Monday, March 18, 2024

Miss Universe Philippines 2024 Psychic Prediction

by:Psychic Gurmeet  


A lonely crossroad, on a moonless night, I saw a body of bonez, standing by my driving side.
It said, howz ur work-
I said, I sell mirrors to the blind....
With a smile it replied -
Enjoy ur ride, till the dark cloud arrivez, till you wake up to the dream, with ur deep pitch scream.
Enjoy the ride, till moon getz bright with two glowing lightz, when dark becomez white and nothing'z in sight.
Good byez to the songz of the Godz, to the prayerz of the might, just keep up the fight.
Ur fight leadz, to the end of ur world, on the 13th night, when the dark shadow smilez.
Enjoy ur ride, till the dark cloud comez,
Till you wake up to the dream, with ur deep pitch scream.
Some blindz shall be left to cry, keep burning under rain, with their deepest pain. Be jealouz of those who left in peace, with millionz of bonez, on the lonely crossroad.
Enjoy ur ride, there'z no left or right, there is no u turn, only straight up the shore.

Hi Everyone!
Thanks to all of you for your love for my previous predictions. I bring to you the Miss Universe Philippines 2024 prediction:
  • Connected with number 10 and alphabet C and place connected to corns or some sort of yellow fruit or vegetable, may get into an argument or fight and shall be rejected by an angry man. She needs to check her temper to stay but she may not win if she argues again.
  • This participant connected to alphabet G, likes plants and trees. She worked for seven months on some project and sees the fruits in the 8th month, she is prospering with grace surrounded by selfish friends. She can come close to winning if not cheated by one of her friends.
  • This girl is a club goer and a good dancer, she is also being used and lied as she is young, emotional and deserves to win but needs to be careful as someone may take advantage of her immaturity.
  • Connected to number 1 and alphabet A and K. She is intelligent. She loves rain and winds, she loves justice and peace. Her lover is in a famous collage. She will be a strong contender to the 9th one.
  • B is the letter in the place she belongs and she is also connected to a place with L. Before it begins she knows her fate. What she thinks is what she gets. She is in depression and believes nothing can be saved. After loosing, she will have to start all over again.
  • Connected to alphabet G and C, unable to make a choice and busy in shopping spree. She has a sick and depressed father who finds it hard to walk. She needs to come to the real world and focus on what's real or she may not come close to winning.
  • She travelled a few months back and has gained some fame. She is connected to alphabet I in her name and a scenic place where she belongs like a sea or a lake. She needs to be careful of reptiles and snakes or she will not be able to move and choose her fate.
  • A contestant connected to letter F in her name and is a daughter of a wealthy man. She is stuck in the past and waits for someone ignoring the present and the gifts of wonder. She loses to her thoughts and misses an opportunity.
  • This gifted individual will have to sacrifice her work and happiness, she may suffer some pain and has N in her name. She symbolizes red and is influenced by fire. She is strong inside and knows she's being cheated. She can win this time but should leave the cheater. She is strong like the fire that spreads with the wind and she can come close to the win.
  • This beauty belongs to number 8 and letter E comes in her life again and again. If she lost this time, something else she will gain. But a miracle can happen if she stays confident and forgets her losses for a moment when on stage.
All the best to all the contestants. May the best contestant win.


Friday, January 12, 2024

2024 & Beyond Psychic Prediction

 by:Psychic Gurmeet 

Thank you everyone for the love and appreciation for my Miss Universe Prediction. A happy new year to all of you. Here are my predictions for 10 countries for 2024 and beyond:


The king is shrewd, negotiates his freedom for the price of his crown, his ego brings him down on the scale of balance but if he cuts his ego down and  goes down on knees at the door of God, he is blessed again.
The old man is gone and I don't see him move. The lady of knowledge and liberty, stands tall and people look up to her. There are still choices to be made and problems can be solved. A new road map is needed for recovery, but choices can be lost in celebrations if a wrong decision is not corrected and if the king doesn't cut his ego and goes to the door of God. Power rises again if the king is chosen by most if not all.


The fight goes on. A lady rumoured to be evil or mother of an Antichrist who yet to be born. She was crucified by the royals in her past life and she is here again to balance the wrong. The powers collide and the fire of the house that go out can bring the colony down. Out of two ladies - one with the golden hair is right and the younger one is considered wrong. An old man comes close to an end, stressed and thinks what he's lost. He reads the legal papers for a future generation that he thinks may be lost A right decision is made and the choice is made if the decision comes to the date connected to number 7 there will be battles refought, much will be lost and if they decide on 9th, all will be good and violent seas will be setlled at last.


A new contract is signed and the work is back. There is corruption lurking behind and they look at their gains. Loss of Trillions can happen if leader doesn't look and be gain for someone else and a rule come to end. Things may get slow and come to a pause if things are not set, a financial collapse may befall.
A powerful ruler can appear like a charm and if  the situation is handled with top priority, hidden agenda and making leaders mad, dancing to the tune, casting the spell, travels to a distant land to bring great prosperity to its people once again. 


Loss of wealth and a leader tries to win hearts. A lady is strong and avoids being in those talks. There is a boundary she says that no one should cross. It's funny because the boundaries she talks were crossed by her loved ones long back in times gone. A young power appears to be clever and quick; he uses a woman in power to his will. The country may suffer that the decisions of that lady may go wrong. It can be time for the people to come out, ask questions and speak out loud.


Wave of death and defeat. A talkative man is seen on the run. He will cheat his wife for a woman in another land he will love. Country will further lose too much. There is nowhere to move and fear will be all around. An actor who betrayed, will later be found. People fight inside and out. Someone who wants all is worried about his grants getting lost in the explosions of war. There will be some settlement after the war. The demand will be high and surrender soon can only be the chance to move on.


2024 is when the power is possessed by the Angel of Death and the God of Wrath with a combination of tradition and patriotism to have it all. Still good times are enjoyed and new plans are working above and beyond. The battles continue and cheaters are caught. Parties continue and winnings are historic, for the men with steel thoughts. Lands expand and emotions run high as the man who was sick, may find hard to survive but he walks with the armour of God, he shall fight for his traditions and rights till his last breath he survives. A mirror he saw and the reflection becomes him. Deep sentiments for history will always remember his name.


Sleepless nights for the dragon. Stress over rising powers and tribular seas. The dragon is old and greedier now. Land is expanding and so the seas go wild, but the dragon is hungry and still wants it more. As lost in celebrations, there will be darkness and smoke. There will be a great war in the future and nothing will grow. There will be eight powerful blows by the Dragon for the world to be on fire and explode. The dragon will disappear at will and if the fire grows it consumes the Dragon for sure.


As 2024 arrives tensions shall rise when two curses from different times ripen. It's the karma of the past, things will be at pause for some time, and there shall be no wind after which the fights will intensify. Three religions made by man bring now the Doom for the world. The world still grows in numbers, and continues to fight.
This is the curse of God on an old gipsy tribe. The tribe shall travel again to find the promised land. Things may repeat in ten years or so. A man of God will try to guide but if not like Gabriel he will be crushed and crucified.


Despite of some losses, the Lion turns into Gold. There are greedy lands who want to cage the Lion for sure. Lion will roar, feast, but may sometimes be slow. His message will be clear for one and all. The wise man from the roots comes to power again but he should be careful while travelling and never try to travel faster than sound again. A warning is clear, to careful of some poisonous snakes lurking around somewhere near. If all goes right, he makes his people proud. He is loved by his people and people abroad and for generations to know. I see a lady from far and with a smile, offers a great gift to the country's surprise.


It's just like old times, someone's needs are someone's gains, and gains are stored in a far-off place. It looks as if the past repeats again. Some financial losses in the near future and later that money grows but there's a pause for a while again. The year 2024 is a time of highs and lows. Some characters get caught and some remain at loose.
At moments there will be joy but at times it may be felt not too nice. If new rules come in place, a leader of a high position may be replaced. There will certainly be an external influence, but people will understand what the best is. The seas may get wild and so will be the water in people's mind. The time is right to debunk corruption and stop crimes

May God bless the world and its leaders with wisdom, peace, and prosperity.