Monday, August 28, 2023

Miss Universe 2023 Psychic Prediction

by:Psychic Gurmeet 

Thanks to all the readers for your love all these years.  Before I start with my Miss Universe 2023 prediction, let me share a hidden future event in my poem below, which I titled:

I grew up in an ocean and landed in a tank. It's in the middle of a fine diner, where I made so many friends
We watch people around; it's so beautiful over here
I see people watching me and my new friends
In the next tank to me lives sharpie uncle and his pals.  They happen to be beautiful snow crabs
We watch people dining and dancing all night
Soon I noticed a nice man with his pals saying "Hi"
The nice man comes near to my tank with a beautiful net. He gently puts it into the tank as I see people clap
What looks like a game soon becomes a run for life. The nice man takes my friend out; as I see my friend struggling to survive
The nice man looks not so nice now; he chops my friend right in front of my eyes and I see my friend being fried and served in style
The nice man comes again; as we fear, scream and cry. With his net in the tank, he grabs my uncle crab

Unconscious world, no heart, no soul, so sly
I wish next it's me; not my pal who cried
If this is the world that once I liked; there's no point in still being alive
Last I remember the net was around me
In the blink of my eyes, I was not me and born as the nice man's son.


Here are what I see among the top 10 contenders:
  • Beauty with the alphabet I in the name of her country and herself connected to the number 18, enters first and also leaves first in the first question where she reveals her over-ambitious nature, conflicting interests and ideas.
  • This beautiful lady is connected to Q where she belongs.  A victim of someone's false promise to take her to the top has no option but to be deceived. Number 8 is what she hates because it came before with problems for her which made her a believer of astrology.
  • Alphabet B is connected to this adventure lover and the one associated with horses, highly educated and will endorse a world-known brand. There is a possibility for her to win in some other way but not easy to be at the top.
  • This contestant is connected to the letter D and has seen tough times and struggles. She cannot forget the month of May when she was in pain, she is very religious and also spiritual. Her prayers are being heard and may come close to winning.
  • This lady is connected to alphabet B in the place she belongs, is associated with a multinational company and has plans to travel far for work. She is hard-working and a fast talker. She will come close to the winner.
  • A very innocent contestant, equally genius, with a high IQ. Young at heart and connected to numbers 1, 4 and the alphabet A. She deserves to win, will know what to answer and will be appreciated.
  • This contestant comes from a wealthy business family and loves a dry and warm location connected to the letter D. She will see her two close friends losing and also losing faith in herself.
  • From positive fun-loving to becoming negative and hated by all connected to place with the letter R.  Although there will be politics or a conspiracy against her it may not be clear as she will also be at fault. She may also indulge in a fight or argument and lose.
  • Letter K is connected to this contestant she will try her best to be in the top position but the top four contestants will give her a tough competition. An old person may appreciate her truth and may vote for her to win but her competition will be tough.
  • Overconfidence and shrewd attitude will bring this contestant connected to the letter S in her name and the number 20 or 2 connected to the place she belongs.  She will face a situation when she comes close to winning.
May the deserving lady take the crown.

Additional message from Psychic Gurmeet (October 5, 2023)

"Till November the moon looks dark as the candles are lit again. The winner is in the rhyme; as an event seems dark again. The world sees from the fish tank as the crab is taken away. Fish wins the emotions; is it a rebirth she thinks again; check for the winner in the fish tank; or is she ready to change her way". 


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