Saturday, August 1, 2015

Mar Roxas @ 2016 Philippine Presidential Elections

by: Psychic Jay

The card spread sets off with Mar Roxas showing a sign of relief that after all the chaos and waiting, he was eventually officially declared as the 'endorsed' candidate for the 2016 elections.  On the other hand, the succeeding  cards are saying there are some hesitation on Mar's part to take that long term commitment, he is into some sort of paranoia that along the way there will be zillions of attacks awaiting him.  The cards are saying that he should avoid getting into a hasty generalization, and instead just go though the flow of this exercise.  The good thing is, he also knows that to achieve his goal to be the next President of the Philippines, he would need to focus on the tasks at hand and ignore the nuisances and distractions around him.

The outcome of the election seems to be not leaning to his favor, as the cards show that after all the sacrifice and efforts, there is a feeling of loss and standstill, and not getting the returns as he had expected.