Thursday, March 19, 2020

Coronavirus Covid-19 Psychic Prediction

by: Psychic Gurmeet

Thanks my dear readers for your love and appreciation!
TodayI will share my dream and later my prediction on coronavirus, Covid-19.

Six or seven days before the news of coronavirus broke, I saw a dream, where there was a night party on a terrace, and suddenly it stopped and people disappeared. I was left alone on the terrace. I saw flashing lights in the sky; I tried to run but it followed me. Very scared, I hid behind a wall but this light kept on hovering. It came closer - it was like a drone or something like a blinking star although I can't figure out completely what it was. There were fumes or some smoke coming downward from this blue blinking light.  I also recall scary lightnings in the dark cloudy sky.

I looked for stairs and ran inside the building, which looked like a hospital with people lying on the floor. I somehow managed to come out of the building, to an unknown street before me. I looked for my house, fearing that the light in the sky would come chasing me again.

This dream broke around 4 AM and I could not sleep again. The following nights were haunted by various strange and terrifying dreams. I noticed I was wearing moldavite, I removed it and my bad dreams stopped though I still get chills when I remember them as they felt true-to-life as if  I was really there.

Since the past couple of days many blog readers have been anxiously requesting for a prediction on coronavirus. I have been busy with other reading requests and, somehow, also avoiding to see anything in this matter until I exchanged messages from a client and found her dream was the same as mine.  I had earlier advised her to wear moldavite but not continuously; she disobeyed, thus, the dreadful dream.

It's been the hardest of all the predictions I have done so far, not because it was hard to see but I was constantly fighting within myself not to see further. Not because of the fear of being labelled as a doomsayer, but only because being a human myself, survival of humanity is so vital that just the thought of Earth becoming just another lifeless planet gives me chills.

Now, the prediction on Covid-19.

Starting from the recent past I shall move to the near and distant future with all that I saw.

A man and a woman who look like a father and daughter, and rulers of a nation visit the world's wonder, unknown of the fact that their nation was being spied by those whom they gave work. Now their own country wants to dominate the world.

This man knew that to rule he has to maintain a balance and his trip was also of a political motive.  He is also a businessman with most powerful dark forces and a powerful woman on his side who loves to wear black. With 4 major enemies, this man is in deep thoughts. Number 4 is also the number for him, and his people's isolation also connected to the future.

The situation at present: Isolation and frustration are increasing.

What's expected: Things change drastically as time moves backwards. The poor will become rich, and the rich will become poor. A lot of chaos, struggles, and fights are seen. Men become violent as animals.  There are two men who come forward with a cure; a powerful man full of ego smiles and sells the cure to the rest of the world. (Fearless Predictions: Some details were deleted.)

Near future: A major part of the world is struggling with finances, many are starting anew, much has been lost for so many people, and the terrible time that they saw is now past. New beginnings, a wiser, beautiful, and loving world connected to number 1 is seen, where prosperity and unity are key.

Distant future: People are enjoying a peaceful life, new life is blossoming, technology and science are much more developed for the sake of humanity allover the world. Many new vaccines, treatments, and antidotes have been developed to fight deadly diseases. I see the world standing together and united to fight against a foreign enemy connected to number 7.
I pray and request everyone to pray everyday for the whole world to be free from this pandemic.


Thursday, November 14, 2019

Miss World 2019 Psychic Prediction

by: Psychic Gurmeet

My sincere gratitude to all the readers and fans for so much love and appreciation! I started making this prediction on 12th November 2019 which was a full moon, Guru Nanak's birthday and also a very auspicious day.  It's just around one month left for this popular competition, and here, I present my prediction for Miss World 2019:
  • There is a contestant connected with number 1 or letter G; she is in a relationship which will be gossiped about, and this beauty has an attitude of a queen and is also very humble. Her past is connected to number 5, she needs to avoid those who are gossiping around her and just focus on winning; otherwise she will be lost.
  • Here is a beauty with strong mind power but was cheated on and broken in her past. She is young and will be relocating, getting married or getting a new home soon.  She had a hospital visit in the recent past. She is spontaneous and has won in the past; also received some recognition in studies or work. She is connected to number 2 or alphabet B, a place rich with beautiful old structures.
  • This multi talented contestant with beautiful eyes of a goddess has got all the ingredients of a winner, as it is her birth right and lineage to become a queen.  Letter P and number 18 is connected to her, she loves animals and is an angel for the disabled. She can win but will face a tough competition from a contestant who represents a lion and alphabet S. She has divine gift of beauty and will be seen as the rightful owner of the crown by the judges.
  • The letter S woman with 5 letters in her name, connected to lion, will give a tough competition to all other contestants as she has similar looks to a beauty who became a winner in the past from her country. Many people in her country who believe that the past will be repeated, but it is in her hands if she rides the lion or stands in front of it.
  • She is beautiful and has a strong connection to number 4 which is repeating in her life; she can win with words and beauty which is a good combination, and has full potential to be in the first 5. A woman from her family got a ritual done for her winning connected with sacrifice.
  • This contestant is trying her luck again, connected to alphabet F and a star in sky, also has a boyfriend who will cheat for another contestant, and the other contestant who will cheat on him later; so these two contestants are stuck in karmic cycle.
  • This one is connected to number 7 and where number 10 repeats again bringing her from a slow and miserable life, and from an end to a new phase or big changes. She even thought of committing suicide and was close to it but things changed and brought her to Miss World contest which she never expected. She will give her best but will not be bothered about winning or losing but be more focused. 
There are contestants who are young but overconfident and some who are going to all lengths to win, even taking the support of dark energies which is not fair as consequences are not good for those who do it.

A strong contender who may share her accessory or any clothing that she wears will be used by a competitor to make her lose.

I see the winner will be a strong personality with clean heart and compassion, she will be attacked in many ways by competitors, which will come to be known later when the work done back fires on those who tried to do it on the winner due to her fear of her winning.
My best wishes to the pure hearted, and warning to those who adapt negative approach to win, winning or losing in a contest is temporary but negative karma stays forever.

May the most deserving and best contestant win.


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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Miss Universe 2019 Psychic Prediction

Thanks to all the readers! I present to you my predictions for the Miss Universe 2019 Pageant.

The winner will be connected to the land with a history of magic and mysticism, and there is no surprise she will have a magical charm and smile. Land connected to herbs, berries, forts, good wildlife, tribes, forests, and hidden gold resources with a history of rulers who cared for their people and place where the golden man sits.

Number 16 is what stands out this time with the winner, wearing a deep red with some black, and will have a strong presence, a combination of beauty, strength, softness, roses, and perfumes.

She will stand up for women and justice, and will be true to every word spoken. There will be rumours about her personal life, and this can negatively affect her confidence which may cause her to lose to another strong contender connected to alphabet T, because the competition is going to be tough. She knows that the gold amulet she owns is enough to give her more power. She will know what I mean when she reads this.

There is going to be a tough choice for the judges among the letters P, M, B, V & T, and number 9. These letters and number will be connected to the contestants' past or origin.

These are what I see on five strong contenders who I feel can make it:
  • I see one connected to number 10 or 01. She loves water and rain. She has lived with deep emotions and is very compassionate, and an animal lover, too.
  • The other one connected to number 5 or 15 is no doubt a strong contender and even has blessings from a powerful and spiritual man.  Despite all her prayers, however, this will not be her time to make it as she is self-realizing her past mistakes, and facing problems in her personal life.
  • The next contestant is connected to letter F and it seems as if someone from her past like her ex-lover is reentering her life and this distraction will make her lose this time as she could not get a grip of her emotions.
  • Another contestant I see is still a struggler, working hard on herself, but confused on how she made this far. She is connected to number 5 with moon being a connection to an important symbol of her origin. This connection may be the disadvantage.
  • Going back to the winner who will be connected to alphabet P and number 9, I see her being blessed by the powerful forces of her ancestors or warrior spirits and nature of the place she comes from. It is as if nature is blessing her to make it this time. She will cry tears not only of joy but for all that the personal loss and tragedies she suffered in life. She will remember every moment of her past and thank God for the present moment. She will be the true deserving woman and will be an inspiration. 
My best wishes to all the contestants. May the most deserving win!


Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Bb. Pilipinas 2019 Psychic Prediction

by: Psychic Gurmeet

Thank you everyone for so much love! Here once again, I present my predictions for the top contenders for the 2019 Miss Universe Philippines crown.

It will be difficult decision for judges to choose between emotion or beauty, but the judges will take the best decision.

I see this contestant who comes from a humble background or has seen the reality of life and knows the real difference between the two worlds.  She has been working hard for this title, and has also gone through mental, physical torture and pain to be in a good position in her life, now is her chance to prove herself.  She loves roses and knows the cost of holding one.  She may also have it somewhere with her in the time of her shining.  There will be many other deserving contenders, however, this one will shine bright with white light and power of flowers.  I see that she loves speaking in public or singing and is bold, mature person who can represent Philippines on a global platform and win many other titles as well. She may think that she has done enough but there is much more to accomplish.  Number 17 is connected to her and may have a long name or be called by different names.  She will do charities and will love the poor.

There are also powerful candidates that will give the winner a really tough competition:
  • Another contestant I see is connected to alphabet D, very positive, vibrant, family, and work oriented, however, number 4 and alphabet U connected to her name bring struggles for her.
  • A contestant believing in magic cult will be left alone, she will be connected to alphabet A or numbers 15 and 21.  She may have lost someone close to her in her past, has full potential to be the winner if she is able to get over past and her thought that chain her.
  • This contestant may have gone for some sort of surgery on her past to hide something and was later left alone.  She may not win but will earn good wealth number 6 will be connected to H.
  • Here, I again see a strong contender with brightness in her face and who really loves children. She is smart at taking good decisions and will have perfect answers, and will be connected to birds or nature.  Number 9 or 19 connected to her win, she can come really close to winning.
  • A strong lady connected to a man in power thinks she may win but the fair decision of the judges will leave her far behind despite of her connections to her relationship. Alphabet F will be connected to her.
  • Almost a winner and being watched upon by an elderly woman who was a beauty pageant winner herself.  Connected to R will have opportunities to win but may choose another opportunity far and away across the seas.
  • A confused traveller will be here, too, with full potential to be a winner connected to number 1. She is a pure heart but confused, but may suddenly wakeup with her true strength and confidence, otherwise may get another good position.
  • A man with a glass of water watches her while she is on stage and knows she is the winner but the lady herself hides behind number 9 connected to her, she could have become a winner if she could stay away from gossips.
  • This one is in love now and her focus is lost.  She wants him and he wants her success, so she prays. Number 11 or G connected to her, however her winning is tough. 
My best wishes to all the beauties, and may the best contestant win!


Monday, March 4, 2019

The Wrath of Karma

by: Psychic Gurmeet

Thanks everyone for loving my predictions!

Many people come to me asking for what have they done in this life to deserve suffering even if they have been good.  Sometimes, the answer is a curse that is seen either in their past life, soul group or ancestors.  However, prayers and humanity can, to some extent, remove this karmic consequences, and the curse of troubled spirits.

Today, I am revealing for the first time ever a proof with example: Kashmiri Hindu Brahmin Gangu and brutal murder by Mughal rulers. This is drawn from Indian history.

At the end of the article, I have summarized my analysis of the karmic consequences related to the story.  I hope that through this example, readers will understand karma and its extent, and how it can traverse generations.

Kashmiri Hindu Brahmin Gangu and Brutal Murder by Mughal Rulers


During the night flight from besieged Anandpur, 81-year-old mother of Tenth Guru Gobind Singh, Mata Gujri and her grandsons the two younger sahibzade, Zarowar Singh (Jujhar) age 9, and Fateh Singh age 7, struggled across the stormy floodwaters of River Sarsa together. The dark raging turbulence swept away people and possessions alike and many Sikhs did not survive the crossing. Mata Gujri and the young sahibzade became separated from the rest of their family. Wet, chilled, and exhausted, they accepted help from kashmiri Brahmin Gangu, a former cook servant who had been discharged from Guru Gobind Singh's household.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

2019 Psychic Predictions for the Philippines

by: Psychic Gurmeet

A very Happy New Year to the Philippines, specially to the readers of Fearless Predictions Real Psychics. Thank you for so much love!

I present to you my overall prediction for the Philippines for 2019.

This year is seen giving new heights and power to the Philippines. I see this as the year for creative thinkers, upcoming designers, artists, and all those professionals associated with creative art and crafts, including television and movies.

There are possibilities of an archaeological discovery of great value. I see a new discovery in the pharmaceutical industry. This is certainly a new horizon which will bring the Philippines in a stronger global presence but will need to be careful of a world power who may back stab with sweet tongue. It will be easy for a prominent leader and authority in the country to understand the misleading intentions and will take an appropriate step which will double-benefit the country in the long run, making it rise more financially.

I see people getting more aware and closer to nature. A natural paradise in the Philippines will be getting more world fame.

Never before that the people of the country have become more aware and conscious in making the Philippines a much more beautiful and better country for coming generations.

Many are asking about President Duterte, and I would like to refer them to my previous predictions:
          Federalism in the Philippines

Lots of love & best wishes,


Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Congratulations Catriona Gray, Miss Universe 2018!

The lady who would not win the Miss World 2016 crown but will win in another pageant and time. She has unconditional love for children and charities, comes from a country in the Pacific which had a very difficult past, has knowledge of 3 or 4 cultures, and will be crowned when draped in red and golden yellow dress. She will be the center of attraction in that pageant, and this lady will see her desires getting fulfilled in 2018.

Psychic Gurmeet

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Miss World 2018 Psychic Prediction

by: Psychic Gurmeet

Once again, my heartful gratitude to all the readers!

Here is what I see for Miss World 2018:

There can be some confusion or controversy during the time when the judges are about to make the final decision.  A mature man will be the reason for it.

The Winner will be a very bold woman connected to number 17 & 21.  She has moved on from a painful relationship and now knows the real faces of people around her.  She is well-travelled and I see signs of a bull, tiger, and an eagle watching her as she is in a beautiful garden where the universe is supporting her.  No doubt she is a natural beauty and seen wearing a silver or white gown with black shimmer or dark stripes.  She is a dynamic personality who will carry herself with pride of a queen, sharpness of an eagle, a strength of a tigress, and will be connected to a drink brand anytime in her career.  There are some people who will not like her practical and dominating approach, and will initiate rumors against her.  She will be connected to alphabet D with her ex-partner, alphabet G with her success at present, and J with a mature man who is spying on her all the time but is a close associate.

She will be from a place which connects more with beautiful flowers, natural beauty, and heritage properties.  Rich in history and culture, it is connected to 4 historical phases and has seen curse in form of famine, drought, flood, and plague.  Fire and wars near that place surrounded by water once ruled by a king with several stars connected to him, who burnt and killed people for his peace of mind, in the name of magic and conversion in winter nights.

The rest of the Top 5 participants:
  • This contestant will be in an argument or some issues with her family or property. She has a strong scope to be a winner and enjoys the nightlife.  She is connected to alphabet B, number 1 & 17.  She is be connected to stardom or glamour, and has the power to be on the top and will be a tough competitor.
  • This beauty has started a fresh or new life.  She breathes freedom and loves to explore this new world.  She is connected to number 7.  Although she knows she has  heavy workload but with divine grace, she will be able to come in top three position.  She will be in some connection to a holy or a religious place but she is still unaware of her full capability or talent.
  • Connected to number 2, she walks fast as connected to a commercial hub where she lived or worked.  Life is fast but it is important to look where she steps, falling down can be painful whether in personal life or in the eyes of others.
  • She has two best friends who will cheat her bad and push her into isolation.  She is connected to alphabet C and number 8.
My best wishes to all the beauties of Miss World 2018!


August 3/12, 2018

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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Bongbong Marcos Psychic Prediction (June 2018)

by: Psychic Gurmeet

Could you share what you see regarding the vice presidential vote recount, particularly on Bongbong Marcos?

Thanks again to all the readers for all the appreciation and love. I present to you what I see this time for Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos, Jr.

Out of my many predictions on Marcos a long time ago, there was one prediction where I mentioned about a woman who would be planning against Bongbong Marcos. This woman again appears in front of me with a pointed poisonous spear in her right hand which she throws towards a royal man but the man escapes.  Interestingly, this is something that has been repeated in many lifetimes, in many different ways, by this woman on this noble man. This woman had, in many lifetimes, worshipped dark forces to gain power and control. She, with her men who wear black cloaks, still haunts Marcos in disguise.

It's a fight between good and evil. But good energies go unharmed and untouched.

Further, I see that a very powerful negative attack was initiated a few days back, and is even being planned at present against Marcos, out of which one he has already escaped and the second he will escape further, too.  Now, a man in disguise will surface in the picture and will pretend to be on Marcos side but actually a spy from the opposition.  This man will be there to create confusion so that his shrude lady wins. A lot is happening under the ocean to make sure that Marcos does not win, but there are strong tides that can make him win this time in the recount if this woman is put to check.

There are strong undercurrents on both ends with high and low tides. I see great growth and prosperity for Philippines with all good men in power together in the future taking the wisest steps for a brighter tomorrow.

That woman's domination will end and she will be put to rest for a long time.


Saturday, April 14, 2018

Miss Universe 2018 Psychic Prediction

by: Psychic Gurmeet

Thanks to all the readers for so much love and blessings! While still waiting for the venue, date, and name of contestants, here once again I present to you my prediction for the Miss Universe Pageant.

Miss Universe 2018 shall be good at dancing and may have good knowledge about three or four religions, languages or cultures which shall be in her upbringing. She may also be connected to the entertainment industry. She will also come in suspicion by some people for something she has not done but with her tact, skills, and beauty shall remain loved by all. She will love nature and animals. She is strongly connected to numbers 1, 7, 8 & 21. There is no doubt that she will be a strong-minded person with capabilities to lead in all ways.

She will be from a country connected to the Pacific Ocean, and the alphabet N is important to this country. It has a strong connection to numbers 9 & 11, and is related to number 3 in context of a new free world.

She may belong to a place that shall be centrally located and even at the competition she shall be the center of attraction.

There will be very high expectations from two countries that are near to each other whose contestants may come very close to winning.

Let's see the other top contestants in more light and what more can be seen in their context:
  • An open-minded girl but stuck in love triangle in personal life and tough competition in professional life strongly connected to number 6, 14 & 4 who will not be the winner but later will win the man she desires.
  • At this point, I see a lady who received a good piece of news connected to money and is enjoying good times in personal life with slow growth in professional life, strongly connected to number 9, 7 & 3.  She enjoys night life and is a party animal.
  • Now this one is an interesting personality - she will be sweet and have full scope to give tough competition to the winner, despite tough circumstances and jealousy she still may win hearts if not the crown.  She will belong to a place connected to sea with many myths attached to that place.  The numbers connect to her will be 7, 8 & 2.  She will have a happy love life and a very bright future.
  • The next contestant connected to number 10, 5 & 3 is a good friend to all and peace-loving, however, she may quit as a model at sometime in future and have financial issues for which she will use her knowledge and experience to regain what she has lost and restart her professional journey from scratch.
  • The next contestant despite of having all the qualities of a winner will have connection to numbers 8, 13, 3 & 5.  There can be any problems connected to her health or a fatal accident in future.
  • The next participant connected to number 6 & 4 will have two secret affairs with those in the decisions out of which one may get exposed.  She will lose because of over confidence but will have a long term relationship with a man with less hair who will be involved in decisions of Miss Universe 2018.
  • Now, this next candidate will be a very loving and caring person she may be matured among the rest of the finalists, but will be in dreams of many and will give a very tough competition to the winner.  She will be connected to number 1 & 10.  She also looks strong to be the winner.
Best wishes to all the contestants, may the best one win!



February 19, 2018

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Manila Times, March 16, 2018

UPDATE December 2, 2018:

Blogger's note:  In the original submission by Psychic Gurmeet in February 2018,  a phrase was accidentally deleted by the blogger while editing the texts for publication.  Here's the original wording; take note of the underlined phrase.  Thanks - Fearless Predictions.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

2018 UPDATED Psychic Prediction: Bongbong Marcos #recount

by: Psychic Gurmeet

This is an update to the vice presidential election vote recount prediction issued in January 2018.

I see that after a lot of confusion and maze-like situation, Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos, Jr. will land in a good position. I see him as if he is in a mansion or a building with big gardens surrounding it.

However, I also warn him to be careful of a clever and negative opponent who will do all he can to harm him at all cost, and as if he can ruin the mansion connected to number 4.  I also see number 14 or alphabet "N" connected to his opponent, and will be a harm to a man in the mansion whose name has the number 4 or alphabet "D".  This man with "D" is also a prominent person who is in danger from Bongbong's opponent.

This is all for now. Peace and light to everyone!

Monday, April 2, 2018

Will Noynoy Aquino Go to Jail?

This is an excerpt from Psychic Gurmeet's Philippine prediction published in January 2018.

"As to the question on whether former president Noynoy Aquino will face the consequences of the alleged anomalies during his administration, I see him trying to run away but the law will not let him go.  He will face his karma in 2018, and possibly land in jail.

Full prediction here.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Bb. Pilipinas 2018 Psychic Prediction

by: Psychic Gurmeet

Who will win the 2018 Miss Universe Philippines crown?

Winner is seen from the center stage or connected to number 5 in any way with numbers 9 & 10 connected to this 2018 Miss Universe Philippines. She will be a very loving and caring beauty with lots of unconditional love for children.  She is with a cute face, cheerful, kindhearted, experienced, and shall be connected to some trust or charity, and has star eyes. Her connection to number 10 will always make her a winner. She could have ended a past relationship and would be entering into a new chapter in her love life soon. She will do great in representing the Philippines on a global platform. Some important events connected to her 19th year of age.
  • Next, very close to the winner strangely also connected to number 1 & 2, in fact a tough competitor to the one in the first position who will have an equal chance to be a winner and there would be no doubt if she becomes the winner. The only one thing that may make her come in the second position despite her being a very strong contender and possible winner is the possibility for her to get confused while answering a question or selecting a wrong choice of answer. She will be connected to alphabet E or G.  Also, it is seen that her patience will bring her many beautiful international opportunities in the future.
  • A struggler, but as if it is her day to be on the third position. Her confidence and good luck will be the key to her success. She may have done some thing last year in the month of May which did not show any good results to her at that time but the results are coming slowly now. She is connected to number 1, 10 and with alphabet A, J or M.
  • Here, I see a contestant who had lost someone or something very close to her or has come out of a depression, two things have happened since then in her life. She started praying a lot and has become a lot more spiritual. She still has the thoughts or the cords of some uncomfortable issues which she hangs on to, and she is connected to number 17 and alphabet M.
  • Sometimes relocating can create more issues.  The beauty at this position thought she might get away from those who did not like her or someone she thought was negative but it would have been better to stay at the same position until the right time comes; she can be connected to alphabet D and number 18.
  • This beauty contestant will be an adventurous person and connected to alphabet H, at this time things look stuck in time, no matter what she does things will remain difficult.
  • This contestant will become obsessed with a man who has too less emotions for her, she still dreams of him, which makes her not move forward she will be connected to number 4 or alphabet D.
  • This contestant is too much lost in dreams of a powerful man in glamour industry and he may become the reason for losing. 

A love triangle is possible during this event where two contestants may get emotionally involved with the same man.

My best wishes to all the contestants! May the best one win and make the Philippines proud.


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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Psychic Insight: Federalism in the Philippines

by: Psychic Gurmeet

Could you please take a look if federalism would be an effective form of government for the Philippines?  Will this result in President Duterte's term extension?  When do you see this being implemented?

If implemented, federalism will be a big step towards Philippine progress although I see that there will be strong opposition against it for the next five months and by five politicians.

It is not the intention of the current studies to prolong President Duterte's term, but if federalism gets implemented then the extension of his term is seen, and that is the reason why a hype will be created by opposing politicians to stop it from happening.

Prior to the election of President Duterte, I had predicted that a man shall bring law and order under control in the Philippines, and weed out corruption from its roots. I believe that if the thoughts for the transition to a federal government are materializing then it is not far that a new era is about to begin.

I see that this step is going to be good in the long term and will further strengthen the country. With proper power and governance in all parts of the country, President Duterte will lead a team of leaders and will be remembered by future generations for this landmark change.

As to the timing of its implementation, there will be struggles for the next five months but after which some positive light is seen for it.  I see a more powerful and prosperous Philippines in the future.


Saturday, February 10, 2018

JADINE 2018 Prediction

by: Psychic Jay
The year will offer travel opportunities for Nadine Lustre and James Reid and they should welcome these as a break from their routine. A key issue in this relationship is the lack of organization between the two, but a situation will arise requiring them to work on this matter and spend quality time together, however busy and demanding their career could be.

Their romantic relationship will reach a whole new level this year, much more intimate and fulfilling than in previous years, so this is an exciting development for the two that their fans shall witness. Though someone from their past may resurface, this will only affirm closure and nothing more.

If there is any big obstacle that the couple should be careful, it is definitely that of the green-eyed monster. Therefore, they better be ready for this challenge this year.

January 15, 2018

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Saturday, January 6, 2018

2018 Psychic Predictions on Philippine Politics and Entertainment / Showbiz

by: Psychic Gurmeet

Happy New Year Philippines! Hereby, I present to you my 2018 predictions on the topics requested by our blog readers:

President Rodrigo R. Duterte
This year can bring stress, changes of plans that may not fulfill the whole purpose and need to take care of health issues related to blood pressure and food or medicine poisoning.

I can see a known young man who can be the cause of his stress. There will be more rivalries from those who had been in good terms in the past, which can cause obstacles.

Some major positive changes in infrastructure and developments are seen in the Philippines requiring huge amount of investment. These changes will have two aspects: on one side is the negative effect on financial and authorities brainstorming on allocation of funds; and on the positive side is that this will lead to long-term development for the Philippines.  However, it shall be essential that corruptions are kept under check for proper allocation of those funds at lower levels.

It looks as if divine powers are on the President’s side, and he shall cut through all the difficulties trying his best to balance law and order. He will be coming out like a phoenix despite of the most difficult situation. As I had mentioned in previous predictions, President Duterte will be loved and remembered for a long time because of his contribution as a great leader.

Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos, Jr.
Marcos is finally seen becoming a VP in 2018, but the only thing that can stop it is being too generous to even those who might not be good and deserving.

There can be too many problems to take decisions on because of those who will try to misguide him and present false images, but a lady with great wisdom and strength will be solving all the issues one after another. There will be too much burden and he will need to take care of health in terms of anxiety. However, the good work will not stop and completion of tasks is seen.

Former President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III
As to the question on whether former president Noynoy Aquino will face the consequences of the alleged mistakes during his administration, I see him trying to run away but the law will not let him go. He will face his karma in 2018, and possibly land in jail.

Catriona Gray
This year may get Catriona Elisa Gray in some wrong commitments or false promises. She will need to analyze things in detail before signing any contracts.  It is, however, good that 2018 shows her desires getting fulfilled, successful projects and growth in career, and start of new things personally as well as professionally.

Winning a competition is possible if done without depending on the advice of others.

Previous prediction here.

Liza Soberano
Her career is seen prospering in 2018, also important thing to note is that there is a matured man who looks very strict but will be the one connected to the opportunities that she shall receive. She will also go for a vacation or a shoot near a sea, and will be having a great time.  Success, honor, and recognition is seen for Liza in 2018.

Nadine Lustre
Work and popularity will be more, travel to another country is seen. I see a young man from the past who is the reason for her tears that will never dry as she knows she will not see him anymore, and she thinks of him deeply at times.

2018 shows there will be deep love seen for a man who will be in strong bond with her. She needs to be careful of some known people who do not wish well for her since long and were the reason for the loss of something in the past.  She may have a powerful spiritual experience in 2018.

Maine Mendoza & Alden Richards
Their relationship is seen getting more sensitive and fragile in 2018.  Emotions are real and nothing fake is happening; it is true love going in the wrong direction.  Alden Richards trusts the wrong woman who is older than him, and this woman is very strong and influential.

Maine Mendoza is seen wanting Alden's attention and time, and they had some arguments and will be having it again because of trust issues.  She will try to be close to him in all possible ways and will be successful temporarily, but due to all what is going in his life she is seen getting tired of his behavior if it does not change in the future.

This is all for now, and I wish you all "A Prosperous 2018!"


Friday, January 5, 2018

2018 Psychic Prediction: Bongbong Marcos

by: Psychic Gurmeet

Marcos is finally seen becoming a Vice President in 2018, but the only thing that can stop it is his being too generous to even those who might not be good and deserving.

There can be too many problems to take decisions on because of those who will try to misguide him, and may try to present false images, but a lady with great wisdom and strength will be solving all the issues one after another. 

There will be too much burden and he will need to take care of health in terms of anxiety. However, the good work will not stop and completion of tasks is seen.


Thursday, January 4, 2018

2018 Psychic Prediction: Super Junior SUJU Boy Band

Will they still be successful as a group in 2018?

There will be difficulties, competition, and I see a conspiracy to break the group.

A slim lady with help of her friend will try her best to bring differences between two members of the group.  There will be lots of expectations and burdens that can be harmful for their creative talent and unity.  

If they are able to stay together until September 2018 then there is great success expected in later part of the year, and I see their popularity increasing and people loving them even more in the future.


2018 Psychic Prediction: Prince Harry and Rachel Meghan Markle

by: Psychic Gurmeet

Could you tell us what you see of this newest royal couple?

There will be lies, hidden secret affair. All will not be as they appear. Most part will become a show-off for the camera.

In the near future a celebration is seen, after which there will be boredom in their relationship.

Conclusion shall be good this year, however, more maturity and patience will be expected of Rachel Meghan.


Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Maine Mendoza & Alden Richards ALDUB 2018 Showbiz Prediction

by: Psychic Gurmeet

Fearless Predictions Blogger's Note:  For those following our Aldub predictions, here is the continuation of what is being seen regarding the couple in 2018, with additional advice from Psychic Gurmeet.

What awaits Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards in 2018?

Merry Christmas and thanks to all my readers for your kind words, and lovely feedback on my past predictions!

Coming back to the greatest inside love story ever of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza:

Their relationship is seen getting more sensitive and fragile in 2018.  As shared with Fearless Predictions in February 2017, nothing is scripted, emotions are real, and more sensitive in this relationship.  So critics must handle with care, as these two are very fragile!

Now, I'm going to show you what is seen going on inside their relationship and how both of them feel and react towards each other:

For Alden Richards, I see he may feel at the lowest point and sometimes may have negative feelings on his relationship with Maine Mendoza, and all seen because of a woman, who as I had shared with Fearless Predictions in February 2017, can be the reason for the two drifting apart in the future. This is a shrewd woman, who does not want them to be together. If people think it is a planned publicity or a media hype organized by their managers, it is not that! All is real and nothing fake is happening; it is true love going in the wrong direction.

Alden Richards trusts the wrong woman who is elder than him, and this woman is very strong and influential. It looks as if Alden will not listen to what Maine will have to say about her, and there can be more knots in their relationship.  I also see Alden feeling stressed due to hard work and obligations which are effecting his health.  Due to all these, he wants an escape from the situation, and how will he do that will be his decision.  Best suggestion is to give himself some time and do some meditation to maintain a balance and understanding that he is the master of his life and nothing or no one can snatch his destiny.

Now about what Maine Mendoza thinks and what is seen happening behind the camera with him.  It’s seen that she wants his attention and time, and they had some arguments and will be having it again because of trust issues.  She will try to be close to him in all possible ways and will be successful temporarily, but due to all what is going in his life she is seen getting tired of his behavior if it does not change in the future.

Alden has to listen to her and not to the other elder woman if he wants to be with Maine Mendoza in a long term relationship.  Otherwise, once she’s gone it will be difficult to bring her back. Maine seeks committed relationship while Alden is taking the advice of others which when noticed by Maine creates more disputes between them.

These all may result in a breakup if  help from heavens does not come soon.

Maine Mendoza needs to be positive about Alden Richards, otherwise it is not difficult for fears or insecurity to become a reality, and Alden Richards moves towards a secret love affair.

Blessings & Merry Christmas To All!


Sunday, November 5, 2017

A Psychic Vision of Nuclear War: World War 3 Prediction

by: Psychic Gurmeet

Before it all begins there will be a war of words followed by peace talks; nothing will be right but all will be false. Unfortunately, this destruction cannot be avoided!

I look at the sky: number 8 is seen in golden and red colour, and a warning date or connected number for whatever is seen.  Nuclear war starts from a place that looks deserted!

Man who thinks is a warrior, wears an army outfit and a cap at the time of death and destruction. With no one to trust, it will be launched from a land that’s barren and deserted, sand and stones are seen. It shall be a long range rocket marked in red and he presses the button and no one else. He did it in agony and pain, for a revenge that’s already lost and nothing gained, he shall be running and wiped out by the forces of the east and the west.

I see people flying from burning scrapers, bricks flying in sky like red sugar candies in burning sun!

A war that lasts two months and two weeks.  World will feel it’s the end!

With survivors it’s a new world for them again. Survivors will not be able to take a rest! Hospitals will remain full.  Life will take a backseat for seven years and six months.  A new modern era will rise after a complete 21 years of crippling life.

A vision that is very disturbing; the signals that I'm getting are very strong!


October 31, 2017

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Bongbong Marcos Prediction Update - Election Protest

by: Psychic Gurmeet

As you had predicted earlier in the year, BBM's election protest indeed progressed significantly starting July 2017, and the actual recount procedure has now been initiated.  What can we expect next?

I must confirm backstabbing, enemies who tried to stop him, and who are still trying their best to destroy him completely, which he needs to keep a check on.

It’s clearly seen that there is justice delayed, but it's not denied. I re-confirm that his rise is seen. 

There are people who are manipulating things to go against him, but truth shall come out in ways that will redirect many things to his favor.  First thing now that I see happening is within 16 weeks where he will have some major changes in his position.

There will be ups and downs, but he knows how to deal with them.  He may have to lose something in order to gain what is much bigger that will hit his rivals like a bombshell. 

I see Bongbong Marcos in a very powerful position which will be connected to number 1. 

He will be bringing in much prosperity to the country. I further see that more people from his clan joining the existing power force in the Philippines, and making a big change in the overall picture of the country.
There are people who are manipulating things to go against him, but truth shall come out in ways that will redirect many things to his favor.  In the future, I see Bongbong Marcos in a very powerful position which will be connected to number 1. 
Love and light,


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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV Psychic Prediction

by: Psychic Gurmeet

What do you see about Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV?  He's been in the news on a regular basis with his sentiments about the current administration.

So, here I see that Antonio, is about to have a rough time in his career and also in love life.  I see that what he had thought to be his shield will not protect him.

He shall come to the lowest position in his life; there can be a scandal or a love affair (triangle) that goes wrong and he suffers. I see that he wishes to travel somewhere where he believes he can gain power against the current government, but all his actions will be going against him.

His cause of misery will be a woman, and his sorrows will continue with the number connected to 19.

There are other things that I see but I cannot share them in public at this time.
All his actions will be going against him. I see that what he had thought to be his shield will not protect him.
Love and light,