Saturday, February 18, 2023

Prelude to the Miss Universe Philippines Prediction

by:Psychic Gurmeet

Before this prediction comes, I have a thought to share with you all.

Civilizations have perished before and will fall again as long as people believe they can make their own country great by winning wars but wreaking havoc and destruction on the world and hating one another for any reason, including politics, religion, race, and gender fostering rivalry, resentment, and hatred.  No doubt our civilisation can perish again soon.

We select a Miss Universe from a planet in an uncharted universe that isn't even the size of a quark. God must be amused by our mentality which limits the universe to just our country or city. What if nations unite to search for what is beyond, rather than competing with one another for supremacy and dominance? What if instead of fighting each other, people come together for an answer mankind has always sought? We could explore the universe and learn if there are other races out there, making us a superior race! 

Just a gentle reminder to put an end to the conflict and unite all powers in the service of humanity's continued survival and advancement. Join forces to hasten peace so that the universe can be discovered. Destruction will only force the human race to start over again or even end up extinct forever!

Hoping that this message goes to the ones who lead their own universe.

Thanks for lots of love,