Saturday, October 15, 2016

Psychic Prediction: Miss World 2016

by: Psychic Gurmeet

I present my prediction for Miss World 2016.

I see alphabet P, C & B associated with the top contenders.

Out of the top 10 contestants, in any order:

  • One will look very innocent with very carefree attitude and looks are cute.
  • Connected to the  letter F, and is loved by all but will find it hard to win in the end.
  • One who will be sharp to answer and tries to be on the top as she deserves and her name also has an A but her crown if come will be at a sharp turning point.
  • One is a pleasing personality who will think that she will be a winner but the fact will be that she will win another time at another event and somewhere else and not this time.
  • Next will lose the game her name with D but she will feel that there was tough competition.
  • Another will belong to something that will make her look very spiritual or something that connects her to a family of some religious background but will be not a winner.
  • Next will give an answer that won’t be appreciated by judges and she will think later what she said.
  • A contestant and her journey is long and has a chance to win too, look the winner to me already with the name connected to P or C.
  • One will stuck at a point where she will have to return to B which is her native place.
  • Lastly, one who will have a strong chance to win too but will be lost in dreams and lose because of unbalanced focus.

With all my best wishes to all the contestants of Miss World 2016.  May the best contestant win.


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