Thursday, April 7, 2022

The Legacy of President Rodrigo Duterte

Despite having been constantly bombarded with criticisms by political opponents, outgoing President Duterte, or Tatay Digong to many, has successfully delivered what he had promised in 2016 and will be hailed as one of the country's brightest rulers for many years to come. He clearly acquired the trust of the majority of Filipinos with his hallmark achievements: drug eradication, Build, Build, Build program, firm foreign policies in juggling complex relationships with global powers US, EU, China, and Russia.

President Duterte may not have been the most subtle of presidents, but he is unquestionably one of the most well-liked and respected leaders in the country's history, which he maintains to date, a few weeks before a new president is chosen.  Congratulations and thank you, Mr. President!

Fearless Predictions would also like to congratulate Psychic Gurmeet for his precise predictions on President Duterte, which included all the president's accomplishments as outlined above.  Psychic Gurmeet was the one who said in 2015 and 2016 that PRRD  would be "the president that would introduce a lot of changes in the country and will leave a legacy that will be remembered for generations"

Spot-on predictions, Psychic Gurmeet! 

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Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Miss Universe Philippines 2022 Psychic Prediction

by:Psychic Gurmeet

I bring you all a glimpse of the future once again, with my 10 strongest contestants for the title of Miss Universe Philippines 2022.

There will be lessons to learn from this event.

  • A contestant connected to a place with alphabet "H" in its name. Number 10 can also be connected to her name; she will perform well and look strong with family values and have a scope to win if she doesn't get confused in her finals.
  • Alphabet "Q" connects and repeats in the life of this contestant. This contestant belongs to a place where she or her family was struck by some natural disaster in the past, and it made them plan to relocate. She needs to focus on the competition more than her love life if she wants to stand a chance to win.
  • This contestant may get ready to pack her bag to leave the tough competition, but there are possibilities for her to be inspired by a strong woman to stay and fight, but this contestant connected to alphabet "C" won't make it due to the lack of efforts.
  • A contestant connected to alphabet "I" who loves birds and plans to travel will make some plans that won't be practical; it won't be easy for her to win.
  • This will be the most powerful contestant and may look like a winner at some point in time, but she can lose it all due to the gossip that may surround her. She will have two major losses in the future, which will connect to dates or people connected to numbers 5 and 8.
  • A contender connected to alphabet "A" won't be able to make it to the list of winners due to her over-reaction or outburst of emotions because of a feeling of being cheated, she should focus on her health and life rather than any other thing.
  • This is an active personality connected to number 10 or alphabet "J" in any way. She will not be able to move further in this career and opt for something else in the future that suits her better.
  • This is a powerful contender connected to alphabet "A" and number 1. She needs to avoid travelling and a person who is in crowded places; otherwise, she may get health issues that can create troubles for many others.
  • Another strong and good-looking contender connected to alphabet "V" who loves wildlife and adventures will be confused or misled; that will make her winning difficult.
  • A beauty connected to alphabet "D" and number 3, with a royal bloodline who knows how to control even the strongest forces, can win this time and in the future if she focuses on this event and postpones her marriage plans to 2025 or later.

This will be a tough competition among many candidates with true potential to make it big on international platforms, but this time the best contestants will have their own fights to come out as a winner.

My best wishes to all the contestants. May the best one win.