Thursday, November 12, 2020

Donald Trump Post 2020 Elections

 by: Psychic Gurmeet

Donald Trump

Thanks to all my readers for beautifully decoding my predictions and also for your love and appreciation.  Here, I present to you a glimpse of what is happening and is expected in the future.

In my previous prediction, I mentioned:

Even the higher powers do not want him to win but he can become the lord of strife and can create chaos with wealth, power, and manipulation. He may lose too much and pass to the other side if tries to manipulate a win.
I see Mr. Donald Trump will not only try to be back in power but may take some very nasty and horrible decisions, and further ignorance can worsen the situation in his country.

Mr. Trump has more options to bring troubles for the US right now, and as I have mentioned in prior prediction, he could be the lord of anger and strife at present.  His state of mind is far from being stable. He feels he has got more entitlements to stay in power, and a young man pumps in wrong ideas and false dreams. While harboring a false hope as if nothing happened, he actually recognizes within him that nothing can be changed now.  He will resort to not only fabricating stories but also making them appear legitimate with the help of his people.  He had played games in the past and for him, now is a good time to continue them. A woman, which I had mentioned in previous prediction, works with ancient spells to keep him in power. Trump is ready for revenge at all cost.

In my 2016 prediction, I mentioned that I saw "a man not a president sitting alone but it's already too late" and now he is.  Trump is going to have troubles with his family and people within close circle. His personal life is going to be miserable.  He has not only lost the election but shall further lose relations. I see that Mr. Trump will need to be cautious as he may have problems related to the brain or heart.  In my previous prediction, I mentioned "he will lose a lot if he tries to manipulate a win".

Even if he continues playing games, Trump may eventually leave office in humiliation by late January or early February 2021. However, the longer he delays, the more it will leave much pain which will haunt him forever.

I will share my prediction on Mr. Joe Biden and Ms. Kamala Harris soon.


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