Thursday, August 18, 2022

Vice President Sara Duterte Psychic Prediction

 by:Psychic Gurmeet

What do you see about VP Sara Duterte. Will she be the next Philippine president in 2028?

The number "1" strongly connects to Vice President Sara Duterte. Her power and fame will increase in the east and the west. Sara Duterete's fate will be decided by a secret fund, which can also lead to a downfall, so she needs to think about what is needed for the sake of public interest. She can stand out as a great world leader and negotiator that history will remember but it will cost her sacrifices which may also lead to the end of her fight. She may revive herself at a high cost but her competitors will not make it easy for her survival. She may lose the power that shields her and shall fight like a fearless warrior without that shield, she needs to focus on the fires that come from the flying beast.

July 19, 2022