Friday, July 30, 2021

Miss Universe Philippines 2021 Psychic Prediction

 by: Psychic Gurmeet

Thank you all once again for your love.  As requested, I present my prediction for Miss Universe Philippines 2021.

The winner is connected to number 4 and alphabet G, and will give a tough competition to all other contestants.  She is seen in a serious love affair but if she is not patient she will have to compromise her professional life.  She is a very bold woman, who likes black and yellow.  Somehow connected to a red fruit or a consumable brand connected to fruits with a red packaging.  There will be three letter or alphabet C connected to a place where she is emotionally connected with.  She belongs to a place which is rich and fertile with lots of natural resources.

  • Close to the winning lady, a woman who is spiritual and connected to alphabet E.  She will be connected to a serious accident for which may seek justice.  She is connected to a place which has an ancient yellow temple, hills or a sacred pyramid, and that place might have seen some tough times in past on the dates connected to 10th or 20th.
  • The third contestant is overconfident as she feels that a man in power with grey hair can make her the winner but she can only come at the third position or may even lose completely if she remains being a smug.  She is the masked woman as seen in her past on a date connected to number 2 where she danced with someone.  She belongs to a place connected with number 5.
  • Lastly, I see a woman who tries every time but loses, it is like play and rewind for the audience and for her.  She will become frustrated and lose but she will rise again after realizing her flaws.  Number 8 will be connected to her victory at another venue.  She is connected to a place with alphabet B which is dull and boring with not much population.

May the best contestant win and make Philippines proud! 

Best wishes,