Thursday, March 2, 2023

Miss Universe Philippines 2023 Psychic Prediction

Thanks to all the readers and fans for your love and appreciation for my predictions. Here I present to you the MUPH top 10.
  • As world competes and struggles to survive the same way in the world of beauty, a daughter of a rich businessman struggles hard with all the force she connects to alphabet W in her name or place where she belongs will put all her efforts and if continues the same way, she may win.
  • Warrior contender connected to letter S, with power of magic, venom and snake comes close to winning. As war connects to the two types of silence.  First one that connects is fear of war just like a cold war and the other science that comes after the war. She may lose or be shown the door if she tries to dominate or use her venom especially on a date connected to number 10 or number 1.
  • A contestant with the power of a fierce goddess who saw poverty in her life and was abused, prepares for a war on her abusers, her past aches burn enough fire for the smoke that will blind her.  She is connected to number 4 or 13.  She will come close to winning but may lose to be a future politician.  If she does not open her eyes to where she stands may be the at corner and may fall.
  • A beauty who is not happy inside and whose ex-boyfriend's name has a K and another K influencing her karma will need to be careful, although she is not the winner an accident awaits in the next 16 or 17 months.
  • A beauty connected to alphabets U and J who has lost someone in the recent past but is well deserving should come out of the grief or she may lose the golden chance God gave her this time.
  • A clear winner connected to number 1 and alphabet B in the place she belongs, should avoid personal emotions or she may have to go back leaving everything in the middle, a reminder she has done this before so better be firm.
  • This beauty was kicked out or left her home, still made up her life and is connected to alphabets I, J and number 9 and can give a tough competition to be on top.
  • This contestant loves white and silver and connected to letter L, she ignores the curse she carries with white which can be the colour of doom. She can win but death follows where she goes.
  • A deep thinker with the alphabet A in her name and who is fond of rain or water loves to swim in blue. A philosopher who acknowledges the struggles will come close to win but may lose because of four others.
  • A powerful mature man whose heart is captivated by this contestant as she controls him.  She can win but there will be gossip or even controversies when the secret comes out.  This lady is connected to number 3 or alphabet C.  She may be young, but has good experience and talent which make her older than others.  A judge's decision can change the fate of a nation.
May the best contestant win and make the Philippines proud.