Friday, October 2, 2020

Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Psychic Prediction

by: Psychic Gurmeet

Thanks to all my readers for your love and trust.  Here, I present my prediction for the Miss Universe Philippines 2020.

a)    I see a young student, with bright prospects, impulsive and hyperactive, black hair, and tanned complexion.  She will be connected to number 9, may not be rich at present but will be wealthy in the near future.  She will give a tough competition and can come out as a winner.  She has recently moved residence.
b)   This contestant is fighting for a cause and is connected to number 11.  With her full energy and passion, she hopes to conquer the world but she may get confused between choices.  If she works on her decision-making capabilities, she will be able to focus well and will be able to stand the tough competition.

c)    This contestant has seen terrible times in her life and it seems her misery is still on-going.  She is carrying strong karmic negativity, and this will reflect in her interactions and will face sorrow and disappointment.  She is connected to number 15 and the next 31 days will be a testing period for her.

d)   This one, after losing a loved one is ready to take a new journey where that person is no longer seen.  She is connected to number 8.  Though she is calm and logical she may need a lot of moral support if she wants to make it through.

e)   It looks like this candidate connected to number 13 has recently received a good amount of money and is settling in a new relationship, but she is being watched over and judged for acquiring that amount.  There is also a pang of guilt that will become a mental block and may not let her win.

f)     This is a candidate connected to number 6 and 7, is filled will confidence and walks fast, likes the violet colour, artistic and creative but also sensitive like a poet, emotional, and caring.  She is a very strong contender and belongs to fertile lands and animals.  She is connected to zodiac Sagittarius and Capricorn.  She has a fair chance of winning being a combination of all that and more that is needed to win this competition.

g)    Connected with Libra, Scorpio and number 8, this one looks overconfident, clever, shrewd, likes to party on beaches.  She will lose because of hurting someone's emotions or being disrespectful.

h)   A contestant connected to zodiac Aquarius and number 12, good at accounting or keeping records, with a man who promised her win is going to lose it all, because of her cunningness.

i)     Connected to number 17, the one in zodiac Cancer is going to lose and is right because she is manifesting it more herself.  She thinks others hate her and knows it is a tough competition and she is right.  What she doesn't know is that someone else is also responsible for her misery, and its due to someone's hatered and jealousy 8 years ago but she is still suffering.

j)     This contender connected to Venus and Aries, loves to travel and has positive prospects in future.   She is connected to letter B, number 4, full of confidence, and is a good thinker.  She has a fair chance to win not only here but also at other big events.

May the best contestant win.