Friday, February 23, 2018

Bb. Pilipinas 2018 Psychic Prediction

by: Psychic Gurmeet

Who will win the 2018 Miss Universe Philippines crown?

Winner is seen from the center stage or connected to number 5 in any way with numbers 9 & 10 connected to this 2018 Miss Universe Philippines. She will be a very loving and caring beauty with lots of unconditional love for children.  She is with a cute face, cheerful, kindhearted, experienced, and shall be connected to some trust or charity, and has star eyes. Her connection to number 10 will always make her a winner. She could have ended a past relationship and would be entering into a new chapter in her love life soon. She will do great in representing the Philippines on a global platform. Some important events connected to her 19th year of age.
  • Next, very close to the winner strangely also connected to number 1 & 2, in fact a tough competitor to the one in the first position who will have an equal chance to be a winner and there would be no doubt if she becomes the winner. The only one thing that may make her come in the second position despite her being a very strong contender and possible winner is the possibility for her to get confused while answering a question or selecting a wrong choice of answer. She will be connected to alphabet E or G.  Also, it is seen that her patience will bring her many beautiful international opportunities in the future.
  • A struggler, but as if it is her day to be on the third position. Her confidence and good luck will be the key to her success. She may have done some thing last year in the month of May which did not show any good results to her at that time but the results are coming slowly now. She is connected to number 1, 10 and with alphabet A, J or M.
  • Here, I see a contestant who had lost someone or something very close to her or has come out of a depression, two things have happened since then in her life. She started praying a lot and has become a lot more spiritual. She still has the thoughts or the cords of some uncomfortable issues which she hangs on to, and she is connected to number 17 and alphabet M.
  • Sometimes relocating can create more issues.  The beauty at this position thought she might get away from those who did not like her or someone she thought was negative but it would have been better to stay at the same position until the right time comes; she can be connected to alphabet D and number 18.
  • This beauty contestant will be an adventurous person and connected to alphabet H, at this time things look stuck in time, no matter what she does things will remain difficult.
  • This contestant will become obsessed with a man who has too less emotions for her, she still dreams of him, which makes her not move forward she will be connected to number 4 or alphabet D.
  • This contestant is too much lost in dreams of a powerful man in glamour industry and he may become the reason for losing. 

A love triangle is possible during this event where two contestants may get emotionally involved with the same man.

My best wishes to all the contestants! May the best one win and make the Philippines proud.


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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Psychic Insight: Federalism in the Philippines

by: Psychic Gurmeet

Could you please take a look if federalism would be an effective form of government for the Philippines?  Will this result in President Duterte's term extension?  When do you see this being implemented?

If implemented, federalism will be a big step towards Philippine progress although I see that there will be strong opposition against it for the next five months and by five politicians.

It is not the intention of the current studies to prolong President Duterte's term, but if federalism gets implemented then the extension of his term is seen, and that is the reason why a hype will be created by opposing politicians to stop it from happening.

Prior to the election of President Duterte, I had predicted that a man shall bring law and order under control in the Philippines, and weed out corruption from its roots. I believe that if the thoughts for the transition to a federal government are materializing then it is not far that a new era is about to begin.

I see that this step is going to be good in the long term and will further strengthen the country. With proper power and governance in all parts of the country, President Duterte will lead a team of leaders and will be remembered by future generations for this landmark change.

As to the timing of its implementation, there will be struggles for the next five months but after which some positive light is seen for it.  I see a more powerful and prosperous Philippines in the future.


Saturday, February 10, 2018

JADINE 2018 Prediction

by: Psychic Jay
The year will offer travel opportunities for Nadine Lustre and James Reid and they should welcome these as a break from their routine. A key issue in this relationship is the lack of organization between the two, but a situation will arise requiring them to work on this matter and spend quality time together, however busy and demanding their career could be.

Their romantic relationship will reach a whole new level this year, much more intimate and fulfilling than in previous years, so this is an exciting development for the two that their fans shall witness. Though someone from their past may resurface, this will only affirm closure and nothing more.

If there is any big obstacle that the couple should be careful, it is definitely that of the green-eyed monster. Therefore, they better be ready for this challenge this year.

January 15, 2018

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