Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Bb. Pilipinas 2019 Psychic Prediction

by: Psychic Gurmeet

Thank you everyone for so much love! Here once again, I present my predictions for the top contenders for the 2019 Miss Universe Philippines crown.

It will be difficult decision for judges to choose between emotion or beauty, but the judges will take the best decision.

I see this contestant who comes from a humble background or has seen the reality of life and knows the real difference between the two worlds.  She has been working hard for this title, and has also gone through mental, physical torture and pain to be in a good position in her life, now is her chance to prove herself.  She loves roses and knows the cost of holding one.  She may also have it somewhere with her in the time of her shining.  There will be many other deserving contenders, however, this one will shine bright with white light and power of flowers.  I see that she loves speaking in public or singing and is bold, mature person who can represent Philippines on a global platform and win many other titles as well. She may think that she has done enough but there is much more to accomplish.  Number 17 is connected to her and may have a long name or be called by different names.  She will do charities and will love the poor.

There are also powerful candidates that will give the winner a really tough competition:
  • Another contestant I see is connected to alphabet D, very positive, vibrant, family, and work oriented, however, number 4 and alphabet U connected to her name bring struggles for her.
  • A contestant believing in magic cult will be left alone, she will be connected to alphabet A or numbers 15 and 21.  She may have lost someone close to her in her past, has full potential to be the winner if she is able to get over past and her thought that chain her.
  • This contestant may have gone for some sort of surgery on her past to hide something and was later left alone.  She may not win but will earn good wealth number 6 will be connected to H.
  • Here, I again see a strong contender with brightness in her face and who really loves children. She is smart at taking good decisions and will have perfect answers, and will be connected to birds or nature.  Number 9 or 19 connected to her win, she can come really close to winning.
  • A strong lady connected to a man in power thinks she may win but the fair decision of the judges will leave her far behind despite of her connections to her relationship. Alphabet F will be connected to her.
  • Almost a winner and being watched upon by an elderly woman who was a beauty pageant winner herself.  Connected to R will have opportunities to win but may choose another opportunity far and away across the seas.
  • A confused traveller will be here, too, with full potential to be a winner connected to number 1. She is a pure heart but confused, but may suddenly wakeup with her true strength and confidence, otherwise may get another good position.
  • A man with a glass of water watches her while she is on stage and knows she is the winner but the lady herself hides behind number 9 connected to her, she could have become a winner if she could stay away from gossips.
  • This one is in love now and her focus is lost.  She wants him and he wants her success, so she prays. Number 11 or G connected to her, however her winning is tough. 
My best wishes to all the beauties, and may the best contestant win!