Sunday, November 20, 2016

Catriona Gray @ 2016 Miss World Psychic Prediction

 by: Psychic Gurmeet

Catriona Gray knows there are going to be struggles, competitions and it's not going to be easy at the 2016 Miss World Beauty Pageant.  However, she is very confident that she is going to win.  She is going to get a good news that is also seen!

I see her celebrating soon.  Later, she would be going to a place which will be connected to sea or a river, where she will be spending time with someone close to her. As far as the distant future is concerned, I see there can be some ups and downs.  There are some hidden things, where I can see that she will have to travel away from difficulties and towards positivity in a different direction or the success will be partial.

In love matters, I see her victory in a relationship, over the third person in a love triangle situation.  I also see contentment, peace, good companionship and family happiness that is going to last and there will be lots of success - a wish fulfilled and that everything works for the best. There is also a move or purchase of residence in the near future.

When I look at her past, things were not moving the way she wanted, there were delays, backstabbing, but suddenly everything changed and because of spiritual blessings she has turned everything for good.  In the distant past, I see stress and frustration, journey with hope and she showed her courage and she also manage to come out of odd situations in her life.

She is a star and truely deserves success for the struggles and sacrifices I see she has done.  She has to be careful of an egoistic man.
Catriona Gray knows there are going to be struggles, competitions and it's not going to be easy at the 2016 Miss World Beauty Pageant.  However, she is very confident that she is going to win. She is going to get a good news that is also seen!
Love & light,


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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Finding Ronnie: Is Ronnie Dayan Alive?

by: Psychic August

Will Ronnie Dayan ever be caught? Is he still alive?

The answer is Yes, after a long period of eluding the authorities, Ronnie Dayan y Palisoc, the alleged driver/bodyguard and lover of beleaguered senator Leila de Lima will be caught within the 1st half of next year, 2017, inspite of the protection given to him by a "broad built man" who is "the powerful politician of the north"  pointed out by the DOJ secretary. This will happen several weeks before Senator de Lima's expulsion from the Senate due to ethical and moral complaints put forward by Congress.

Ronnie Dayan's resulting disclosures about the drug trade in the New Bilibid Prison and outside elsewhere, especially when compared to that of ex-druglord Kerwin Espinosa, would lead to the identification and capture of several other druglords who are people in high places of government.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

US Pres. Donald Trump Psychic Prediction

 by: Psychic Gurmeet

How do you see the US government under President-elect Donald Trump?

Let me tell you directly what I see.

My vision shows an energetic man, generous to friends, with taste for luxuries, but a hasty personality who will bring a lot of changes. Some people will really like him and on the other side there will be majority of the world badly criticizing him.

I see abuse of power, cravings for more power, that will never end. There will be dishonesty, direct confrontation with  people who will work against his efforts.

There shall be protests where his downfall is also indicated.

For some time, he will be surrounded by pleasures, excellent social life, friends, happiness, economic boom for us and love relationships that will be fulfilling. Later, things turned into vanity, complacency, over-sentimental attitude and carelessness, leaving things which are very important to be addressed behind, holding to his own material possessions and benefits, running from one place to another with no peace of mind, which could lead to another world war situation.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Will CALEXIT Happen?

by: Psychic August

There have been calls for the State of California to secede from the US federal government, a "CALEXIT", as a response to the recent results of the US elections by groups sympathetic to the losing democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

This reading shows CALEXIT will not materialize as there will not be enough support for it. Most americans will realize that a Republican government with President-elect Donald Trump will not be as bad as they have initially feared, with the latter eventually turning out to be an American version of a "President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines" with his own set of iconoclastic reforms focused on restricted immigration to the US and the rooting out of all illegal immigrants of a criminal and laggard bent, which will bear a similarity to the "War on Drugs" currently going on in the Philippines as to how it would unfold.

Friday, November 11, 2016

The Unpublished Imelda Schweighart @ Miss Earth 2016 Pageant Prediction

by: Psychic Jay

Fearless Predictions note: Below is the prediction submitted by Psychic Jay in August 2016. However, because of the contents which may be misunderstood by readers, the blogger has decided not to publish until now that the pageant has been concluded.  All credits to Psychic Jay!

When I try to focus on Miss Schweighart, she exudes a strong level of energy and excitement for the 2016 Miss Earth pageant. She knows what she wants and she is prepared to achieve them.

What stands out from this reading, however, is the feeling of being left out in which she feels that she suffers from lack of support.  She needs to understand that if she asks for help she would get them.

Imelda might encounter a lot of unresolved issues and conflicts which would serve as her main challenge throughout the pageant.  She has a strong energy that gives her a tendency to be misunderstood and appear cutting to others unintentionally, so she may need to be careful about this.

As to whether she would take a back-to-back crown of Miss Earth  for the country, all that is shown to me is that she may have difficulty showing the best side of her during the pageant.  Her challenge would be to see the positive aspects in a situation and as mentioned above she needs to be careful about the perception she creates.

I wish Imelda all the best at the 2016 Miss Earth pageant.

Reading date: August 14, 2016

Will Sen. Leila de Lima Go to Jail?

by: Psychic August

Will Senator de Lima be impeached from the Senate? Will she be put in jail?

So, let's see the answer with the Rider - Waite deck: The World, Ace of Cups, The Moon, Eight of Cups.

Based on the cards drawn, Sen. Leila de Lima will not be able to finish her term in the Senate.  This reading indicates her being discharged from the Senate due to evidences and testimonies to current allegations against her.

With this development, however, it remains to be seen if she would actually be convicted from the charges filed against her, as the trials that come as a result of this has a tendency of dragging on.

That's all I can I see from this reading. Let's wait for the outcome of those charges/ allegations.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Psychic Prediction: 2016 Miss Supranational

by: Psychic Gurmeet

I see four strong numbers associated to the name of the top countries or the contestants directly in any close way possible that are 16, 9, 22 & 2.

So now lets begin with the top contenders:

Alphabet "I" or number 9 is important this time,  and can be seen on the number one position. A strong contestant associated with number 16 or 1+6=7 will try her best and share equal chance.

The next one, with an attitude and not ready to give up, strong at words will be having a connection to number 10 in any way possible or associated to alphabet T.

On the next position, I see a someone associated with number 1, who competes or is close to the number 4.

On the next position I see some one mature enough to understand that she has it all that she rightfully deserves, she connects to number 4.

The one on the last position connects to number 7.

There is a strong contestant connected to number 16 or "P" as stated above. She has a very strong chance to win but the competition is close, so her over confidence is the only thing that she needs to check to win over her one strong opponent.

With love & light,


November 3, 2016