Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Miss Universe 2021 Psychic Prediction

Many thanks to all the readers and followers for the love and appreciation.  Here, I present to you my prediction for the 70th Miss Universe competition:

  • I see a young girl who will be soft but with powerful aura, humble and full of sympathy, love and positivity.  With wavy colored hair, big and deep eyes, she will once wear a deep reddish or brownish black velvety gown.  She will speak of nature and forests on social events, will  be connected to art, and can be the winner.  She is connected to an island with alphabet 'P', 'U', numbers 3 and 21, with a good wildlife and fruits that are green on the outside and yellow on the inside.  This is a place where majority believes and sees the miracles of angels.
  • A mother with a secret child plays her game whose name is connected to letter 'C' and is deceptive, she may lose because of health issues.
  • Another contestant connected to number 14 and place connected to  number 4  which repeats in her life, will be a strong contender, her winning will depend on her walk, she will wear dark or green outfit at the time of her final walk.
  • A participant will be distracted by her lover who is cheating on her.  This contestant will lose due to lack of focus.  Alphabet 'E' will be the cause of her struggle which will connect to number 5, however, she will get one more chance to win because stars of different colors will favor this lady connected to number 17.  She is connected to a country of tribes and traditions, where women are strong and worshippers of snakes.
  • A contestant uses the power of a shaman's feather in her dress.  She gains the favor of a judge with less hair.  She will be connected to number 8 and to a place where there are green hills near a river.
  • A contender connected with number 9, with colored hair receives a news.  This news becomes the reason for her changed behavior, which results in her downfall.
  • There can be a fight or arguments which can have devastating results between two to three contestants.  This can lead to great problems to contestants connected with number 2, 3, and 12.  At this point, a contestant with connection to number 3 and alphabet 'B' will have to quit or lose.
  • An excited contestant connected to alphabet 'H', a lover of law and justice, will give a tough competition.  Number 3 and alphabet 'C' will also be connected to her, she will love to swim in a sea.  She will belong to a country with tough times connected to number 8 and where an old lawgiver and king is still remembered and worshipped.
  • Contestant connected to alphabet 'A' and number 6 will be deceived by her fellows but her will power can promise her return and give a tough competition when she walks in a dress of fire.
  • There's a beauty which the world will know but right now her time is slow, she falls in love and is connected to alphabet 'J'.
  • A contestant connected to  alphabet 'I' will try her best but will not make it this time, as while answering her mind will be lost in some other thoughts.
There will be conflicts in this edition of Miss Universe pageant and liars will be determined with their points.

My best wishes to all the contestants!

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

World War III & Beyond - Psychic Prediction (Part 2)

 by: Psychic Gurmeet

Warning: This prediction may be disturbing and can cause anxiety, distress, or trigger trauma in children or people with heart, mental, or sensitive conditions. They are strictly advised not to read further.

Thanks to all the readers of Fearless Predictions for all the love.  In November 2017 I shared my vision of World War III, from where and how it will begin and what will happen. (A Psychic Vision of Nuclear War: World War III Prediction)

Here is the continuation of that prediction:

The last war, which may bring a civilization to its end, shall begin when Saturn is in the first ten degrees of Leo. Orbs of fire will rise. The aggression, cruelties, destruction, diseases, and deaths on a scale never witnessed before which will proceed to the dark age and only to the darkness of the night will feel like the gravity of a black hole and sudden shift of extreme temperatures.

In near future, a deserted place in war and conflict sparks a fire that spreads throughout the world.  Five powers will witness brutal fights.

While this prediction is being published a man who wears a cap is preparing for war not just for his people but also to revenge for his loved one. This man will, together with 4 more powers, bring out the enemies of humanity, who will watch this young man's moves to hunt him as they killed his loved one in past. "A" head will be removed with one strike and the sky will become red with the blood of the innocents.

New waves of bio-terror will grip the world and bring everything to a pause. New diseases will afflict the world, as the evil will possess the deadliest weapon (Bhramastra) and lose control over their senses for their greedy motives. Countries from the west will add to the fire coming from the east that will burn everything to ashes. An old man with a green turban and white beard who will first pray on his knees and then move towards wiping out a major part of the divided world if not stopped sooner. He will be unaware of the wrath of nature and his own departure with the lightning strike will be in the time connected to number 11 and is seen from a cross in the flag. Lands will burn like the sun with the imbalance of nature. Earth will tremble as Shiva does Tandav and Mahakaal brings death everywhere as his blessing. Those who will be left will perish slowly in great pains. All the languages and technologies will start getting lost. Number 21 is seen everywhere in past, present, future, and in all dimensions. This is the number connected to deaths and destruction. Change that has come after 21 years of crippling life in the deserted land, begins with a new era of deception and darkness in 2021 for the world.

A man connected to the alphabet "M" will kill to rule and will continue until he is hanged with his own blood, but there would be mass extinction already. Devastation will last until the final war which will happen when Saturn is in the first ten degrees of Leo and the world may end as it started. Lions and snakes will all be slaughtered by the forces of the colony of angels. Even they will witness scythe from two sides. A new era shall begin after 2042 onwards which is 21 years from now as the first phase of 21 years that began around the year 2000, this will continue with ashes until August 2034 which will be seen as a crossroad from where the things will further proceed towards the black hole, with too less chances for things to be better again.

The vision is so horrific that if the whole world does not come together until the end of 2021 to wipe out the common enemy, there will be no stopping to the horrors men shall witness and there will be too few left until August 2042.

I pray this all stops but I hear this "Prayers can't stop an addict as he seals his own fate".



Part 1: A Psychic Vision of Nuclear War: World War III Prediction 

Friday, July 30, 2021

Miss Universe Philippines 2021 Psychic Prediction

 by: Psychic Gurmeet

Thank you all once again for your love.  As requested, I present my prediction for Miss Universe Philippines 2021.

The winner is connected to number 4 and alphabet G, and will give a tough competition to all other contestants.  She is seen in a serious love affair but if she is not patient she will have to compromise her professional life.  She is a very bold woman, who likes black and yellow.  Somehow connected to a red fruit or a consumable brand connected to fruits with a red packaging.  There will be three letter or alphabet C connected to a place where she is emotionally connected with.  She belongs to a place which is rich and fertile with lots of natural resources.

  • Close to the winning lady, a woman who is spiritual and connected to alphabet E.  She will be connected to a serious accident for which may seek justice.  She is connected to a place which has an ancient yellow temple, hills or a sacred pyramid, and that place might have seen some tough times in past on the dates connected to 10th or 20th.
  • The third contestant is overconfident as she feels that a man in power with grey hair can make her the winner but she can only come at the third position or may even lose completely if she remains being a smug.  She is the masked woman as seen in her past on a date connected to number 2 where she danced with someone.  She belongs to a place connected with number 5.
  • Lastly, I see a woman who tries every time but loses, it is like play and rewind for the audience and for her.  She will become frustrated and lose but she will rise again after realizing her flaws.  Number 8 will be connected to her victory at another venue.  She is connected to a place with alphabet B which is dull and boring with not much population.

May the best contestant win and make Philippines proud! 

Best wishes,


Sunday, July 25, 2021

Monday, July 19, 2021

2022 Presidential Election Psychic Prediction

 by: Psychic Gurmeet

July 4, 2021

Thank you for your love, dear readers. Your heart-touching e-mails and messages on my Facebook page inspired me to continue publishing my predictions. I would like to extend my appreciation to Manila Times for recognizing me as a "Psychic Pageantologist who has been accurate since 2015".

Here is what I see for the upcoming 2022 Philippine national elections.

The year 2022 will bring financial difficulties from the month of May and changes from July to August which may restrict many things including decisions and plans of political groups. Expect manipulations as I see a dragon tries to choose the leader.

A king with the head of an angry bull and temper as harsh as sea waves, loves black colour or working in the dark where no one sees him wants to remain in the ocean that looks calm from above.  This man faces international danger, speaks of law, and is connected to numbers 1, 4, and 5.  He expects to win as a kingmaker, but if he comes to power indirectly, it will bring fires from the northern gates of the Philippines. Darkness will haunt him from all sides but he is there to cut through as a warrior.  He will have jealous opponents. He may have to shift or even hide his place of residence or office.  He will have the capabilities to control any situation but his team will be incapable of it, therefore, he will change them to protect his existence.  An old political friend will bring more power.  The energy of Aries will support him, a woman he counts upon decides as his fate for him to rule from behind the curtains.

  • The number 1 and alphabets A, F, U and (M or W) will be connected to the winner's name and place of birth.  Emotionally hurt in the past, connected to four corners of the world with men and beasts as friends and carrier of victory.  This person sits on a green seat wearing a deep red or brown scarf.  The 21st and 6th will be important dates that will bring change.  The winner shall sign a contract with a county in East Asia which will look good in the short term but will be the opposite in the long run.
  • The second man who took poison when he was 20, loves a woman who he makes pregnant and may lose his focus due to his own health issue.  This person is related to number 3 that repeats in his life. He may lose because of number 3 repeating.
  • A rich man who has a secret affair with an international beauty, not meant for the Top position but still may get an influential place in power as Lady luck is with him but an alphabet F named woman can also be the reason for his losses.
  • A knowledgeable and experienced woman connected to numbers 2 and 8 will put all her efforts into the elections but will have less chances to stand long in front of her competitors.  She could win but she will have to go back somewhere or if she misses something important as a lesson from the past and goes back realizing the mistake later.
  • Two more women, one who is highly educated connected to alphabet C but will have difficulty and delays in every step where her opponents may take a lead.  Another woman has strong links to number 4 and a leader who will have an opportunity and good position for her.

My best wishes to all.  Stay safe.


Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Coming Soon: 2022 Presidential Election Psychic Prediction

Due to persistent requests from our readers, Psychic Gurmeet, who has successfully predicted the outcome of the 2016 Philippine and 2020 US elections, will be sharing his prediction for the 2022 Philippine presidential election. Coming soon!

Link to the prediction

Friday, April 23, 2021

Amitabh Bachchan Psychic Prediction: Caution for the Next 9 Months

 by: Psychic Gurmeet

Thank you my dear readers for the love and appreciation of previous predictions and overwhelming response to my new book Dhyan

On 19th April, at 2.15am while I was working with my scrying bowl, I encountered several visions about India and the world.  One of these visions involved Amitabh Bachchan, or "The BIG B", who is a well-celebrated actor in my home country.  I wish that this vision on him doesn't materialize as I see some hard time with The BIG B's health between 2021 to 2022, that is, for the next 9 months.  

However, I would like to pass these precautions, that apart from taking good care of health, there are names and numbers that need to be changed or avoided, for example, words starting with G or B, and numbers connected to 4 or 8.  He definitely needs to change the names of his upcoming projects as they will be predicting his doom specially if there is any movie where he is seen dying, that plot should be changed.  Work is also needed on the numbers of his new possessions or changing his movable or fixed assets.  There will be messages, not only to him but also to his loved ones about something that should never happen.  Changes in everything if needed should be considered, from daily schedule to the country of residence, or even changes in name for documents and name plates.  The next two years are very crucial in terms of his health.

I pray for The BIG B's success, longer and happier life , and request all his fans throughout the world to send him this same energy.



Sunday, January 10, 2021

US President Joe Biden & VP Kamala Harris Prediction

 by: Psychic Gurmeet

Thanks to all my readers for so much love and appreciation, and overwhelming response to my book Dhyan which is now available at Amazon, Apple Books, and

Here is my prediction for US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

I see many women supporters and a special woman from two worlds who, as I had predicted, was Kamala Harris.  She will be the guiding light in whatever troubles Joe's opponents will put in front of him.  She is blessed and guided in every single moment by Hindu goddess Durga.  Kamala's destiny is connected to Joe in a very strange way which is yet to unfold.

As I write this post (8 January 2021), I received a vision of Joe Biden praying and thanking God.  He will face a lot of pressure but he will take his responsibility very seriously and work hard for his dreams for his country.  At the back of his mind will be those who will try to oppose and slow him down, but they will not be able to stop him.  He will achieve his goals and make the US stronger.  The world will remember him for his genuine patriotism.

I also see President Joe Biden confronting a challenge that will make him not being seen for some time and may go far to protect himself from the evil.  His place may be taken by someone else but he may return. Joe Biden will need to be more careful with his health and well being.  I see an old cult, a group of old men who will be watching his decisions extra carefully to see that he is on the right path.  He will be sincere to people's hopes but will have to conquer his own fears to be stronger.

For Kamala Harris, I see that she gets emotional for the hard work, success, and appreciation.  She will face extremely challenging times in the future from the damages created in the past as the previous evil will continue like an invisible villain until crushed completely.  If she managed to hurdle these she can be the most powerful woman in the world.  Number 3 is connected to her success in the future. 

I see the next nine years of prosperity and power for the US.

Congratulations to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.  May God bless America and the whole world.


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