Sunday, November 29, 2015

Paris Terrorist Attack: Will Salah Abdeslam Be Caught? #parisattacks

by: Psychic August

Will suspect Salah Abdeslam be caught? And what happens next?

Saleh Abdeslam, the suspected member of the ISIS sympathetic group that carried out the November 13, 2015 Paris attacks who is still at large and who is currently the most wanted man in Europe, will be posthumously caught several months into 2016. Along with him, a woman ISIS sympathizer who has long eluded the authorities will also be caught. The pair will be caught outside France but still within Europe, with the bounty on Salah Abdeslam's head piling up to a hefty sum on the eve of his posthumous capture.

After the November 13, 2015 Paris attacks, France and the rest of Europe should still be on guard as a similar attack will follow several months into 2016 within France.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Ms. Alma Moreno @ 2016 Philippine Senatorial Election

by: Psychic Jay

The spread opens with Ms. Alma Moreno facing a challenge to the continued success of her senatorial candidacy from the public.  While this seems to be blocking her way, she can overcome this obstacle by drawing upon her self-confidence, particularly by clarifying her purpose.  She also needs to understand that she cannot win everyone's approval all the time, and what is important in this situation is to highlight her individuality.

I see a mature father-figure who will be at Ms. Moreno's side extending great influence to her.  This man is rich, generous, and conducts himself very well in politics.

Ms. Moreno will be required to exert more effort, and organize herself to solidify her stance in  the senatorial race.  This will be a slow process for her, as she will not quickly realize what she is aiming for.  She will have the required endurance to continue on, however, she will not be able to push harder and accomplish what she desires.  At that point in time when Ms. Moreno is hindered by challenges that her real strength will manifest and shine.

Pia Wurtzbach Miss Universe 2015 Update & Miss Universe 2016

by: Psychic August

Could you please provide an update to the prediction  given earlier this year regarding Pia's 2015 Miss Universe performance?

Similar to what I saw in my earlier prediction, the Philippines' bet for the 2015 Miss Universe Beauty Pageant will fare no better than the Philippines 2014 delegate, MJ Lastimosa.

I see Miss Universe 2015 as a lady from the western land.

The good thing that I see is that in the 2016 Miss Universe, the Philippine delegate will be in the Top 5, reaching even the First Runner-up position, and faring better than her two previous predecessors.  She will not be able to clinch the title, and the Miss Universe 2016 crown will be worn by a south american.


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Laglag Bala Scam

by: Psychic August

The Marseilles cards drawn for this reading reveals that the ongoing "Laglag Bala" Scam that has escalated into very alarming frequency of late, but which has been found out to be going on since the year 2012, claiming a lot of victims whether non-Filipinos, or the balikbayan's alike, is composed of a big group of people from various departments, all working within or in connection to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

Contributing to the already besmirched image of the NAIA towards the international community, these people continue with this horrendous frame-up act of victimizing travellers for the promise of extorting big money. However, the money part is only secondary, as the cards indicate the ultimate purpose is to strew fear, therefore damaging the reputation of the country in the end.

Some  people who are suspected to be part of the hidden big group have already been identified and apprehended by the authorities, but none of them are among the ring leaders of the scam.

More perpetrators will be uncovered in the near future, including a few, but not all, of its masterminds. The scam will continue, although not in the frequency of how it was occurring recently.

The most recent victims will have the so called "charges of possession of illegal ammunition" against them dropped, especially after the Senate Inquiry about it has been recently conducted, and with the ongoing investigation on it conducted by the NBI.

The American Pastor's family, who was allegedly victimized by this laglag bala scam and who threatened to file charges against the NAIA authorities, will eventually opt for an out-of-court settlement and redress of grievances, this being not publicized anymore.

Reading date: November 13, 2015

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hillarie Danielle Parungao @ Miss World 2015

by:  Psychic Astrid & Psychic August

Photo: Starmometer

Now let's have a look, what the cards are showing for Hillarie.

I will start with the Kipper-cards:  The Change, The Rich Girl, The Rich Man, The End, The Good Message.  Until now, this beauty had already a very successful run and people like her very much. She has a strong charisma and she knows how to present herself in a very nice way. I don't know how many people are in the jury, but unfortunately two of them are not so convinced by her and they prefer another competitor for the first place. The last card is telling, that she will get good news and this tells us, that she will win place number two or three.

Now let us check the Goddess-cards: The Easiness, The Limit, Unconditional Abandonment, The Stability, The Instinct.  This drawing shows, that at the beginning of the competition everything seems easy and clear for her - and then during the process there is a limit for her (like the Kipper-cards showed as well) - she will present herself with less enthusiasm, unlike what she does normally.  Something will block her - it seems, that her self-confidence is weak or she's anxious too much of her competitors.  This behavior is affecting the two people of the jury.  She is very beautiful in appearance, but unfortunately, she will not show the whole potential - what is in her.  Her competitors are more powerful, more natural and this is what will handicap her to present herself in the best way.  In summary, Hillary needs to be more relaxed and more natural so that people feel attracted to her.  This drawing is repeating, that she will not win the first place - she will be ranked second or third.

When I confirmed with another drawing, yes, she is going to be a finalist, and regarding the specific prize she will receive, I got the strongest for 3rd Place.

Hillarie will get a lot of opportunities for a successful future.  She will get offers for interesting contracts for endorsements, shows, and television.  I see a lot of people, who are interested in her and she will have the possibility to choose the offer she likes the most.  So the conclusion of the whole drawing is that although Hillarie would not garner the pageant's top position - at the end she will be still be a winner, because she will have fabulous chances for her personal and professional future.


Miss World Philippines 2015 Hillarie Danielle Ang Parungao, who is already service-oriented at the young age of 24 by running KATUWANG: Fight Against Child Mortality, exudes a very powerful magnetic aura that easily made her a favorite in all the recent pageants she has joined in, especially the 2014 Miss Asia Pacific Pageant where it has been said that she should have been the rightful winner.

What I discern is that she is also an empath with the ability to deeply connect with people which makes her successful with her TV hosting for the Filipino Chinese community. These two gifts, besides her physical beauty, can help her when she represent the Philippines in the upcoming Miss World 2015 pageant to be held in China.

At this time she must refresh and rebuild her energy as she seems to have been on a physical low recently, perhaps due to the grueling routine she must keep up with to prepare herself for the upcoming Miss World pageant. She must also be more confident of herself as she is going through some level of uncertainty if she will effectively represent her country in the upcoming pageant. This perhaps is a throwback on how she fared in the recent international pageant she competed in. She should just move forward as there is a lot she could do to prepare herself effectively, much in a psychological sense, to win the Miss World 2015 title.

Her current vibration already assures her of a place among the top finalists in the pageant. However, what I see is that the Miss World 2015 crown will be won by a candidate from another Asian country. I see that the results will be shrouded with controversy, similar to the Miss Asia Pacific competition she joined in last year.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Rogelie Catacutan @ Miss Supranational 2015

by: Psychic August & Psychic 2Light


Ms. Rogelie Catacutan, Miss Philippines Supranational 2015 will be a finalist at the Miss Supranational 2015 pageant to be held in Poland this 4th of December. I see the crown being awarded to a lady representing a country that has yet to win in this pageant.

The cards are advising Rogelie to simply focus on everything relevant to her competing in the Miss Supranational pageant, tuning out any personal concerns that may only burden her and diminish the energy she will need during the pageant. I wish Rogelie all the best!


When I focus in on Miss Phillipines, Rogelie Catacutan, I get a sense of accomplishment.  There is so much more to pageants than beauty, grace and elegance.  She does not linger in the past or focus on her failures but looks at the failures of the past as learning curves and her success as a ladder to the light.

She has a strong character, a strong force of will that does not allow her to look at challenges as defeats or hurdles but opportunities.  What I sense is that she does not place blame on other people or try to minimize other people in order to make herself feel better or to gain favor.  Rogelie looks at herself first.  She examines her life, the good and the bad choices, and she puts them behind her.  Rogelie is poised to take the crown.  When I drew a card for the situation as it stands right now, I drew the World.  In the near future, dreams come true and miracles happen, as the Star indicates.

Opportunity is opening up to her.  There is confidence, happiness and security around her. This competition is a way for her to show everyone that beauty can be both eye pleasing and intelligent. I sense with Rogelie that she will succeed in her goals.  What I sense in her now, is that life is leading her down the right destiny path. Her intuition is guiding her the way it always has and always will.  She knows where she is in life and where she wants to be.

I sense too that this competition will go well for her.  Rogelie has goals in place and she will meet then exceed them.  I won't be surprised if Philippines takes center stage this time.

Friday, November 6, 2015

What's Next for The Miss Janicel Lubina?

by: Psychic August

What awaits "The Miss Janicel Lubina" following her Top 10 finish in the Miss International 2015?  Will she be sent to another international pageant in the future?

Following the Miss International 2015 Pageant, there is a rainbow after the rain for Miss Janicel Lubina, Bb. Pilipinas International 2015, and Miss International 2015 Top 10 finalist.

In fact, the Miss International  Pageant will just be a chapter in her exciting life.  She can expect more lucrative modelling  and commercial endorsement contracts and  even offers to enter show business.

With regard to pageant endeavors, I don't see her being "recycled" for other beauty pageants in the future.

Romance is also in the air for her as I see a very ardent admirer seriously pursuing her in the very near future, if not already in her periphery.  However, Janicel has the tendency not to enter into any romantic relationship at this time, preferring to focus her attention to the more practical aspects of her life.

I see Janicel eventually as a business woman/entrepreneur and the wife of a prominent non-politician in the greater future.  She will be a big supporter and patron of models and pageants.  Janicel will be a philanthropist for domestic helpers, pets and insects, and endangered wildlife. This will be her real success.

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Miriam Defensor Santiago @ 2016 Philippine Presidential Election

by: Psychic August

While Presidential aspirant Miriam Defensor Santiago has indeed recovered from her bout from cancer recently, she needs to be careful of physical weakness and health condition that may force her to end her campaign for the 2016 elections.

This may eventually leave two main contenders for the Philippine Presidency, and Vice Presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos may need to continue running without a partner presidential candidate.
Photo: Rappler

Miriam Defensor Santiago @ 2016 Philippine Presidential Election

by: Psychic August

While Presidential aspirant Miriam Defensor Santiago has indeed recovered from her bout from cancer recently, she needs to be careful of physical weakness and health condition that may force her to end her campaign for the 2016 elections.

This may eventually leave two main contenders for the Philippine Presidency, and Vice Presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos may need to continue running without a partner presidential candidate.
Photo: Rappler

Monday, November 2, 2015

Psychic Encounters in Ciudad Verdadero

Located between Km 135 and 136 of Lucban and Sampaloc towns within the Philippine province of Quezon, Ciudad Verdadero, which means "City of Truth', is a 29-hectare rolling hill of relative wilderness. At an initial impression, it would appear that there is nothing extraordinary about the place, but to the psychically "sensitive", the place would be discovered to be a sanctuary where one can communicate and receive revelations from certain nature spirits who have made the place their home.

Situated at the foot of the mystical Mt. Banahaw, Ciudad Verdadero is said to be the new "Mt. Banahaw" as the nature spirits of Mt. Banahaw have made the place as their new home after the mountain has become over commercialized and has fallen victim to environmental neglect, needing rehabilitation.