Thursday, November 14, 2019

Miss World 2019 Psychic Prediction

by: Psychic Gurmeet

My sincere gratitude to all the readers and fans for so much love and appreciation! I started making this prediction on 12th November 2019 which was a full moon, Guru Nanak's birthday and also a very auspicious day.  It's just around one month left for this popular competition, and here, I present my prediction for Miss World 2019:
  • There is a contestant connected with number 1 or letter G; she is in a relationship which will be gossiped about, and this beauty has an attitude of a queen and is also very humble. Her past is connected to number 5, she needs to avoid those who are gossiping around her and just focus on winning; otherwise she will be lost.
  • Here is a beauty with strong mind power but was cheated on and broken in her past. She is young and will be relocating, getting married or getting a new home soon.  She had a hospital visit in the recent past. She is spontaneous and has won in the past; also received some recognition in studies or work. She is connected to number 2 or alphabet B, a place rich with beautiful old structures.
  • This multi talented contestant with beautiful eyes of a goddess has got all the ingredients of a winner, as it is her birth right and lineage to become a queen.  Letter P and number 18 is connected to her, she loves animals and is an angel for the disabled. She can win but will face a tough competition from a contestant who represents a lion and alphabet S. She has divine gift of beauty and will be seen as the rightful owner of the crown by the judges.
  • The letter S woman with 5 letters in her name, connected to lion, will give a tough competition to all other contestants as she has similar looks to a beauty who became a winner in the past from her country. Many people in her country who believe that the past will be repeated, but it is in her hands if she rides the lion or stands in front of it.
  • She is beautiful and has a strong connection to number 4 which is repeating in her life; she can win with words and beauty which is a good combination, and has full potential to be in the first 5. A woman from her family got a ritual done for her winning connected with sacrifice.
  • This contestant is trying her luck again, connected to alphabet F and a star in sky, also has a boyfriend who will cheat for another contestant, and the other contestant who will cheat on him later; so these two contestants are stuck in karmic cycle.
  • This one is connected to number 7 and where number 10 repeats again bringing her from a slow and miserable life, and from an end to a new phase or big changes. She even thought of committing suicide and was close to it but things changed and brought her to Miss World contest which she never expected. She will give her best but will not be bothered about winning or losing but be more focused. 
There are contestants who are young but overconfident and some who are going to all lengths to win, even taking the support of dark energies which is not fair as consequences are not good for those who do it.

A strong contender who may share her accessory or any clothing that she wears will be used by a competitor to make her lose.

I see the winner will be a strong personality with clean heart and compassion, she will be attacked in many ways by competitors, which will come to be known later when the work done back fires on those who tried to do it on the winner due to her fear of her winning.
My best wishes to the pure hearted, and warning to those who adapt negative approach to win, winning or losing in a contest is temporary but negative karma stays forever.

May the most deserving and best contestant win.


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