Saturday, April 14, 2018

Miss Universe 2018 Psychic Prediction

by: Psychic Gurmeet

Thanks to all the readers for so much love and blessings! While still waiting for the venue, date, and name of contestants, here once again I present to you my prediction for the Miss Universe Pageant.

Miss Universe 2018 shall be good at dancing and may have good knowledge about three or four religions, languages or cultures which shall be in her upbringing. She may also be connected to the entertainment industry. She will also come in suspicion by some people for something she has not done but with her tact, skills, and beauty shall remain loved by all. She will love nature and animals. She is strongly connected to numbers 1, 7, 8 & 21. There is no doubt that she will be a strong-minded person with capabilities to lead in all ways.

She will be from a country connected to the Pacific Ocean, and the alphabet N is important to this country. It has a strong connection to numbers 9 & 11, and is related to number 3 in context of a new free world.

She may belong to a place that shall be centrally located and even at the competition she shall be the center of attraction.

There will be very high expectations from two countries that are near to each other whose contestants may come very close to winning.

Let's see the other top contestants in more light and what more can be seen in their context:
  • An open-minded girl but stuck in love triangle in personal life and tough competition in professional life strongly connected to number 6, 14 & 4 who will not be the winner but later will win the man she desires.
  • At this point, I see a lady who received a good piece of news connected to money and is enjoying good times in personal life with slow growth in professional life, strongly connected to number 9, 7 & 3.  She enjoys night life and is a party animal.
  • Now this one is an interesting personality - she will be sweet and have full scope to give tough competition to the winner, despite tough circumstances and jealousy she still may win hearts if not the crown.  She will belong to a place connected to sea with many myths attached to that place.  The numbers connect to her will be 7, 8 & 2.  She will have a happy love life and a very bright future.
  • The next contestant connected to number 10, 5 & 3 is a good friend to all and peace-loving, however, she may quit as a model at sometime in future and have financial issues for which she will use her knowledge and experience to regain what she has lost and restart her professional journey from scratch.
  • The next contestant despite of having all the qualities of a winner will have connection to numbers 8, 13, 3 & 5.  There can be any problems connected to her health or a fatal accident in future.
  • The next participant connected to number 6 & 4 will have two secret affairs with those in the decisions out of which one may get exposed.  She will lose because of over confidence but will have a long term relationship with a man with less hair who will be involved in decisions of Miss Universe 2018.
  • Now, this next candidate will be a very loving and caring person she may be matured among the rest of the finalists, but will be in dreams of many and will give a very tough competition to the winner.  She will be connected to number 1 & 10.  She also looks strong to be the winner.
Best wishes to all the contestants, may the best one win!



February 19, 2018

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Manila Times, March 16, 2018

UPDATE December 2, 2018:

Blogger's note:  In the original submission by Psychic Gurmeet in February 2018,  a phrase was accidentally deleted by the blogger while editing the texts for publication.  Here's the original wording; take note of the underlined phrase.  Thanks - Fearless Predictions.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

2018 UPDATED Psychic Prediction: Bongbong Marcos #recount

by: Psychic Gurmeet

This is an update to the vice presidential election vote recount prediction issued in January 2018.

I see that after a lot of confusion and maze-like situation, Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos, Jr. will land in a good position. I see him as if he is in a mansion or a building with big gardens surrounding it.

However, I also warn him to be careful of a clever and negative opponent who will do all he can to harm him at all cost, and as if he can ruin the mansion connected to number 4.  I also see number 14 or alphabet "N" connected to his opponent, and will be a harm to a man in the mansion whose name has the number 4 or alphabet "D".  This man with "D" is also a prominent person who is in danger from Bongbong's opponent.

This is all for now. Peace and light to everyone!

Monday, April 2, 2018

Will Noynoy Aquino Go to Jail?

This is an excerpt from Psychic Gurmeet's Philippine prediction published in January 2018.

"As to the question on whether former president Noynoy Aquino will face the consequences of the alleged anomalies during his administration, I see him trying to run away but the law will not let him go.  He will face his karma in 2018, and possibly land in jail.

Full prediction here.