Location: USA, China, Hongkong

Psychic GU was born with psychic intuition, and has always been able to foresee and predict things.  It took her years before she gained a better understanding of this power.  More predictions came to fruition, and she was curious if this was mere coincidence or she was blessed with a special ability.  She started to learn I-Ching and other forms of divination  and realized her gift was nurtured from God.  Since then, she has been using this gift to help clients through tough and unpleasant times, and to regain balance and direction.

Experience in Divination

She uses different decks of Tarots, the Rune, and Chinese Fortune Sticks, the oldest method of fortune telling in the world.  She acts as a divine messenger, to reveal the truth and to give advice.  She is able to provide insightful information, answers to personal challenges and relationships with no or limited information provided.  She also practices Chinese Astrology, Numerology, Reiki healing, Chakra cleansing, and is also able to see aura.

"I am very happy to provide my service in an honest and mutually respectful way. I will help you refocus; re-energize your spirit, and guide you to a higher level of awareness and confidence for major decisions."