Sunday, June 24, 2018

Bongbong Marcos Psychic Prediction (June 2018)

by: Psychic Gurmeet

Could you share what you see regarding the vice presidential vote recount, particularly on Bongbong Marcos?

Thanks again to all the readers for all the appreciation and love. I present to you what I see this time for Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos, Jr.

Out of my many predictions on Marcos a long time ago, there was one prediction where I mentioned about a woman who would be planning against Bongbong Marcos. This woman again appears in front of me with a pointed poisonous spear in her right hand which she throws towards a royal man but the man escapes.  Interestingly, this is something that has been repeated in many lifetimes, in many different ways, by this woman on this noble man. This woman had, in many lifetimes, worshipped dark forces to gain power and control. She, with her men who wear black cloaks, still haunts Marcos in disguise.

It's a fight between good and evil. But good energies go unharmed and untouched.

Further, I see that a very powerful negative attack was initiated a few days back, and is even being planned at present against Marcos, out of which one he has already escaped and the second he will escape further, too.  Now, a man in disguise will surface in the picture and will pretend to be on Marcos side but actually a spy from the opposition.  This man will be there to create confusion so that his shrude lady wins. A lot is happening under the ocean to make sure that Marcos does not win, but there are strong tides that can make him win this time in the recount if this woman is put to check.

There are strong undercurrents on both ends with high and low tides. I see great growth and prosperity for Philippines with all good men in power together in the future taking the wisest steps for a brighter tomorrow.

That woman's domination will end and she will be put to rest for a long time.