Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Maine Mendoza & Alden Richards ALDUB 2018 Showbiz Prediction

by: Psychic Gurmeet

Fearless Predictions Blogger's Note:  For those following our Aldub predictions, here is the continuation of what is being seen regarding the couple in 2018, with additional advice from Psychic Gurmeet.

What awaits Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards in 2018?

Merry Christmas and thanks to all my readers for your kind words, and lovely feedback on my past predictions!

Coming back to the greatest inside love story ever of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza:

Their relationship is seen getting more sensitive and fragile in 2018.  As shared with Fearless Predictions in February 2017, nothing is scripted, emotions are real, and more sensitive in this relationship.  So critics must handle with care, as these two are very fragile!

Now, I'm going to show you what is seen going on inside their relationship and how both of them feel and react towards each other:

For Alden Richards, I see he may feel at the lowest point and sometimes may have negative feelings on his relationship with Maine Mendoza, and all seen because of a woman, who as I had shared with Fearless Predictions in February 2017, can be the reason for the two drifting apart in the future. This is a shrewd woman, who does not want them to be together. If people think it is a planned publicity or a media hype organized by their managers, it is not that! All is real and nothing fake is happening; it is true love going in the wrong direction.

Alden Richards trusts the wrong woman who is elder than him, and this woman is very strong and influential. It looks as if Alden will not listen to what Maine will have to say about her, and there can be more knots in their relationship.  I also see Alden feeling stressed due to hard work and obligations which are effecting his health.  Due to all these, he wants an escape from the situation, and how will he do that will be his decision.  Best suggestion is to give himself some time and do some meditation to maintain a balance and understanding that he is the master of his life and nothing or no one can snatch his destiny.

Now about what Maine Mendoza thinks and what is seen happening behind the camera with him.  It’s seen that she wants his attention and time, and they had some arguments and will be having it again because of trust issues.  She will try to be close to him in all possible ways and will be successful temporarily, but due to all what is going in his life she is seen getting tired of his behavior if it does not change in the future.

Alden has to listen to her and not to the other elder woman if he wants to be with Maine Mendoza in a long term relationship.  Otherwise, once she’s gone it will be difficult to bring her back. Maine seeks committed relationship while Alden is taking the advice of others which when noticed by Maine creates more disputes between them.

These all may result in a breakup if  help from heavens does not come soon.

Maine Mendoza needs to be positive about Alden Richards, otherwise it is not difficult for fears or insecurity to become a reality, and Alden Richards moves towards a secret love affair.

Blessings & Merry Christmas To All!