Saturday, May 27, 2017

Rachel Peters Prediction @ 2017 Miss Universe Pageant

by: Psychic Gurmeet

Could you please share with us your prediction on Miss Universe Philippines Rachel Louise Peters' chances at the 2017 Miss Universe Beauty Pageant?

First of all thanks to all the readers for the compliments and kind words for my last prediction regarding the 19th contestant of the 2017 Binibining Pilipinas Pageant, which has come to life. Today, I am doing a reading for Rachel Louise Peters.

I see many things happening in her life at this time, and a lot of thoughts to begin with on the future aspects. In the near future, which is around 4 to 6 months from now, I see that there will be deep thoughts and an event that will be a happy and proud moment for her and feeling of an achievement and wish fulfilled.  Here I see number 19 again, and this time also number 6 connected to her success.

When I see her distant future it's clear that she sits on a position not less than a snow queen sitting on her throne and being admired for her beauty and proud of her accomplishments.

I also see a young man connected to politics or an authoritative person who is tall and strong moving towards her and stands beside her to guide her to a new land, where she moves with him.

There are some unknown hidden facts here that signal a warning.  She has to know that the real competition is inside.  She may feel no option, new dimension or her moves are being restricted that might lead to am unbalanced state of mind, only this needs to be checked which is in the back of her mind.  She has to know that there are bright chances for her to win and not look towards the negativity or fears.  She needs to free her mind if she wants to win, thoughts reflect on face and a beautiful mind mostly plays a vital role in beautiful physical appearance.

Fear can be the strongest competition or challenge she will face, therefore, she needs to overcome this to win the crown.

She might also feel that someone is trying to stop her or is negative around her, which is very much true.  She has hidden enemies, but rather fearing her enemies she needs to be strong and face this challenge cleverly but with patience, focusing only on her work while getting ready for her next competition.

My best wishes for her success!

May 23, 2017

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Friday, May 26, 2017

Psychic Prediction: President Duterte and Martial Law

by: Psychic Gurmeet

Recently, Marawi City, located in the southern island of Mindanao in the Philippines was besieged by extremists (alleged Abu Sayyaf, Maute or ISIS). This forced President Duterte to declare a martial law in the whole island of Mindanao for an initial period of 60 days. Could you please provide your psychic insight on this?

If all readers remember, I had mentioned in my 2015 prediction about a leader with a kind of Dirty Harry image long before Rodrigo Duterte became the president, and that at this man would bring law and order in total control that would lead to peace, prosperity, and corruption free Philippines for future generations. Even in one of the Easter predictions 2 years ago I had seen many things about the Philippines situation, and even the South China Sea developments that are presently unfolding.

Declaring Martial Law, as described above, is one of the steps that has been taken by President Duterte which will bring many positive changes in Philippines as I had expressed in my previous predictions.

He is the right man, at the right place where he is needed at the right time, and he cares! It's the most appropriate action by the Iron Man of the Philippines.


Monday, May 22, 2017

Powerful Online Healing - REIKI & Sanjeevani Shakti

by: Psychic Gurmeet

The most intense online Reiki Healing Session combined with Sanjeevani Shakti, which have received great feedbacks.

The word Sanjeevani Shakti means Life Saving. It has been used by sages, to remove the most critical and painful issues of mankind.  In my healing practice, I use it to heal both physical and emotional ailments to help my clients with their sufferings.

I started healing 18 years ago with an unknown source of energy that I felt working beautifully through me. I had many wonderful spiritual experiences while healing people, but previously had no clue what this energy was. I had read books, scoured online, and inquired with spiritual people.  I went to great lengths, even to high mountains and dense forests for months in search of answers but could only experience the power intensifying even more.

Then one day in 2007, I invited an old lady who practiced REIKI and other healing techniques over to my home. I was curious if she could guide me and provide an explanation, but instead she told me that I already had an immortal source of healing energy which was endless.  I was astonished on how she could have known my ability as I had never mentioned it to her!

Two years later, in 2009, I was meditating inside my home one early morning when I felt someone

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mariel de Leon Prediction @ Miss International 2017 Pageant

by: Psychic Gurmeet

Recently, Maria Angelica "Mariel" de Leon, the Philippines' representative to the Miss International Pageant later this year, was involved in some controversy after making particular comments on social media. What can you see about her future and chances in the 2017 Miss International pageant?

Thank you for appreciating my previous predictions, this time again I hope you find my prediction meaningful!

I clearly see that she is playing with fire for shortcuts to fame and thinking of other ways to stardom. She is losing her grip on what she actually is.

This, however, is not her move alone. I see someone misguiding her. People she believes in and are close to, are misguiding her. She trusts them too much, and this can have undesirable consequences.

I see a competition where she tries hard but loses or is removed and leaves. Some tough time is seen as she calls troubles with open arms. Rough road ahead is seen for her, with red lights and ultimately, dead end. She needs to take care of her health, too!

I further see that her time is full of tough competition and depression, she is going to get tired of everything and is seen as if she is closing her eyes or running from something that needs her focus, which she will not be able to put upon.

She will be more famous if she minds her steps in distant future, but currently, damage has been done.

I pray that she becomes wiser and controls her steps, as sometimes high heels with too much pressure can break and hurt, as well as make an impression that people do not forget easily.
I pray that she becomes wiser and controls her steps, as sometimes high heels with too much pressure can break and hurt, as well as make an impression that people do not forget easily.