Saturday, August 18, 2018

Miss World 2018 Psychic Prediction

by: Psychic Gurmeet

Once again, my heartful gratitude to all the readers!

Here is what I see for Miss World 2018:

There can be some confusion or controversy during the time when the judges are about to make the final decision.  A mature man will be the reason for it.

The Winner will be a very bold woman connected to number 17 & 21.  She has moved on from a painful relationship and now knows the real faces of people around her.  She is well-travelled and I see signs of a bull, tiger, and an eagle watching her as she is in a beautiful garden where the universe is supporting her.  No doubt she is a natural beauty and seen wearing a silver or white gown with black shimmer or dark stripes.  She is a dynamic personality who will carry herself with pride of a queen, sharpness of an eagle, a strength of a tigress, and will be connected to a drink brand anytime in her career.  There are some people who will not like her practical and dominating approach, and will initiate rumors against her.  She will be connected to alphabet D with her ex-partner, alphabet G with her success at present, and J with a mature man who is spying on her all the time but is a close associate.

She will be from a place which connects more with beautiful flowers, natural beauty, and heritage properties.  Rich in history and culture, it is connected to 4 historical phases and has seen curse in form of famine, drought, flood, and plague.  Fire and wars near that place surrounded by water once ruled by a king with several stars connected to him, who burnt and killed people for his peace of mind, in the name of magic and conversion in winter nights.

The rest of the Top 5 participants:
  • This contestant will be in an argument or some issues with her family or property. She has a strong scope to be a winner and enjoys the nightlife.  She is connected to alphabet B, number 1 & 17.  She is be connected to stardom or glamour, and has the power to be on the top and will be a tough competitor.
  • This beauty has started a fresh or new life.  She breathes freedom and loves to explore this new world.  She is connected to number 7.  Although she knows she has  heavy workload but with divine grace, she will be able to come in top three position.  She will be in some connection to a holy or a religious place but she is still unaware of her full capability or talent.
  • Connected to number 2, she walks fast as connected to a commercial hub where she lived or worked.  Life is fast but it is important to look where she steps, falling down can be painful whether in personal life or in the eyes of others.
  • She has two best friends who will cheat her bad and push her into isolation.  She is connected to alphabet C and number 8.
My best wishes to all the beauties of Miss World 2018!


August 3/12, 2018

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