Tuesday, July 19, 2022

President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Psychic Prediction - Part 2

by:Psychic Gurmeet

Question: Will President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos, Jr. complete his term of office?

Thanks once again to all the readers and followers. Below is what I have seen regarding this question:

A document or deal brings a short-lived opportunity leading to deep thoughts but will be a clever move from a sly king who wants death, destruction, and total control of the world.  He is connected to number "9" or alphabet "i", with eyes watching from all the lands, space, also under the sea.  It may not be easy to escape from him but if President Marcos, Jr. does, it will be through the help of a woman who will be close to him.  Even after this silent escape through talks or negotiations, there will be corrupt people who will try to confuse which can lead to sacrifices, love scandals, and public humiliation of high-ranking officers or very powerful personalities.  A clean-up of corrupt people by President Marcos, Jr. and this woman is seen but many of the files will be buried or burnt by the offenders.

President Marcos, Jr. needs to be careful from all the dates and numbers that come to a total of 8, if he wants to finish his term successfully, otherwise, it will be cut short.

More power to the people and the government of the Philippines.


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