Saturday, July 20, 2019

Miss Universe 2019 Psychic Prediction

Thanks to all the readers! I present to you my predictions for the Miss Universe 2019 Pageant.

The winner will be connected to the land with a history of magic and mysticism, and there is no surprise she will have a magical charm and smile. Land connected to herbs, berries, forts, good wildlife, tribes, forests, and hidden gold resources with a history of rulers who cared for their people and place where the golden man sits.

Number 16 is what stands out this time with the winner, wearing a deep red with some black, and will have a strong presence, a combination of beauty, strength, softness, roses, and perfumes.

She will stand up for women and justice, and will be true to every word spoken. There will be rumours about her personal life, and this can negatively affect her confidence which may cause her to lose to another strong contender connected to alphabet T, because the competition is going to be tough. She knows that the gold amulet she owns is enough to give her more power. She will know what I mean when she reads this.

There is going to be a tough choice for the judges among the letters P, M, B, V & T, and number 9. These letters and number will be connected to the contestants' past or origin.

These are what I see on five strong contenders who I feel can make it:
  • I see one connected to number 10 or 01. She loves water and rain. She has lived with deep emotions and is very compassionate, and an animal lover, too.
  • The other one connected to number 5 or 15 is no doubt a strong contender and even has blessings from a powerful and spiritual man.  Despite all her prayers, however, this will not be her time to make it as she is self-realizing her past mistakes, and facing problems in her personal life.
  • The next contestant is connected to letter F and it seems as if someone from her past like her ex-lover is reentering her life and this distraction will make her lose this time as she could not get a grip of her emotions.
  • Another contestant I see is still a struggler, working hard on herself, but confused on how she made this far. She is connected to number 5 with moon being a connection to an important symbol of her origin. This connection may be the disadvantage.
  • Going back to the winner who will be connected to alphabet P and number 9, I see her being blessed by the powerful forces of her ancestors or warrior spirits and nature of the place she comes from. It is as if nature is blessing her to make it this time. She will cry tears not only of joy but for all that the personal loss and tragedies she suffered in life. She will remember every moment of her past and thank God for the present moment. She will be the true deserving woman and will be an inspiration. 
My best wishes to all the contestants. May the most deserving win!


Psychic Gurmeet's prediction as published on The Manila Times