Sunday, September 10, 2017

Miss World 2017 Psychic Prediction

by: Psychic Gurmeet

There are 10 important things that were shown to me about the Winner of the Miss World 2017 beauty pageant:
  1. She comes from a place which is connected to alphabet "I";
  2. This contestant is connected to numbers 6 and 21;
  3. She is an adventurous traveler as if she is in search of something, loves to travel in groups;
  4. Wherever she travels she entertains and is the center of attraction and in the spotlight. She is a pet lover and has a good collection of antiques. She is highly creative and intelligent who knows how to deal with all life situations. She believes in charity, and is seen as a prominent future political leader;
  5. She has recently moved to another place and has seen some major changes in her life;
  6. She has two close ones with names starting with "C"and "R", who are jealous of her beauty and success; 
  7. On 17th of August 2017 she had a tough time emotionally due to a friend’s behaviour;
  8. There is a young man with curly, coloured hair who is a creative designer and loves her but she is unaware;
  9. There is a rich man with small beard with alphabet "D" connected and shows off too much, who loves her and wants to make her one of his valuable possessions. She will be thinking and remain confused for sometime about her decision;
  10. She will have three choices and she will choose a man with less hair, who will be very genuine, generous, and who would have guided her well in past, present, and will continue to guide and help her in the future.
Overall, I see the following candidates as the top contenders to the crown:

  • One will be good at speaking and connected to number 14, with an angel smile she will try her best but will give a tough competition to be on the top list;
  • Will have letter "F" and "E" connected to her will have two boyfriends at once, and will be caught in a love triangle, making it hard for her to claim victory;
  • A contestant belongs to a place that is tensed right now and has number 9 connected to it, she can be in the top three list;
  • Is connected to letter "D", this contestant is very wealthy and lives like a princess, she will be in the top list too;
  • A very educated and intelligent but will she looks more like a scholar rather than a beauty contestant, number 2 will be connected to her;
  • This one is what I am more focused on as I see her winning, she will be innocent looking and very free minded, connected to number 6 and 21 in any way possible. She has recently moved to a new place, is enjoying her life and believes in charity;
  • I see a lady who will have some health concerns that will make her hard to walk, she will have alphabet "G" connected to her in any way possible;
  • This contestant belongs to a spiritual background and will remain in the top 5 having alphabet "E" in her name;
  • This contestant will have number 10 connected to her and have her dream come true, well it may be hard for her to win but still she will be an achiever;
  • At this position I see a woman who will come from dry place, with lots of over confidence but will not win.

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