Friday, April 29, 2016

April 28 Mercury Retrograde: Its Effect on the May 9, 2016 Philippine Elections

by: Psychic August

From April 28 to May 22, 2016, we experience an astrological cycle which occurs 3 or 4 times in a year, called Mercury retrograde.  This is a period in which Mercury appears to suddenly reverse its orbit around the sun, as viewed here from Earth.  What actually happens is that Mercury slows down in its orbit, which can make it appear as if it went backwards.

When this astrological cycle occurs, all forms of communication tend to break down, varying levels of miscommunication results, and we experience greater degrees of misunderstanding at this period of time than with any other time.

Our thinking and communication abilities tend to be slower at this time and it is a good thing to be patient with ourselves and others.  There can be a lot of delays and undelivered messages of any kind.  Computers and other communication and information based gadgets (cellphones, etc.) tend to break down or experience diminished functionality.  Missed appointments are likely, also greater traffic problems, as well the failure to keep promises, and to misplace documents.

A mercury retrograde period usually lasts more or less 3 weeks, although its effects can at times be already felt earlier before its actual onset.  A matching example of this is the recent hacking of the Comelec website!   Misleading information can be very rampant during this time, with the recent churning out of myriad election survey results, followed by disclaimers that such surveys were not really officially commissioned in the first place!

The May 9, 2016 Philippine national elections fall in the middle of the retrograde period, and can be said to be not the best time for it, as the tendency for very confused thinking is very high at this time leading to hasty decisions regarding the choice of candidates. This can be offset if the choice of candidates to be voted for has already been carefully thought out and reflected upon many times just before putting their names in the ballots and casting them.

It is worth noting that for this instance, not only is Mercury the only planet turning retrograde, but four planets as well! Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are also retrograding during the May 9 elections. This is a rare event, the first time in 10 years, and will definitely exert an influence in the upcoming elections.  People are prone to change their minds regarding who they will vote even into the last minute of the elections, previous surveys notwithstanding.  Or worse, people can put a specific individual in power as the result of the elections, only to regret it afterwards.

Many strange things can happen before the elections can be fated, the flow of events can slow down and time will appear as if stretched.

Brussels Terrorist Attack

by: Psychic August

In the next several months the terrorist cell will be in hiatus, going underground, only to reappear again next year onwards with new fresh members - "Cut one limb and three more rise to take its place."

For most of the year, the ISIL terrorist cell will go underground in hiding as they are the subject of manhunts by  Belgian and other European police authorities.  But either late this year or early next year, they may launch another attack again in Belgium or a nearby European country.  Prominent in this attack is the presence of a female ISIL terrorist.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

RCBC US$ 81-M Money Laundering Scandal

by: Psychic August

Will Branch Manager Maia Deguito and other RCBC officials be convicted in the US$ 81-million money laundering case?  Will the mastermind be uncovered?

The cards drawn from the Marseilles tarot deck are the Knight of Swords, The Hierophant, and The Moon.  The branch manager will be convicted in the money laundering case, along with her assistant.

The chain of blame may see other RCBC employees prosecuted, but the senior executives who have had something to do with the case will be spared.

As to whether the mastermind will be identified, the first card drawn for this question is the King of Batons, then the World, the King of Swords, and the Six of Coins.  More people will be identified as having had a hand in the money laundering case, especially people outside of RCBC, including a man prominent in business and the casino circles, who will be identified as being one of the main masterminds of the whole money laundering scheme. On the other hand, Kim Wong is shown in this this reading to be the key in uncovering the big players in this scam.

Unfortunately, the total sum of money taken from the Bangladesh Bank will never be recovered, and the involvement of a number of others, within and beyond the employ of RCBC, will never be traced.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Mar Roxas Prediction @ 2016 Philippine Presidential Elections

by: Psychic Jay

The card spread sets off with Mar Roxas showing a sign of relief that after all the chaos and waiting, he was eventually officially declared as the 'endorsed' candidate for the 2016 elections.  On the other hand, the succeeding  cards are saying there are some hesitation on Mar's part to take that long term commitment, he is into some sort of paranoia that along the way there will be zillions of attacks awaiting him.  The cards are saying that he should avoid getting into a hasty generalization, and instead just go though the flow of this exercise.  The good thing is, he also knows that to achieve his goal to be the next President of the Philippines, he would need to focus on the tasks at hand and ignore the nuisances and distractions around him.

The outcome of the election seems to be not leaning to his favor, as the cards show that after all the sacrifice and efforts, there is a feeling of loss and standstill, and not getting the returns as he had expected.

Originally published on August 1, 2015

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Binay, Poe, Duterte @ 2016 Philippine Presidential Election

by: Psychic August

Can you give us your latest prediction on the 2016 Philippine Presidential race?  Is Jejomar Binay still a strong contender? How about Grace Poe? 

Jejomar Binay will still emerge as the next president of the Philippines, from a very controversial result of the 2016 Philippine Presidential election, which will be highly contested by many, and the word that an impeachment will soon follow, resounding, even louder than ever.

Rodrigo Duterte will put in a high result in polls, coming in at 2nd or 3rd place.

Regarding Grace Poe, a Ten of Batons was taken for her in this reading.  She will not win the Presidential post in 2016, much to her disappointment.

The Ace of Swords was the next card picked, indicating that there is truth to the word being spread that a disqualification case is again at work, and will be filed against  Poe if she wins the presidency, just as an impeachment case will be worked out against Binay when he wins the presidency.

Photo: ABS CBN