Monday, March 18, 2024

Miss Universe Philippines 2024 Psychic Prediction

by:Psychic Gurmeet  


A lonely crossroad, on a moonless night, I saw a body of bonez, standing by my driving side.
It said, howz ur work-
I said, I sell mirrors to the blind....
With a smile it replied -
Enjoy ur ride, till the dark cloud arrivez, till you wake up to the dream, with ur deep pitch scream.
Enjoy the ride, till moon getz bright with two glowing lightz, when dark becomez white and nothing'z in sight.
Good byez to the songz of the Godz, to the prayerz of the might, just keep up the fight.
Ur fight leadz, to the end of ur world, on the 13th night, when the dark shadow smilez.
Enjoy ur ride, till the dark cloud comez,
Till you wake up to the dream, with ur deep pitch scream.
Some blindz shall be left to cry, keep burning under rain, with their deepest pain. Be jealouz of those who left in peace, with millionz of bonez, on the lonely crossroad.
Enjoy ur ride, there'z no left or right, there is no u turn, only straight up the shore.

Hi Everyone!
Thanks to all of you for your love for my previous predictions. I bring to you the Miss Universe Philippines 2024 prediction:
  • Connected with number 10 and alphabet C and place connected to corns or some sort of yellow fruit or vegetable, may get into an argument or fight and shall be rejected by an angry man. She needs to check her temper to stay but she may not win if she argues again.
  • This participant connected to alphabet G, likes plants and trees. She worked for seven months on some project and sees the fruits in the 8th month, she is prospering with grace surrounded by selfish friends. She can come close to winning if not cheated by one of her friends.
  • This girl is a club goer and a good dancer, she is also being used and lied as she is young, emotional and deserves to win but needs to be careful as someone may take advantage of her immaturity.
  • Connected to number 1 and alphabet A and K. She is intelligent. She loves rain and winds, she loves justice and peace. Her lover is in a famous collage. She will be a strong contender to the 9th one.
  • B is the letter in the place she belongs and she is also connected to a place with L. Before it begins she knows her fate. What she thinks is what she gets. She is in depression and believes nothing can be saved. After loosing, she will have to start all over again.
  • Connected to alphabet G and C, unable to make a choice and busy in shopping spree. She has a sick and depressed father who finds it hard to walk. She needs to come to the real world and focus on what's real or she may not come close to winning.
  • She travelled a few months back and has gained some fame. She is connected to alphabet I in her name and a scenic place where she belongs like a sea or a lake. She needs to be careful of reptiles and snakes or she will not be able to move and choose her fate.
  • A contestant connected to letter F in her name and is a daughter of a wealthy man. She is stuck in the past and waits for someone ignoring the present and the gifts of wonder. She loses to her thoughts and misses an opportunity.
  • This gifted individual will have to sacrifice her work and happiness, she may suffer some pain and has N in her name. She symbolizes red and is influenced by fire. She is strong inside and knows she's being cheated. She can win this time but should leave the cheater. She is strong like the fire that spreads with the wind and she can come close to the win.
  • This beauty belongs to number 8 and letter E comes in her life again and again. If she lost this time, something else she will gain. But a miracle can happen if she stays confident and forgets her losses for a moment when on stage.
All the best to all the contestants. May the best contestant win.


Friday, January 12, 2024

2024 & Beyond Psychic Prediction

 by:Psychic Gurmeet 

Thank you everyone for the love and appreciation for my Miss Universe Prediction. A happy new year to all of you. Here are my predictions for 10 countries for 2024 and beyond:


The king is shrewd, negotiates his freedom for the price of his crown, his ego brings him down on the scale of balance but if he cuts his ego down and  goes down on knees at the door of God, he is blessed again.
The old man is gone and I don't see him move. The lady of knowledge and liberty, stands tall and people look up to her. There are still choices to be made and problems can be solved. A new road map is needed for recovery, but choices can be lost in celebrations if a wrong decision is not corrected and if the king doesn't cut his ego and goes to the door of God. Power rises again if the king is chosen by most if not all.


The fight goes on. A lady rumoured to be evil or mother of an Antichrist who yet to be born. She was crucified by the royals in her past life and she is here again to balance the wrong. The powers collide and the fire of the house that go out can bring the colony down. Out of two ladies - one with the golden hair is right and the younger one is considered wrong. An old man comes close to an end, stressed and thinks what he's lost. He reads the legal papers for a future generation that he thinks may be lost A right decision is made and the choice is made if the decision comes to the date connected to number 7 there will be battles refought, much will be lost and if they decide on 9th, all will be good and violent seas will be setlled at last.


A new contract is signed and the work is back. There is corruption lurking behind and they look at their gains. Loss of Trillions can happen if leader doesn't look and be gain for someone else and a rule come to end. Things may get slow and come to a pause if things are not set, a financial collapse may befall.
A powerful ruler can appear like a charm and if  the situation is handled with top priority, hidden agenda and making leaders mad, dancing to the tune, casting the spell, travels to a distant land to bring great prosperity to its people once again. 


Loss of wealth and a leader tries to win hearts. A lady is strong and avoids being in those talks. There is a boundary she says that no one should cross. It's funny because the boundaries she talks were crossed by her loved ones long back in times gone. A young power appears to be clever and quick; he uses a woman in power to his will. The country may suffer that the decisions of that lady may go wrong. It can be time for the people to come out, ask questions and speak out loud.


Wave of death and defeat. A talkative man is seen on the run. He will cheat his wife for a woman in another land he will love. Country will further lose too much. There is nowhere to move and fear will be all around. An actor who betrayed, will later be found. People fight inside and out. Someone who wants all is worried about his grants getting lost in the explosions of war. There will be some settlement after the war. The demand will be high and surrender soon can only be the chance to move on.


2024 is when the power is possessed by the Angel of Death and the God of Wrath with a combination of tradition and patriotism to have it all. Still good times are enjoyed and new plans are working above and beyond. The battles continue and cheaters are caught. Parties continue and winnings are historic, for the men with steel thoughts. Lands expand and emotions run high as the man who was sick, may find hard to survive but he walks with the armour of God, he shall fight for his traditions and rights till his last breath he survives. A mirror he saw and the reflection becomes him. Deep sentiments for history will always remember his name.


Sleepless nights for the dragon. Stress over rising powers and tribular seas. The dragon is old and greedier now. Land is expanding and so the seas go wild, but the dragon is hungry and still wants it more. As lost in celebrations, there will be darkness and smoke. There will be a great war in the future and nothing will grow. There will be eight powerful blows by the Dragon for the world to be on fire and explode. The dragon will disappear at will and if the fire grows it consumes the Dragon for sure.


As 2024 arrives tensions shall rise when two curses from different times ripen. It's the karma of the past, things will be at pause for some time, and there shall be no wind after which the fights will intensify. Three religions made by man bring now the Doom for the world. The world still grows in numbers, and continues to fight.
This is the curse of God on an old gipsy tribe. The tribe shall travel again to find the promised land. Things may repeat in ten years or so. A man of God will try to guide but if not like Gabriel he will be crushed and crucified.


Despite of some losses, the Lion turns into Gold. There are greedy lands who want to cage the Lion for sure. Lion will roar, feast, but may sometimes be slow. His message will be clear for one and all. The wise man from the roots comes to power again but he should be careful while travelling and never try to travel faster than sound again. A warning is clear, to careful of some poisonous snakes lurking around somewhere near. If all goes right, he makes his people proud. He is loved by his people and people abroad and for generations to know. I see a lady from far and with a smile, offers a great gift to the country's surprise.


It's just like old times, someone's needs are someone's gains, and gains are stored in a far-off place. It looks as if the past repeats again. Some financial losses in the near future and later that money grows but there's a pause for a while again. The year 2024 is a time of highs and lows. Some characters get caught and some remain at loose.
At moments there will be joy but at times it may be felt not too nice. If new rules come in place, a leader of a high position may be replaced. There will certainly be an external influence, but people will understand what the best is. The seas may get wild and so will be the water in people's mind. The time is right to debunk corruption and stop crimes

May God bless the world and its leaders with wisdom, peace, and prosperity.



Saturday, September 16, 2023

Akashic Records Revelation: Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Narendra Modi, Rishi Sunak

Akashic Records Revelation: Sept 11, 2023,4AM Sydney Time

I tell you in this rhyme, go tell this to the world, Mahatma never dies; he has come back for his term. The year was 49, when a world leader died; with Ram as his last word and also in his mind. Re-born in the '50s, with Ram still in mind, to satisfy his soul and to teach where the freedom lies.  Narendra is his name to bring world peace.  He plays his game; with the power of Ram, he wins every time.

May of year '64 - Old Jawahar died, cried for his country, but Britain too he liked. He loved someone there, he she said couldn't be mine. He died of a heartache to be re-born in a new time.  May of the year '80 where he wanted to be at the time. His name is Rishi Sunak a wealthy leader in current times.

Don't ask anything more as records are now sealed. I shall let you know more if the world comes in need.


Monday, August 28, 2023

Miss Universe 2023 Psychic Prediction

by:Psychic Gurmeet 

Thanks to all the readers for your love all these years.  Before I start with my Miss Universe 2023 prediction, let me share a hidden future event in my poem below, which I titled:

I grew up in an ocean and landed in a tank. It's in the middle of a fine diner, where I made so many friends
We watch people around; it's so beautiful over here
I see people watching me and my new friends
In the next tank to me lives sharpie uncle and his pals.  They happen to be beautiful snow crabs
We watch people dining and dancing all night
Soon I noticed a nice man with his pals saying "Hi"
The nice man comes near to my tank with a beautiful net. He gently puts it into the tank as I see people clap
What looks like a game soon becomes a run for life. The nice man takes my friend out; as I see my friend struggling to survive
The nice man looks not so nice now; he chops my friend right in front of my eyes and I see my friend being fried and served in style
The nice man comes again; as we fear, scream and cry. With his net in the tank, he grabs my uncle crab

Unconscious world, no heart, no soul, so sly
I wish next it's me; not my pal who cried
If this is the world that once I liked; there's no point in still being alive
Last I remember the net was around me
In the blink of my eyes, I was not me and born as the nice man's son.


Here are what I see among the top 10 contenders:
  • Beauty with the alphabet I in the name of her country and herself connected to the number 18, enters first and also leaves first in the first question where she reveals her over-ambitious nature, conflicting interests and ideas.
  • This beautiful lady is connected to Q where she belongs.  A victim of someone's false promise to take her to the top has no option but to be deceived. Number 8 is what she hates because it came before with problems for her which made her a believer of astrology.
  • Alphabet B is connected to this adventure lover and the one associated with horses, highly educated and will endorse a world-known brand. There is a possibility for her to win in some other way but not easy to be at the top.
  • This contestant is connected to the letter D and has seen tough times and struggles. She cannot forget the month of May when she was in pain, she is very religious and also spiritual. Her prayers are being heard and may come close to winning.
  • This lady is connected to alphabet B in the place she belongs, is associated with a multinational company and has plans to travel far for work. She is hard-working and a fast talker. She will come close to the winner.
  • A very innocent contestant, equally genius, with a high IQ. Young at heart and connected to numbers 1, 4 and the alphabet A. She deserves to win, will know what to answer and will be appreciated.
  • This contestant comes from a wealthy business family and loves a dry and warm location connected to the letter D. She will see her two close friends losing and also losing faith in herself.
  • From positive fun-loving to becoming negative and hated by all connected to place with the letter R.  Although there will be politics or a conspiracy against her it may not be clear as she will also be at fault. She may also indulge in a fight or argument and lose.
  • Letter K is connected to this contestant she will try her best to be in the top position but the top four contestants will give her a tough competition. An old person may appreciate her truth and may vote for her to win but her competition will be tough.
  • Overconfidence and shrewd attitude will bring this contestant connected to the letter S in her name and the number 20 or 2 connected to the place she belongs.  She will face a situation when she comes close to winning.
May the deserving lady take the crown.

Additional message from Psychic Gurmeet (October 5, 2023)

"Till November the moon looks dark as the candles are lit again. The winner is in the rhyme; as an event seems dark again. The world sees from the fish tank as the crab is taken away. Fish wins the emotions; is it a rebirth she thinks again; check for the winner in the fish tank; or is she ready to change her way". 


Coming soon only on  Fearless Predictions Real Psychics

Thursday, March 2, 2023

Miss Universe Philippines 2023 Psychic Prediction

Thanks to all the readers and fans for your love and appreciation for my predictions. Here I present to you the MUPH top 10.
  • As world competes and struggles to survive the same way in the world of beauty, a daughter of a rich businessman struggles hard with all the force she connects to alphabet W in her name or place where she belongs will put all her efforts and if continues the same way, she may win.
  • Warrior contender connected to letter S, with power of magic, venom and snake comes close to winning. As war connects to the two types of silence.  First one that connects is fear of war just like a cold war and the other science that comes after the war. She may lose or be shown the door if she tries to dominate or use her venom especially on a date connected to number 10 or number 1.
  • A contestant with the power of a fierce goddess who saw poverty in her life and was abused, prepares for a war on her abusers, her past aches burn enough fire for the smoke that will blind her.  She is connected to number 4 or 13.  She will come close to winning but may lose to be a future politician.  If she does not open her eyes to where she stands may be the at corner and may fall.
  • A beauty who is not happy inside and whose ex-boyfriend's name has a K and another K influencing her karma will need to be careful, although she is not the winner an accident awaits in the next 16 or 17 months.
  • A beauty connected to alphabets U and J who has lost someone in the recent past but is well deserving should come out of the grief or she may lose the golden chance God gave her this time.
  • A clear winner connected to number 1 and alphabet B in the place she belongs, should avoid personal emotions or she may have to go back leaving everything in the middle, a reminder she has done this before so better be firm.
  • This beauty was kicked out or left her home, still made up her life and is connected to alphabets I, J and number 9 and can give a tough competition to be on top.
  • This contestant loves white and silver and connected to letter L, she ignores the curse she carries with white which can be the colour of doom. She can win but death follows where she goes.
  • A deep thinker with the alphabet A in her name and who is fond of rain or water loves to swim in blue. A philosopher who acknowledges the struggles will come close to win but may lose because of four others.
  • A powerful mature man whose heart is captivated by this contestant as she controls him.  She can win but there will be gossip or even controversies when the secret comes out.  This lady is connected to number 3 or alphabet C.  She may be young, but has good experience and talent which make her older than others.  A judge's decision can change the fate of a nation.
May the best contestant win and make the Philippines proud.


Saturday, February 18, 2023

Prelude to the Miss Universe Philippines Prediction

by:Psychic Gurmeet

Before this prediction comes, I have a thought to share with you all.

Civilizations have perished before and will fall again as long as people believe they can make their own country great by winning wars but wreaking havoc and destruction on the world and hating one another for any reason, including politics, religion, race, and gender fostering rivalry, resentment, and hatred.  No doubt our civilisation can perish again soon.

We select a Miss Universe from a planet in an uncharted universe that isn't even the size of a quark. God must be amused by our mentality which limits the universe to just our country or city. What if nations unite to search for what is beyond, rather than competing with one another for supremacy and dominance? What if instead of fighting each other, people come together for an answer mankind has always sought? We could explore the universe and learn if there are other races out there, making us a superior race! 

Just a gentle reminder to put an end to the conflict and unite all powers in the service of humanity's continued survival and advancement. Join forces to hasten peace so that the universe can be discovered. Destruction will only force the human race to start over again or even end up extinct forever!

Hoping that this message goes to the ones who lead their own universe.

Thanks for lots of love,


Sunday, October 2, 2022

Miss Universe 2022 Psychic Prediction

Thanks to all dear readers and fans for all the years of love and appreciation. Since we are in the period of Navaratri, an annual festival of 9 sacred days for the 9 different forms of Goddess Durga, let us take a glimpse of the 9 top contestants.

A clear competition with highs and lows:
  • A beauty with letter "A" in her name will come very close and be confident to win but her confidence will be shattered on 9th December 2022 and will get stressed. She can be a winner if she came out of her illusions, and number 6 will be connected to her achievement.
  • This contestant connected to alphabet "H" and number 2 will be falsely guided by a man who will look wise to her but will hide the truth or may even lie, which will be the reason for her losing. She may not win this competition but will ultimately get married after this event. This contestant will belong to a place connected to a river and mountains.
  • This competitor will be connected to letter "D" in her name and can be connected to legal work. Number 2 will bring her down, her luck seems stuck but anger is raging high which will be realised and may make her winning difficult.
  • This contestant connected to number 7 and alphabet "P" in her name will give her best but will not be able to make it this time due to the competition around her.
  • A contestant connected to number 5 and name or place connected to alphabet "Q" will try to bribe or compromise but still be far from winning.
  • A very well educated and a person of multiple talents that also include writing, belonging to a place where alphabet "L" is connected to her will give her best but winning is not destined for her, if she gets into top 3, a tragedy awaits.
  • A contestant connected to a place with "A" and "C" in her name will give up hope and will not be able to perform well or at all.
  • A girl from a sunny, windy land with green pastures and beautiful countryside will give a tough competition to all. Alphabet "O" is related to her name and place. She will certainly have a young smart lover. She will be a believer in God and can win with the help of the divine forces. Number 8 will also be connected to her name, the place where she belongs and events in her life.
  • A contestant with a tragic past in 2020, has risen to an intellectual and spiritual level. Alphabet "J" has importance in her life and the place of birth connected to number 10, she shall give a tough competition to become a winner depending upon her final words at the show.
My best wishes to all the contenders. May the most deserving beauty win.

September 27, 2022


Thursday, August 18, 2022

Vice President Sara Duterte Psychic Prediction

 by:Psychic Gurmeet

What do you see about VP Sara Duterte. Will she be the next Philippine president in 2028?

The number "1" strongly connects to Vice President Sara Duterte. Her power and fame will increase in the east and the west. Sara Duterete's fate will be decided by a secret fund, which can also lead to a downfall, so she needs to think about what is needed for the sake of public interest. She can stand out as a great world leader and negotiator that history will remember but it will cost her sacrifices which may also lead to the end of her fight. She may revive herself at a high cost but her competitors will not make it easy for her survival. She may lose the power that shields her and shall fight like a fearless warrior without that shield, she needs to focus on the fires that come from the flying beast.

July 19, 2022


Monday, August 8, 2022

Life & Beyond: Sushant Singh Rajput - Part 2

  by:Psychic Gurmeet

New Moon, 28th July 2022 at around midnight, in dim yellow light, I closed my eyes and after chanting for a few minutes, I saw Sushant Singh Rajput clearly in a bright halo. He seemed peaceful and away from any disappointment, sorrow, or pain. He showed me a small girl with a pink or red dress with a white patch and a lotus flower. There was no anger or pain of deception this time as he was free. He shall be reborn soon within his own clan and soul group.

The dates of his rebirth will be connected to 6 or 8, but his early childhood in this next life will not be happy.  Although his father will be a wealthy person, there will be some misfortune after his rebirth, which will lead to a powerful change in his life further leading to attainments of all that he was unable to achieve in his previous life.  The justice for Sushant will be karmic but his soul is at peace and above it now.


Tuesday, July 19, 2022

President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Psychic Prediction - Part 2

by:Psychic Gurmeet

Question: Will President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos, Jr. complete his term of office?

Thanks once again to all the readers and followers. Below is what I have seen regarding this question:

A document or deal brings a short-lived opportunity leading to deep thoughts but will be a clever move from a sly king who wants death, destruction, and total control of the world.  He is connected to number "9" or alphabet "i", with eyes watching from all the lands, space, also under the sea.  It may not be easy to escape from him but if President Marcos, Jr. does, it will be through the help of a woman who will be close to him.  Even after this silent escape through talks or negotiations, there will be corrupt people who will try to confuse which can lead to sacrifices, love scandals, and public humiliation of high-ranking officers or very powerful personalities.  A clean-up of corrupt people by President Marcos, Jr. and this woman is seen but many of the files will be buried or burnt by the offenders.

President Marcos, Jr. needs to be careful from all the dates and numbers that come to a total of 8, if he wants to finish his term successfully, otherwise, it will be cut short.

More power to the people and the government of the Philippines.


President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Psychic Prediction - Part I

Monday, July 11, 2022

Life and Beyond: Christine Dacera

by:Psychic Gurmeet

I was about to make the second prediction about Sushant Singh Rajput, which was published many months ago on this blog when I bumped into a request from a reader for Christine Dacera, I got attached to it somehow and couldn't ignore it.  I would like to share what I see regarding this case, which had been closed by the Philippines' highest court.

What I see is that her death was a result of foul play. Twelve people were the reason for her untimely demise which was pre-planned by one of them who is wealthy and influential.  A substance was mixed into her food or drinks.  She was about to embark for a journey which she now takes repeatedly in her afterlife and is stuck in time for maybe decades. Her spirit shall haunt the place and people responsible for her disgraceful death.  Her presence will be felt on dark nights and become a bringer of death and misfortune to her murderer.  There will be a loyal loved one of 28 years who can help in her ascension and let her cross the bridge to be reborn in this loved one's house.  Forget the human justice for her.  Justice will be done by forces beyond human perception.  Currently, her spirit is wild, confused, and screams for justice.

I have been doing serious spirit mediumship since the death of my grandfather in 2004, when my belief in spirits has secured a personal basis.  His death was sudden as we had just met in the evening to discuss some arrangements for my wedding that was taking place in a few days.  He was very excited as I was the eldest one.  That same night, a night after Diwali, he passed away at a hospital near our house after a heart attack.  His body was brought home and while I was sitting at the hallway during the vigil at around 2 or 3 AM, his spirit appeared in front of me.  He was dressed in white and was looking much younger and smiling.  Since then, he would sometimes come and wake me up, and leave messages or warnings. 

May all grief and pain be taken away from Christine Dacera's soul and may she be guided towards the light.


Thursday, May 26, 2022

President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. Psychic Prediction

by:Psychic Gurmeet

Thank you everyone for your appreciation and loving comments on the previous prediction"2022 Philippine Presidential Election".  This is what I see next for the newly elected president of the Philippines.

There is no doubt that there shall be progress which will be connected internationally. He will travel, making new beginnings and foreign connections. Two major foreign visits will bring new opportunities. A strong woman will decide the fate of the country and its president, and will fully influence some major decisions. Marcos has dreams for the Philippines, but will still have to find the right path and people to fulfil those dreams. He will have the fear of some loss, which can take everything from him as he got it if he doesn't take quick, right, and strong decisions. There will be opposition or struggling forces at a time he is travelling for which he needs to prepare before leaving. He will need to be extra cautious of himself while travelling.

Things look good in the future for the Philippines, there will be harmony and prosperity with increased foreign revenue and more opportunities.

Congratulations and best wishes with lots of love and respect for the new president and the lovely people of the Philippines.

June 14, 2022


Thursday, April 7, 2022

The Legacy of President Rodrigo Duterte

Despite having been constantly bombarded with criticisms by political opponents, outgoing President Duterte, or Tatay Digong to many, has successfully delivered what he had promised in 2016 and will be hailed as one of the country's brightest rulers for many years to come. He clearly acquired the trust of the majority of Filipinos with his hallmark achievements: drug eradication, Build, Build, Build program, firm foreign policies in juggling complex relationships with global powers US, EU, China, and Russia.

President Duterte may not have been the most subtle of presidents, but he is unquestionably one of the most well-liked and respected leaders in the country's history, which he maintains to date, a few weeks before a new president is chosen.  Congratulations and thank you, Mr. President!

Fearless Predictions would also like to congratulate Psychic Gurmeet for his precise predictions on President Duterte, which included all the president's accomplishments as outlined above.  Psychic Gurmeet was the one who said in 2015 and 2016 that PRRD  would be "the president that would introduce a lot of changes in the country and will leave a legacy that will be remembered for generations"

Spot-on predictions, Psychic Gurmeet! 

Link to PPRD predictions published in the period 2015 - 2018:

FEARLESS PREDICTIONS REAL PSYCHICS: Philippine Drug War & Extrajudicial Killing (EJK) Psychic Prediction

FEARLESS PREDICTIONS REAL PSYCHICS: 2016 Philippine Presidential Election Prediction: Jejomar Binay, Grace Poe, or Mar Roxas? 

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Miss Universe Philippines 2022 Psychic Prediction

by:Psychic Gurmeet

I bring you all a glimpse of the future once again, with my 10 strongest contestants for the title of Miss Universe Philippines 2022.

There will be lessons to learn from this event.

  • A contestant connected to a place with alphabet "H" in its name. Number 10 can also be connected to her name; she will perform well and look strong with family values and have a scope to win if she doesn't get confused in her finals.
  • Alphabet "Q" connects and repeats in the life of this contestant. This contestant belongs to a place where she or her family was struck by some natural disaster in the past, and it made them plan to relocate. She needs to focus on the competition more than her love life if she wants to stand a chance to win.
  • This contestant may get ready to pack her bag to leave the tough competition, but there are possibilities for her to be inspired by a strong woman to stay and fight, but this contestant connected to alphabet "C" won't make it due to the lack of efforts.
  • A contestant connected to alphabet "I" who loves birds and plans to travel will make some plans that won't be practical; it won't be easy for her to win.
  • This will be the most powerful contestant and may look like a winner at some point in time, but she can lose it all due to the gossip that may surround her. She will have two major losses in the future, which will connect to dates or people connected to numbers 5 and 8.
  • A contender connected to alphabet "A" won't be able to make it to the list of winners due to her over-reaction or outburst of emotions because of a feeling of being cheated, she should focus on her health and life rather than any other thing.
  • This is an active personality connected to number 10 or alphabet "J" in any way. She will not be able to move further in this career and opt for something else in the future that suits her better.
  • This is a powerful contender connected to alphabet "A" and number 1. She needs to avoid travelling and a person who is in crowded places; otherwise, she may get health issues that can create troubles for many others.
  • Another strong and good-looking contender connected to alphabet "V" who loves wildlife and adventures will be confused or misled; that will make her winning difficult.
  • A beauty connected to alphabet "D" and number 3, with a royal bloodline who knows how to control even the strongest forces, can win this time and in the future if she focuses on this event and postpones her marriage plans to 2025 or later.

This will be a tough competition among many candidates with true potential to make it big on international platforms, but this time the best contestants will have their own fights to come out as a winner.

My best wishes to all the contestants. May the best one win. 


Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Miss Universe 2021 Psychic Prediction

Many thanks to all the readers and followers for the love and appreciation.  Here, I present to you my prediction for the 70th Miss Universe competition:

  • I see a young girl who will be soft but with powerful aura, humble and full of sympathy, love and positivity.  With wavy colored hair, big and deep eyes, she will once wear a deep reddish or brownish black velvety gown.  She will speak of nature and forests on social events, will  be connected to art, and can be the winner.  She is connected to an island with alphabet 'P', 'U', numbers 3 and 21, with a good wildlife and fruits that are green on the outside and yellow on the inside.  This is a place where majority believes and sees the miracles of angels.
  • A mother with a secret child plays her game whose name is connected to letter 'C' and is deceptive, she may lose because of health issues.
  • Another contestant connected to number 14 and place connected to  number 4  which repeats in her life, will be a strong contender, her winning will depend on her walk, she will wear dark or green outfit at the time of her final walk.
  • A participant will be distracted by her lover who is cheating on her.  This contestant will lose due to lack of focus.  Alphabet 'E' will be the cause of her struggle which will connect to number 5, however, she will get one more chance to win because stars of different colors will favor this lady connected to number 17.  She is connected to a country of tribes and traditions, where women are strong and worshippers of snakes.
  • A contestant uses the power of a shaman's feather in her dress.  She gains the favor of a judge with less hair.  She will be connected to number 8 and to a place where there are green hills near a river.
  • A contender connected with number 9, with colored hair receives a news.  This news becomes the reason for her changed behavior, which results in her downfall.
  • There can be a fight or arguments which can have devastating results between two to three contestants.  This can lead to great problems to contestants connected with number 2, 3, and 12.  At this point, a contestant with connection to number 3 and alphabet 'B' will have to quit or lose.
  • An excited contestant connected to alphabet 'H', a lover of law and justice, will give a tough competition.  Number 3 and alphabet 'C' will also be connected to her, she will love to swim in a sea.  She will belong to a country with tough times connected to number 8 and where an old lawgiver and king is still remembered and worshipped.
  • Contestant connected to alphabet 'A' and number 6 will be deceived by her fellows but her will power can promise her return and give a tough competition when she walks in a dress of fire.
  • There's a beauty which the world will know but right now her time is slow, she falls in love and is connected to alphabet 'J'.
  • A contestant connected to  alphabet 'I' will try her best but will not make it this time, as while answering her mind will be lost in some other thoughts.
There will be conflicts in this edition of Miss Universe pageant and liars will be determined with their points.

My best wishes to all the contestants!