Thursday, November 12, 2020

Donald Trump Post 2020 Elections

 by: Psychic Gurmeet

Donald Trump

Thanks to all my readers for beautifully decoding my predictions and also for your love and appreciation.  Here, I present to you a glimpse of what is happening and is expected in the future.

In my previous prediction, I mentioned:

Even the higher powers do not want him to win but he can become the lord of strife and can create chaos with wealth, power, and manipulation. He may lose too much and pass to the other side if tries to manipulate a win.
I see Mr. Donald Trump will not only try to be back in power but may take some very nasty and horrible decisions, and further ignorance can worsen the situation in his country.

Mr. Trump has more options to bring troubles for the US right now, and as I have mentioned in prior prediction, he could be the lord of anger and strife at present.  His state of mind is far from being stable. He feels he has got more entitlements to stay in power, and a young man pumps in wrong ideas and false dreams. While harboring a false hope as if nothing happened, he actually recognizes within him that nothing can be changed now.  He will resort to not only fabricating stories but also making them appear legitimate with the help of his people.  He had played games in the past and for him, now is a good time to continue them. A woman, which I had mentioned in previous prediction, works with ancient spells to keep him in power. Trump is ready for revenge at all cost.

In my 2016 prediction, I mentioned that I saw "a man not a president sitting alone but it's already too late" and now he is.  Trump is going to have troubles with his family and people within close circle. His personal life is going to be miserable.  He has not only lost the election but shall further lose relations. I see that Mr. Trump will need to be cautious as he may have problems related to the brain or heart.  In my previous prediction, I mentioned "he will lose a lot if he tries to manipulate a win".

Even if he continues playing games, Trump may eventually leave office in humiliation by late January or early February 2021. However, the longer he delays, the more it will leave much pain which will haunt him forever.

I will share my prediction on Mr. Joe Biden and Ms. Kamala Harris soon.


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Friday, October 2, 2020

Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Psychic Prediction

by: Psychic Gurmeet

Thanks to all my readers for your love and trust.  Here, I present my prediction for the Miss Universe Philippines 2020.

a)    I see a young student, with bright prospects, impulsive and hyperactive, black hair, and tanned complexion.  She will be connected to number 9, may not be rich at present but will be wealthy in the near future.  She will give a tough competition and can come out as a winner.  She has recently moved residence.
b)   This contestant is fighting for a cause and is connected to number 11.  With her full energy and passion, she hopes to conquer the world but she may get confused between choices.  If she works on her decision-making capabilities, she will be able to focus well and will be able to stand the tough competition.

c)    This contestant has seen terrible times in her life and it seems her misery is still on-going.  She is carrying strong karmic negativity, and this will reflect in her interactions and will face sorrow and disappointment.  She is connected to number 15 and the next 31 days will be a testing period for her.

d)   This one, after losing a loved one is ready to take a new journey where that person is no longer seen.  She is connected to number 8.  Though she is calm and logical she may need a lot of moral support if she wants to make it through.

e)   It looks like this candidate connected to number 13 has recently received a good amount of money and is settling in a new relationship, but she is being watched over and judged for acquiring that amount.  There is also a pang of guilt that will become a mental block and may not let her win.

f)     This is a candidate connected to number 6 and 7, is filled will confidence and walks fast, likes the violet colour, artistic and creative but also sensitive like a poet, emotional, and caring.  She is a very strong contender and belongs to fertile lands and animals.  She is connected to zodiac Sagittarius and Capricorn.  She has a fair chance of winning being a combination of all that and more that is needed to win this competition.

g)    Connected with Libra, Scorpio and number 8, this one looks overconfident, clever, shrewd, likes to party on beaches.  She will lose because of hurting someone's emotions or being disrespectful.

h)   A contestant connected to zodiac Aquarius and number 12, good at accounting or keeping records, with a man who promised her win is going to lose it all, because of her cunningness.

i)     Connected to number 17, the one in zodiac Cancer is going to lose and is right because she is manifesting it more herself.  She thinks others hate her and knows it is a tough competition and she is right.  What she doesn't know is that someone else is also responsible for her misery, and its due to someone's hatered and jealousy 8 years ago but she is still suffering.

j)     This contender connected to Venus and Aries, loves to travel and has positive prospects in future.   She is connected to letter B, number 4, full of confidence, and is a good thinker.  She has a fair chance to win not only here but also at other big events.

May the best contestant win.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Spirit World Connection

by: Psychic Gurmeet

People come to me with questions about their dreams or connections with ancestors or deceased loved ones. This usually peaks during a specific part of the year, and in 2020 it is in the September timeframe. If you are among those who have felt a connection this month you will be more interested to know there exists a portal in the spirit world known as pitra lok. During the period of Pitru Paksha in Hindu tradition, this portal opens up where souls connect with their loved ones in the dimension we live in. Souls become more powerful to connect, communicate, and influence a person's life whether positively or negatively.

During this period, I receive many requests one after the other, mostly on questions about those who have departed. At one time, there was this client from Illinois, USA who came for her first online reading session and wished me to connect with her grandfather. Without asking for any information, I told her that her grandfather was trying to connect with her for a month already and he may have contacted her in dreams. She started crying and I tried to calm her down. She then admitted she indeed recently had his grandfather in dreams and he was not looking happy. I told her about the period of Pitru Paksha and asked her if his grandfather has handed her a file of papers in any of those dreams. She looked at me in silence and nodded; his grandfather did so and told her that everything would be fine but she needed to see a doctor. To cut the long story short, she took her grandfather's message seriously, got tested, and was diagnosed with aggressive second-stage breast cancer. She received treatment and is now living a normal life. 


The souls of our loved ones give messages, may ask for something, or even give blessings or a curse. They sometimes want to tell how they feel in the other side, if they are at peace, or if there is a danger ahead, among others. It is strongly believed in Hinduism that offerings to deceased loved ones and praying for their repose give them more comfort and happiness, and in return they may also give their blessings, removing our own obstacles. Never ignore any messages from the spirit world and try to decode these messages as they are important.


Saturday, September 5, 2020

2020 US Presidential Election Psychic Prediction

by: Psychic Gurmeet

Thanks to all my readers for your love and appreciation. Here, I present my prediction for the 2020 US elections.

A falcon spirit in the front of an old patriotic man giving a speech and connected to number 6 guides him to victory. This man was once in the world of illusionary success where, in the past, his victory was unfulfilled. A woman of two worlds connected to the sign of Aquarius will put oil in his fire for harmonious change after which the country rises to more riches and prosperity when he wins.

Winds will change as the man who lies and with golden hair goes to the woman who prays for his success in all possible ancient ways. She believes he will lose but this man would do anything to win and can bring the system to a pause. Even the higher powers do not want him to win but he can become the lord of strife and can create chaos with wealth, power, and manipulation. He may lose too much and pass to the other side if tries to manipulate a win.

On the other hand, the old wise man with power from all directions, if he still prays during the nights, wins but also needs to take care of his health and himself from his powerful opponent. 

This is a war of good versus evil and no normal election, destruction, and chaos is seen. Voting will be different so will be the tactics and manipulations. May the best man win.


Sunday, August 9, 2020

Life and Beyond: Sushant Singh Rajput

by: Psychic Gurmeet

My condolence to the loved ones, family members, and all the fans of Indian celebrity Sushant Singh Rajput.

The late actor was murdered recently but the case was mislabelled as suicide. I was recently contacted by a few people including fans for a session with the energy of Sushant Singh Rajput. I was hesitant, but as I was myself thinking about it much I was getting affected and felt heavy as if some energy was influencing me.

This connection took a few days and during this process, I was also dragged by strong negativity from my school's WhatsApp group where my identity of being a psychic was ridiculed.  I was strongly drawn which made me feel how it is to be a victim of bullying and groupism. But instead of being sucked further by delays and negativity, I decided to start my session and this is what came up for Sushant Singh Rajput.

Sushant was developing his skills and was going to get big projects.  He was forgiving, wise with strong consciousness and sensitivity. He had six major opportunities that would have been coming up.  There were nine people responsible for his isolation and sadness, and five people present during his death, who also removed the shreds of evidence.  One of the nine men drives fast cars, secretive And treacherous. Pretends to be honest but is a liar with strong social connections.  This man is also associated with a characterless woman who is responsible for Sushant’s murder.

On the other hand, Sushant's soul grieves deeply for justice, remembering his family - especially a young couple and an old stressed man, and this shall continue in the near future.  Number 1 is connected to Sushant's soul grieving to reach the light.  The woman involved in Sushant’s murder had used him to breaking point of depression. This lady is manipulative, practices witchcraft, and been mixing things into his food and drinks.  There was a love triangle involving this lady, Sushant and another man who I had mentioned earlier, will try to protect himself but divine justice will prevail. There are three women in Sushant's thoughts - a motherly soul, a young girl's soul, and soul of a helping woman. Some facts about this third woman - she was responsible for Sushant’s abundance and prosperity but was murdered.  Her death was a shock to Sushant Singh Rajput, which eventually led into Sushant’s murder, too.

He grieves not only for justice for his murder but also because of two more things.  First is the deception by a woman, and second is about the people who were responsible for groupism in Bollywood which attempted to isolate him.

My other questions to Sushant's energy were:

Sushant, what do you want to do and will you take a rebirth?

The answer showed me light and souls of two women, one is motherly and the other is a young lady. Sushant wants to be with them where he is right now and will go where they go. 

Is there any last message you wish to give me?

The answer showed me his thoughts for justice from the woman who deceived him and a jealous, aggressive and argumentative man who loves or thrives on conflicts.  They will be punished for their karma.

I then thanked Sushant and told him he would be missed by all of us, and shall be getting justice soon.

I was extremely drained from the session, but felt much better and lighter after a few hours of rest.
On a personal note from this sad event, it seems humanity is getting extinct and deception thrives even among best-assumed friends.  Trusting someone becomes more and more difficult in present times. 

May God take away all the pain and grief from Sushant Singh Rajput's soul and guide him towards the light.


Sunday, August 2, 2020

Miss Universe 2020 Psychic Prediction

by: Psychic Gurmeet

Thanks to all the audience once again for love and appreciation. I present to you the much-awaited prediction on the Miss Universe winner.

The Miss Universe competition will happen again after several delays, speculations, uncertainty, and changes. Many things will be left out from the main event to take place. Numbers 7 and 10 are connected to contestants who stand out this time, and will be connected to something that shines. There is a sign of some very difficult time for the event date connected to number 10 which shows me difficulties and misfortune. It will be a challenge but with more power and beauty, this challenge will be accepted gracefully.

The contestants of prominence are as follows:
  • Number 10 is magical this time, though negatively connected to the timing of this event, however, it gives the winner connected to number 10 and 7 dominance and good luck, like a blessing in disguise where she gets enough time to re-evolve. Winner will be from a country where the golden lions roar and history speaks of one of the most powerful armies. A country where commitment in love and love in traditions are still seen in abundance, and women love wearing gowns. The color blue is also seen connected to the winner;
  • Next will be a woman who will be famous and will be connected to the world of fashion, with divine and faith, and a boyfriend who wants her to win at all cost. Number 11 and 5 will be connected to her and place of her origin. She can win if she follows what is advised by her lover;
  • A woman connected to number 1, color black, strong and practical, who has done remarkably in the field of education. Uses yellow or gold which is connected to the winner.
  • This is the one with number 12 influence where buildings, trees, hills and forests around. This contestant will be in love with a man with a son but later she may not win and lose both love and success. She should focus on the pageant. She can improve her chances if she wears brown;
  • This is a contestant who will be again trying her luck in a fashion pageant, she comes from a land of literature, knights, and witches. She will be connected to a man in power who may have no hope but stress with his falling golden hair like his power. She will lose if she follows the old man;
  • This beauty who is connected to number 2, the number also repeats in her life and is responsible for her life to be stagnant for a long time. She will come close to winning but may lose because of some jealous and greedy people. She can improve her chances if she wears white;
  • Distraction due to overindulgence in drinks and tastes, will change the words that she will speak, though she can be in top 3 and strangely connected to number 6 and 3, known for charity and her red or orange gown and different hairstyles with old walls where she belongs.
  • Then there will be a contestant who is overconfident, but with immature mind, stress, anger and irresponsible behavior.  She will have a house near back waters, but may leave the things incomplete;
  • This emotional contestant may try to run away or leave the competition at the beginning but destiny gives her the strength and power to return and get a chance to win. She is strongly connected to number 11 and 1.

This is l what I saw this time for Miss Universe.

As we all are suffering from a global pandemic at the moment but this situation will soon change and everything will become normal again. These are uncertain times where we all need to take precautions, safety measures and remain patient.


April 27, 2021: Additional Tips from Psychic Gurmeet

It's pink moon today and also Hanuman Jayanti; I would like to bring to you some more tips on the leading contestants.

As for this event I still see something not right connected to number 4, 8, and 17.  There can be some sort of internal problem before or during the event due to someone's personal interest, a man who is on the head position can still be able to control the whole situation before it's late. I see some money or charity which will be related to this event for a great cause.

A contestant with number 4 or 14, connected to place with rivers, yellow flowers, and wine, who strongly believes in angels, will be close to become the winner if she puts hold to her thoughts and focuses more on her work and being careful while accepting drinks from an influential man.

There is a contestant connected to number 2 or 11 and also 7, being guided by an experienced mature man who has less hair and can lead her to victory, if she listens to his advice and uses the right color or head gear as per his suggestion.

A contestant with connections to number 9, 8, or 12 who, even though had a fair chance to win, may have to face strong criticism or hard time.

I would like to point out specific events that need to be highlighted now, but I don't intend to specify any contestants.  Even if some readers are trying to uncover the mystery, it should remain so until the event unfolds. The important things to be highlighted that nature has already revealed are:
  • Many things will be left out from the main event to take place.
  • There is a sign of some very difficult time for the event date connected to number 10 which shows me difficulties and misfortune.
  • Number 10 is magical this time, though negatively connected to the timing of this event.
All the tragedy happening now was predicted in the original prediction in August 2020. Nothing or no one could have stopped it but everyone would be equally responsible and the world would take a lesson. 
For Miss Universe, I would like to say that every contestant is here to win with her own capabilities and talents.  My predictions point to the talent, who actually deserves the crown and not to demoralize those who need to try harder. 
My best wishes to the Miss Universe management and all the contestants who are going to face this competition in tough situations and circumstances. 
Psychic Gurmeet