Monday, March 30, 2015

A Lenten Meditation Inspired by Jesus' Prayer for Unity



Jesus walked the Earth in perfect unity with the Father's will.  He carried out what the Father wanted Him to do wherever his ministry led him to.  He was God made flesh, and yet, Jesus offered a prayer at the end of His earthly life that has yet to be answered.  At the last supper with His disciples, He asked "That they may all be one; even as Thou, Father, art in Me, and I in Thee, that they also may be in Us; that the world may believe that Thou didst send Me." (John 17:21) 

But how many ways have Christians subdivided themselves centuries later?  How many denominations have assembled their own distinct followings?  It doesn't stop within the Christian church, we are witnessing the killing of many innocents merely because of different religious beliefs, all in the name of the same God, albeit addressed according to their own understanding.  Did Jesus miss this somehow in his prayer? No, for Jesus' prayer for unity is for everyone as one of the greatest prayers in the Bible.  It holds a particularly honored spot because it was Himself as the great "I AM" who spoke it.  At least twice in his prayer Jesus repeated himself by emphasizing why unity is important.  In verse 23 He pressed again what he said only a few sentences before: "that the world may know that Thou didst send Me, and didst love Them, even as Thou didst love Me."   This prayer shall eventually be answered.

True disciples of Jesus Christ reside within all the different denominations and traditions and cultural distinction. There are visible and invisible church.  The visible church is structured upon denominations, sects - Catholic, Baptist, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and others.  The invisible church is the practice of true spirituality regardless of denomination or sect.  Beyond doctrinal distinctions and forms of worship there is a deeper conviction which resounds in believers everywhere. 

The visible and invisible church unite if there is one or more practitioners sincerely practicing the teachings of Christ.  "This I command you, that you love one another." (John 15:17) 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton

by: Psychic Gurmeet

Past and Character

Prince William and Kate holding on to their own possessions and securities but destined to meet somebody which strong emotions generate, a choice of heart that cannot be made by logic alone.  A decisive point is reached and an important decision is made with reference to true desires rather than duty.  A dramatic change of attitude leads to happier times with lots of love and physical pleasures.

Lovelife and Emotions in the Past

Anxiety and sleepless nights, spite and slander, Kate and Prince William both are in tensions at this point of time, slow movement and long term planning which will yield great results for Kate.

Kate with her feminine influences got near to what she wanted and now enters Prince William's life.


Victory, conquest over difficult odds.  The force of destiny which drives one to achieve great things and Kate becoming flushed with success as to become arrogant at that point of times. She is seen bounded with troubles in this relationship and also bonds of duty where help is available if she forgets pride and asks for it. A departure from head-in-the-clouds behavior and childish inhibitions.

An old love of Kate, well traveled, fair complexion, good personality but this is not William.  She thinks of someone else as I see him with my third eye, it is someone else which was her true desire.  Kate is with William but thinks of the old love now and then.

Expectations or Outcome

Boredom, relationship having reached a stability within their relationship and now nothing more left to achieve, new love interests are on both sides, Kate is thinking of an old love where as William is also looking at another woman.  Far reaching decision and a decision that will affect them rest of their life.  This outcome will be quicker than expected.  Legal formalities, contracts are being signed connected to relationship, with a thought for balancing, harmony and the righting of wrong.

Unexpected or Unknown Factors in Future Event

I see a man enters and who likes gossips, he is a spy who is very close to both of them who sees and reveals the inside of this relationship in open public. Having a little more patience, a travel near a water body where someone is spying them.  Love close to its end, separation and knowing inside that there is nothing left, temporary separation, betrayal and disappointment.

Near Future

End to the delays and a good news on the 8th day coming its way, the day can also be 17, 26 or 8th in the coming 6 months but later separation of William and Kate.  Heartache, a painful ending of relationship.  High burdens, anxiety, and a difficult situation.

Distant Future

Prince William becomes strong and a man of trust and authority, wise, loyal, logical, and calm.  He dislikes overt displays of emotions and I see him as a King sitting on throne, as if he has grown more and knows what he has to do, but till this time I don’t see Kate around.  A meeting with Pope and William, a beautiful father-son relationship, Glory and happiness as the son grows, prosperity grows, son tries play a role in reunion.

This is what I see.  Usually, when the outcome of a prediction is not so happy, it is disturbing to the psychic as well, but it is universally well-known there are solutions to every problem if done in time.  This can save the person or situation.  Take an umbrella or shelter when it is about to rain!

Psychic Gurmeet

Friday, March 27, 2015

Junjun Binay vs Kid Peña @ Ultimate Makati Mayor

by: Psychic August

Let's see what awaits Junjun Binay and Kid Peña using the Celtic Cross spread, the oldest method for analyzing and predicting situations using tarot cards!

Time and fate will favor Junjun Binay, as the Supreme Court will issue a statement upholding the Court of Appeals TRO against the suspension order issued by the Ombudsman.

This will enable Mayor Junjun Binay to continue on as Mayor of Makati, putting an end to Vice Mayor Ronaldo "Kid" Peña's bid as acting Mayor.

Please see below the detailed 10 cards drawn for the Celtic Cross spread.  Cards 1-9 manifest the status and conditions surrounding the issue.  The"outcome" is on the 10th card:

1st card (The central issue) - The 9 of Wands

Junjun Binay, son of Vice president Jejomar Binay, and Mayor of Makati  is suspended by the ombudsman for 6 months, along with other city officials, in connection with the alleged overpricing of the Makati City Hall parking building.  Mayor Junjun Binay reacted by not accepting the suspension order served by the DILG, declaring that the allegation against him are politically motivated.  He then barricaded himself in his office in the 21st floor of the new Makati City Hall building. His supporters responded and arrived in droves to protect him from being forced out of office, facing off with a 1000 or so policemen that came in with the DILG officials.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

China vs The Philippines @ The Spratly Islands Dispute (Spratlys)

by: Psychic August

In the next few years, the Philippines' claim to the Spratlys group of islands, which lies just approximately 14 km offshore from Palawan, will be visibly disregarded by the Chinese communist government as the latter strengthens it's hold upon the area by completing its recent military installations and adding more structures like ports, factories, and small settlements in the islands.

This has, in part, happened because while the Spratlys sit within the Philippines' territorial waters, they have been taken for granted by the Philippine government.  The Philippines is waking up to the rude reality that other more powerfully armed countries like China can easily lay claim to the chain of islands with it's vastly rich natural resources.

And this is what is currently happening - the Philippine influence in the area is gradually eroding as China slowly but firmly consolidates it's hold over the area.  It's current diplomatic approach through the UN is proving to be too slow, and ineffective in curbing the 'take over' style of China.  This is a blunt warning that more direct and immediate action should be taken by the Philippine government. 

In the very near future,  the Philippine government will still resort to diplomatic efforts in responding to this encroachment by the Chinese government, as the former makes its diplomatic call louder by bringing it's case across more countries as possible, thus creating international pressure upon China to halt its usurpation of the Spratlys.  In addition to this, the Philippine government will also build up and modernize its armed forces (AFP) to be able to respond to this threat.

The AFP will be prepared, and skirmishes will occur with the chinese armed forces occupying the Spratlys, though much of it will be kept away from public knowledge.  However, bits of these clashes will leak out every now and then to the media and Filipino public.  Apparent in all of these skirmishes is the subtle support of the US military to the AFP.  This starts in the remaining duration of the current administration and continues into the next

These 'secret wars' between the Chinese armed forces occupying the Spratlys and the US-supported AFP, and with other allies like Vietnam who also keeps a claim to the islands, will continue.  Visible diplomatic efforts exerted by all countries concerned for international arbitration on the Spratlys situation, will flourish in the next 4 - 5 years, until the islands are legally divided among all countries laying claim to it.

A foreign woman lawmaker, well known in the international community, will put efforts in helping the Philippine government bolster it's case concerning the spratlys to the international community.

Reading Date:  March 18, 2015

Friday, March 20, 2015

ISIS Prediction Update #5

by: World Famous Psychic SPY

Eclipse today.  Dreams showing massive wave of terror attacks this year across Turkey and North Africa. Have been warning this for a longtime!

ISIS / ISIL can only get stronger and culminate in nuclear attacks. I fear there is no going back to peace now!

Reading Date: March 20, 2015
Photo: NBC News

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pacquiao vs Mayweather - May 2, 2015 Welterweight

by: Psychic GU

Blogger's note:  Hi guys, I would like to share the prediction made by Psychic Gu last year, which I had decided not to post before because I had  already published an article on the topic at that time. Just now, I stumbled upon this and realized it's worthy of being shared because some of its key components have indeed come to pass, and the details seemed interesting.  So here it is, enjoy!

I did a spread for this topic, and my prediction is that they will face each other.  Promoter, Bob Arum, will try to organize the biggest Welterweight championship in 2015. [Already happened]

Time Line: 2015 March - May [Already happened]

Manny Pacquiao is definitely ambitious, and also has a bit of an egoistic attitude.  He is so confident of success, and is ready for this challenge.

The fight will be a very cruel one.  The final outcome is that Manny Pacquiao will get the crown.  It will be surrounded by controversy. Questions of unruly use of power, unfairness, and complaints from crowds of fans will arise.  Even after winning, the victory looks useless. 

There will be a lot of rumors, unexplained things or some hidden mysteries that will not be disclosed to the public.  There will be many questions from the media.  All questions and obstacles will be resolved later.

Tools for this prediction: Tarots, IChing, and Chinese fortune sticks.

Reading date:  December 12, 2014
Photo: Mayweather Promotions

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Bb. Pilipinas 2015 Live Stream Coverage

For those eager to watch the live coverage, please try here

Replay: Click here and select Youtube tab; or here

Monday, March 9, 2015

Pres. Aquino's Emergency Power @ Philippine Power Crisis

by: Psychic August

The nationwide power crisis within this year, as a result of the shortcomings of the people in charge of all the major power plants supplying the electricity needs of the country, will be felt more as the year progresses.

Fortunately,  this will be effectively addressed by the government.

President Aquino's request for emergency powers to expedite the otherwise long legal process to address the power crisis, will be approved by the Senate and Congress.  A woman law maker will be very visible as she argues for the granting of these emergency powers to the President.

It looks like Sen. Sergio Osmeña, Jr. will have his way, as the duration of these emergency powers will extend up to July 2016,  the same time the new power plants are expected to be operational.  Fortunately for the people, the resulting power rate hike will be shouldered mainly by the government, as Congress desires it to be.

The effects of the power crisis will start to be felt this coming summer, although more in the south than in the National Capital Region, and much less in Metro Manila.

By the second half of the year, the rotating black outs will be felt even less as the government begins to effectively address the problem, expedited by the granting of the emergency super powers upon the President.

Reading Date: March 8, 2015
Photo: Manila Standard

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Pacquiao vs Mayweather Rematch!!!

by: Psychic August

Mayweather Rematch

Manny Pacquiao will still be a very busy man pursuing his other field of interests after his long awaited fight of the century vs Floyd Mayweather, Jr. on May 2nd, which as I had mentioned earlier, he will win after 12 rounds, although appearing to be visibly tired and beaten up.

All this is again shortly suspended as he answers the call vehemently given by Floyd Mayweather, Jr. for a rematch as the latter would contest the results of their May 2, 2015 fight.  This would favor Manny;  so a rematch between the two boxing legends ensue.  Manny, again, wins the rematch, which, same as the first,  cannot be said to be a "fixed" fight as both fighters are putting both their reputation on the line for all these, than just to make it look like a so called "staged fight".

Senate, Religion, Sports, Showbiz

He will continue to serve his constituents in Sarangani province as their congressman in the lower house,  but he will seek a senate seat in the future; he will win it.

Manny will continue his stint as playing coach to the Kia Pride PBA basketball team,  keeping said team playing in good standing.

He will also continue his many other philanthropic works, establish more businesses in the country and abroad. In addition, he will somehow revive his singing and show business career here and even abroad, as he becomes an international showbiz star.

And in all this, he continues as a pastor in good standing with the Jesus Is Lord (JIL) movement.

Reading Date: February 28, 2015
Photo: Manny Pacquiao FB

Sunday, March 1, 2015

2016 US Presidential Election

by: Psychic August

The 45th President of the USA will be a white caucasian male from the Republican political party.  The Republicans will maintain their dominant lead over the Democrats throughout the US electoral campaign period into the 2016 Presidential elections itself.  They will also dominate the US Congress.

Hillary Clinton will not make it as the official presidential nominee of the Democrats; instead a white male candidate would be running with this party.

There will be three contenders for presidential race; besides the male candidates coming from the Democrats and the Republicans, the other contender is an independent male caucasian candidate.

How the US taxpayers' money is distributed/used by the federal government is one of, if not the main, considerations taken by the American public in selecting the next US President.

Reading Date: February 28, 2015

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