words, she will win no prize or at least not what she wants.  

She needs to take step back from all around her.  There will be a raise in money when she has done this.  She also needs to take advice from a motherly figure in her life.

She will take a loss with this pageant however needs to know that she holds the upper hand in the outcome.  She will travel a lot.  And also needs to know if she makes the effort to improve, the money improvements will follow her.

She has always strived for improvement and she is getting there.  She is being granted her hopes for travel but must not become smug.  She also fears being seen as a cold hard or demanding person.

She will not win the top prize as she is so troubled with things going on around her.  They are calming down but things are still happening too fast.  This will cause too many delays for her to win this top prize.

Kris Tiffany Janson will secure a high ranking in the upcoming 2014 Miss Intercontinental Beauty Pageant. 

While being favored by many judges, she will not be able to impress some of them. The crown of Miss Intercontinental 2014 will be awarded to a woman from a western country.

Photo: Bb. Pilipinas

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Yvethe Marie Santiago @ Miss Supranational 2014

Spirit is not happy with what has happened with this one. Yvethe Marie has been through many walls getting to where she is now.  She only has to take this leap of faith and share her world with others.

Spirit says that she needs to see beyond the clouds that block her from being a better person.  She must see that all that glitters is not gold.  That she is very restless and must learn to relax before it makes her sick.  She can do this by reflecting back on her childhood memories to help relax.  If she holds these memories close to her heart while she is preparing for this pageant, it will will help her to stop appearing to be cold and lonely. When she shares her message of her past and the journey that brought her to the pageant she will have a much better of a chance of winning.  She will steal the hearts of the audience and it will shine through to not only be beautiful outside but inside as well.

Spirit says that in order to pull off a victory in this pageant, she must share a message of her journey, memories and childhood with everyone.  Pull strength from her past and have a willingness to give a helping hand.  There are more people out there going through her same troubles that are making her restless.  She has the ability to pull off a win at this pageant if she does not hold back.  Spirit says that she has come a very long way but still needs some improvements. They will help her as long as she will listen.

In the end, Spirit is there to give her a helping hand.  If she takes this warning to heart she will win.  However, spirit also warns that if she becomes smug at any point and belittles anyone, Spirit will help someone else to win. The energy to win is in her hands. The journey to success must be shared, through helping hands people build security.

I see something weird here.  When i asked about the results, I see a man in his mid 30's who is very much involved in the results.  Look maybe he is a judge or something to that sort, but he is very important in the contest.  Going back to her, there also shows something like a romance, but it can also be a huge friendship that will appear and start here - which can provide her a lot of opportunities in the future.  

The reading clearly shows the ability to vanish all the obstacles in life or in this case, the Miss Supranational contest.  Now, I have to admit that when I saw the other participants, I felt competition is very complicated for her -- she's surrounded by beautiful women with much experience and training than her.  However, things seem to be good for her, and she exhibits a high probability to finish in good place.

What will make her soon is a woman who is well-recognized.  She's being smart and securing of her career. I see here as a big woman with huge responsibilities in the distant future if she continues with the alliances and friendships she's already making.  Actually, i see her leaving the Philippines and pursuing a life full of variety.

Miss Philippines has a lot of negative energy around her. She is going through a setback of some kind right now. Currently, she has lost hope in herself, in her standing and in whether or not she will take the crown. She has fears of losing but mostly what she fears is that she will lose to one of her main contenders, a rival. 

Right now, she is working through her fears and insecurities, trying to surmount them. Miss Philippines is working through her setbacks with diligence and perseverance, but the obstacles are difficult ones. She has slighted someone or focused too much on one thing, which has clouded her judgement and thus one of her benefactors or supporters has pulled away. As for the near future, she will make modest progress but her energy is down, causing her to feel tired and ineffectual.  Miss Philippines will win, as long as she works hard to overcome her insecurities and to amend the situation with her benefactor.  

She has youthful idealism, and this tells me that she has a new journey, a positive one. There are also abundance and success. What my intuition tells me is that she will win but it will be a hard journey, one that will take its toll on her energy.

Photo: Facebook Yvethe Marie Santiago, Bb. Pilipinas

Psychic 2Light

"My positive energy propels my psychic abilities and allows me to see the light and the path. It also allows me to guide those, who wish to know the path they are currently on and to find the one,which will lead them to the light and love and the happiness they seek. Giving and receiving are not different. When we give, we receive."

Based in the USA, Psychic 2Light uses a combination of Tarot and intuitive ability to hear the voice of Spirit which is the "ultimate voice in the path to love and light and happiness". 

Everyone who comes into his room, he sees them as an energy signature.  He sees their aura and receives flashes of insight into various things surrounding their life. 

"This gift was given to me by God after a near death experience.  It is a message to everyone as well as to myself that miracles happen every day and to never forget where the gift of insight comes from, which is from God."

My own experience with Psychic 2Light?  I will summarize it: He is so gifted, and tunes in without effort, very spot-on in giving me a whole picture of my situation and a taste of what was to happen, which actually came to pass!
Psychic 2Light speaks English, and if you wish to contact him, please check his profile.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Yolanda Rehabilitation (Typhoon Haiyan)

by: Psychic Zeus

Like I said before, the huge amount of devastation is clear for all to see, even more in the Philippines!

Sadly, the obvious corrupted politicians and big firms fighting to secure the lucrative contracts for rebuilding the areas affected is the reason why the start and the visibility of these projects is near enough zero, even after more than a year now!

I feel the frustration of all involved surfacing, even the charities that sent money towards rebuilding the country are now asking questions and not having any answers.  I feel that the governmentt has lost a lot of faith from the natives and the humanitarians around the world.

Yes, there was many interference by foreign powers to secure the contracts for their fellow citizen's companies, but all in all the role of the government has been poor.

Finally, the world has spoken about this but sadly from the wrong angle.

"The Pope is coming, we better do something before he sees the massacre!" That is the latest attitude the government  is having, which is shameful!

The Pope, did, request from many to help out on this, so yes, his influence was felt by the concerned parties in the Philippines, but, the prayers of many around the world, did not go unnoticed!

The rebuilding of the areas affected by this disaster will be done, that is for sure, but the time set up by the local government is ambitious to say the least.

I am sorry to announce that delays are inevitable as the Pope will not be staying for ever there, so slacking will resume, not cause of an ill will this time but because of the huge amount of work needed with the heavy machinery not reaching the core of the disaster in due times!

This will be very risky for the government and the tensions are running high and a revolt can occur within the next year or two at the most.  People are fed up and rightly so, but, for the sake of the country I feel many will intervene and mediate between the government and protesters.

The 4 year scheme the government has pledged, is unrealistic and built on dreams. They know it and that is why their faces turn red at the first question about time frame.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Jamie Herrell @ Miss Earth 2014

So lets have a look, what the cards are showing for this gorgeous lady.

I will start with the Kipper-cards:

This lady will have a lot of success, because she is someone who is working very hard for her career and she is very disciplined.  There is another one who is a big competition for her and it seems, that Jamie will have a bit more luck than the other one, because the last card is showing that she will have big chances to win.

Now, lets see what  the Goddess-cards are showing: 

Wow - this drawing is fabulous! The cards are telling me that she must believe in herself, and she must have a good self-confidence to convince the jury, that she is the right person for this award, and she will do so!  She has the power and the energy for this.  What is very important as well, is the fact, that she has a lot of sex-appeal - and her appearance is "full of glory" - yes, she will be one of the winners.

She will have an equal chance with another lady to become Miss Earth,  although the reading is pointing more to the category "Miss Air".  Anyhow, she will  be one of the winners as I have pointed out earlier.

She will be successful in her future career, and she will have good opportunities as a model, where she will fare very well.

Spirit says that there has been a lot of frustration for the ladies for this pageant. It has not been an easy trip. Some of the contestants have had to travel a long way to get here. Some are also very new to this. They find peace of mind that so many people are looking for Miss Philippines to win. She is there to share a message and has had a lot of improvements along the way. Miss Philippines is gaining a lot of ground in this pageant because of the hard work that has gone into it.

Ms. Herrell will win a prize in this pageant, however, it will not be the top prize. If she wants to win the top there is more work to be done. She has a talent for what she does, but needs to focus on her message to share with the public to make herself be a top contender. Ms. Herrell will win the heart of fans, and in this they have done great. Keep up the good work.

Photo:  Miss Earth Philippines

Psychic Christy

Having her gift in future telling has not always been easy, but it is something Psychic Christy was born with. From a very young age, she told friends and family if something was not right with spirits. She uses tarot to communicate information that spirits wishes to give. She reads the energy of her clients and asks spirits to answer questions through her tarot cards and sometimes with the pendulum.

"I ask my spirit guide 99% of the time when I use tarot cards. This way, I can make the reading more accurate without needing much information about my clients. My spirit guides are my ancestors - mostly, my grandmother who passed away about 11 years ago.", Psychic Christy explains.

I was amazed the first time I tried reading with Psychic Christy.  I threw her a general question, carefully worded that there was no way she would get  a hint as to what a potential answer be, and she turned around with a vibe that was so tailor fit to my unique circumstances at that time. And having worked with psychics for many years, I reckon, in my personal opinion, her predictions were not a "fit-all" general BS that any one, psychic or not, could conveniently draw from a hat.

So, there you are, guys - I'm sharing Psychic Christy with all of you.  If you wish to know more about her, including how to get in touch with her, just hit her profile.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Philippine Azkals @ 2014 AFF Suzuki Cup

by:  Psychic Chango Psychic August 

Psychic Chango

For the Azcals, this championship is a great opportunity to make alliances, maybe some of the players will have the opportunity to play for other teams who will want them.  In that championship, there is a team that represents a huge threat for them, they will have some issues to deal with like harms and injuries of the players, but they have a high probability to win or to be in the the top places of this match.

I'm catching a flag with moon and star and some red things. Well, i don't know who are coming to this tournament, but they are a much stronger team and can eliminate the Azcals if they are not careful. The key word here is to not underestimate them.  In their first match, they will  face a team that has similar strength and abilities, so it is not going to be easy. Only if they are smart that they can defeat them because the other team plays from speculation and not from acts. The strength of Azcals in this tournament has to be the offensive, but a smart offensive and offensive with tactics and brain.  

If their mentor is wise, they can win or at least be very close to winning  the AFF Suzuki Cup.  The cards clearly show the great possibilities to win, and the wisdom in tactic they have to present in this tournament. They have to be more from offensive than from defense. Then there is the alliance, they or some of them, can make there.  Finally, the cards show the big threat to be eliminated by this other team.

The Azkals Philippine Football team will face severe opposition during the upcoming AFF Suzuki Cup this November.  Although they will hold their own, many times putting up a splendid performance, they will fail to secure a lead position at the conclusion of the Cup.

This trend of not securing any major winning, although giving all their best efforts, will follow the team through next year at international matches it would be competing in.  Next year, some new members will bolster its ranks.

The Azkals should really train harder, to be at par with the seasoned teams in the football world.  Diversity within its roster is a factor that should not be ignored.

Photo: 2014 AFF Isuzu Cup

A Glimpse of Yolanda (Typhoon Haiyan)

by: Psychic Zeus

I thank you for the trust and the opportunity to have an insight on this catastrophic but powerful encounter with Yolanda, the biggest cyclone ever recorded.  It is a sad event but full of lessons and wisdom!

As I am a great believer in superpowers and divine interventions, I had another confirmation that we, as humans are nothing compare to nature and the world we live in, so, respect and humbleness is the only way forward.  I saw intense scenes and visions of the catastrophic event that hit the Philippines and other countries int he area.  I was amazed and astonished to how much suffering and pain thousands went through!

A deep faith in God and it's might was very apparent on all those faces I saw. Furthermore, I saw sacrifice and devotion to help others in need at their own peril sometimes. I saw men and women, locals and foreigners jumping in raging waters to save others in distress. I saw tourists, locals and even animals trapped, screaming for help, no one near to hear them with all this noise. Some scenes are too horrific for me to talk about!

When first asked by Fearless Predictions Real Psychics, to do this, I was very scared; and I was right to be!  What I saw was total devastation, total annihilation of entire towns and villages; islands even! People trapped under water and rubble, mother screaming for their kids and fathers for their families. Many scenes really, will haunt me for ever, but, i saw glimpses of humanity and unity that made me realize, that this request came to me for a reason, to see it and to feel it!

I need to help in this as much as I can, so if there is anyone with lost family members you know of,

Friday, November 14, 2014

Kris Aquino @ Politics and Romance

by: Psychic August

Kris will foray into politics and public service, becoming a mayor and even a governor of her home province.  I also see her running for a seat in the congress.

Regarding her love life, Kris needs to understand that she must, first, put others before herself if she were to be happy in a relationship.

Kris will finally (re) settle down, but it is still years from now before she meets her "soul-mate".  I see a non-biz, non-politician husband for her, probably a successful businessman.

Photo: various sources

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Pacquiao vs Algieri @ WBO Welterweight

Hands down, Manny Pacquiao will win over the challenger Chris Algieri, which comes as no surprise to many. However, the fight will go the full 12 rounds, or close to it, with Pacquiao regaining the WBO title by scoring more points.

Mommy Dionisia will be there with her pambansang daliri & oraciones, but it will be Pacquiao's rigid training before the match that will carry him through to win the match.

Photo: Fox Sports, various sources

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Younghusband Brothers

Phil and James Younghusband will continue to shine as the Philippine Azkals' premier striker and right midfielder, contributing much to the team's overall performance especially in the upcoming AFF Suzuki Cup this November and onwards throughout next year.

Phil will continue to be primarily focused on his football career and his family.  This means, no formal relationship yet for him next year. He would be dating some women occasionally, but all of this will be kept low key.

James' relationship with his fashion designer girlfriend will continue on through next year, proving to be enduring, although the main focus of his time would be his football career. Both have the tendency to end up with each other, but that is still several years from now.

Both will still not formally enter show business, confining any showbiz stints to occasional appearances, endorsements, and bit projects. The Younghusband bros will remain committed to their football careers.

Photo: Philnews

Monday, November 3, 2014

Bianca Guidotti @ Miss International 2014

Psychic Chango

Mary Anne (Bianca) will be in the first '10' places and she will be one of the favorites, but look, she will not win the crown. I feel 'something' behind the selection process, and you'll see that the person who wins the crown is not the best for it.

For Mary Anne, her current position represents for her a period and an opportunity to grow, she will know people who will help her grow in her career.  But for her, it only represents a learning process rather than winning.  She is well-prepared but she knows she will not win this 'match'.  However, this is a great experience for her and she's very conscious of it.  I feel among the girls, who will be in top places, an oriental girl getting a prize, but not the first place.

Now, look, Mary Anne has a lot of things to work on to win. She will realize this is not only a matter of beauty, and exactly this is what she wants and what she expects to live there - the experience, that helps her learn what it takes to be a better representative of the Philippines.

For this reading, I worked with my spirit guide, and substantiated what was relayed to me with Qabalistic tarot

I used the Aleister Crowley Thoth tarot deck for this prediction, and obtained the following cards - the Hanged Man, the King of Disks, The Emperor, and the Ten of Cups.

I'm afraid I do not see Miss Guidotti winning the Miss International crown, although she will be a fan favorite. She will miss out on points, causing another candidate, with a very fair complexion, to emerge as the successor to Ms. Bea Santiago.

A man, which I read to be an authority among the people behind Miss International, may also have something to do with her not emerging the winner, although this will be behind the scenes, not coming out in the public's purview.

Photo: Bb. Pilipinas

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Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Marcos Family

by: Psychic August

Sen. Bongbong Marcos, as I see it, will not go for the presidency, nor the vice-presidency, in the upcoming 2016 elections. He will seek a re-election as a senator, and will secure it again in 2016.

Come 2022, he will go straight for the presidency of the Philippines; his running mate would be a male mestizo.

Gov. Imee Marcos, on her part, will seek re-election as the governor of her province, and will regain it in 2016.  She will seek election to senate in 2022.

Congresswoman Imelda Marcos will seek re-election in 2016 and, like her son, will keep her place in the Congress. While being reluctant, she will seek a senatorial seat, like her daughter, in 2022.  She will win it.

The Marcoses exhibit a tendency to lay low and bide their time, during this period leading to the 2016 elections, when their rivals, the Aquino's and allies, are still firmly in power.  Something will happen in the years after 2016 that will put them right on the trajectory for 2022.

Photo: various sources

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