Tuesday, October 28, 2014

ISIS Predictions

by: World Famous Psychic SPY

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or ISIS (or ISIL) will take control of Pakistan nuclear weapons before Christmas. Taliban will also join ISIS in Afghanistan.

We are now going to see a concerted push by Islamic terrorists in to Africa and Israel. I have dream't of huge numbers of Jewish dead.

Other countries will soon be part of the ISIS caliphate. Groups in Africa from the Mediterranean down to equator will soon join - Libya (done),  Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco. Iraq, Syria.

Many will be recruited from the Philippines through MILF.

Dreams of lots of dead people, not Iraq or the usual places.  Tunisia will be next to have the trouble from Lybia.

Dreams show the whole of North Africa will soon be a war zone.  Morocco to Iran.  Pakistan, Afghanistan all supporting ISIL.  We must think of KORAN.

Turkey desires ISIS to control Turkish Borders and march into Europe.  Can the Kurds hold on, I do not dream they do. Only more death to come.

The ISIS war will continue for the next 50 years, ending in a nuclear explosion in the mid east.

World Famous Psychic SPY

Dubbed as "The Nostradamus of Today", World Famous Psychic SPY, a British national, is known across the globe for his recorded predictions of 9/11 Twin Towers attack, Chernobyl nuclear disaster, the Lockerbie plane crash, US Embassy bomb attack in Pakistan, and many events that made headlines.

He had worked with the team who discovered the whereabouts of Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.  In March 2014, he had predicted the Malaysian Air MH370 a day before it went missing. 
World famous Psychic SPY has been giving readings for over 35 years now, and has guested in 100's of TV and radio shows, and thousands of news and magazine articles. He had his own TV show for over 3 years in Europe. Almost every major documentary channel had made a show about his work. This includes National Geographic, Discovery Channel, History Channel, Science Channel.

A number of books have also been written about him.

"All the stories and evidence is there to see. There is an amazing spiritual realm that we all share. Guides and angels are there to show us the way and help us on the right path in our lives." says World Famous Psychic SPY.

In spite of his world-changing predictions, I can only say that he is very fatherly, yet very casual, when he reads with me, and that makes me very comfortable with World Famous Psychic SPY.

If you wish to know more about World Famous Psychic SPY, including how to get in touch with him, please check out his profile.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

MJ Lastimosa @ Miss Universe Beauty Pageant

by: Psychic Astrid & Psychic August

Psychic August

For this reading, I used the Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot card.

MJ Lastimosa, the Philippines' finest bet yet to secure the much-eluded Miss Universe crown, will come close, very close in fact, to become a major finalist in the coming Miss Universe Beauty Pageant.

She will be a favorite for the title, but not quite winning it in the end. It's a south american woman who is destined to bring home the crown to her home country.

Although coming quite close to bagging the much coveted title, but not winning it, she will become an instant celebrity in the Philippines, like the previous Miss Universe bets -  SISIKAT SIYA! She'll get hero's welcome, an audience with the president, addressing the Senate and Congress.  Modeling contracts, hosting, and bits of acting offers, numerous commercial endorsements, will come her way. Thus a new Filipina Star is born!

Psychic Astrid

For my first deck, I take the Goddess cards. Let us have a look now, what the cards are telling about this beautiful lady. Here, I have the Magician, the Wisdom, the Guardian, the World, the Nature.

That means - people like the way she moves and her intelligence. Furthermore, she has something mysterious around her and when she smiles, it seems, that she has a wonderful hidden secret. This makes the people curious, and they want to discover, what is behind these nice eyes and her wonderful smile.

This is the reason, why they want to see more from her and they will vote for her, more than expected.

Her appearance is very attractive and she has enough power and energy to keep this level of engagement until the end of the competition - but the other girls are also very beautiful and so it will be a very hard fight.

I see her on the stairs of success - but not as number one - in the cards I see the number 2 or 3.

And after this competition she will have a lot of job offers (like publicity or modelling).

I will do a re-check now with another deck - just to see what the other deck is showing and to be sure about the result. Here, I have a similar result - the Soldier, the Business, the Movement, the Work.

This means, that the way will be very hard and and she has to move a lot, to get the necessary success. She will be successful, but not as much as she would want it to be. She will get the possibility to travel and to earn very good money after this big event and she will be a famous person.

But unfortunately, I must repeat, she will not have the crown - she will be under the Top 10 yes, but not the absolute winner.

Blogger's Note:  In as much as I really wanted to get an objective psychic prediction for our dear MJ Lastimosa's stint in the coming Miss Universe pageant, I requested two psychics - 1 Filipino, and 1 foreigner to see what their divinatory genius show.  Aside from each psychics' vibes, 3 different sets of divinatory cards were used for this reading.

Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution - part II

This month, the HK protesters need to reach a certain level of communication with the outside world, to gain support against the Chinese machine, if not, I see them being resigned to failure by December as many will return to normal life as pressure isn't paying off. I even sense a huge drop in productivity and the city appearance will be affected by this huge drop in hours worked and strike activities.

All these factors will push the elders and elite of the HK society to intervene and request a stop to the protesting, which in terms will end the Umbrella movement in it's tracks, before reaching any definitive ruling on the country future.

This will dishearten many of the young ones and push them to voice their disagreement, which in term will get them in trouble with the law or the gangs affiliated to the Chinese government.

Many will see the little obtained out of this revolution as an achievement, which it is, many things will change for the independence of HK, Politically at least, but, the ghost and the grip of the CENTRAL GOVERNMENT, will always be felt and witnessed in any of the HK economics and politics.

I urge the fellow HK revolutionaries to assess their options before giving in into any proposals, make sure that in the long run, there is an exit option in the contract they will have to sign, further more, there is many traitors in ur camp, waiting and trying to derail the train of change!

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful and committed people can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
- Margaret Meade

I will be posting further predictions on this topic.

Photo: Politico Magazine

Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution - part I

Friday, October 24, 2014

Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution - part I

From a civil point of view, I need to congratulate the People of Hong Kong and wish them all the best in their endeavors!

From a psychic point of view, it's a little different!

I will tune to most events and quotations of politicians and activists, to see and feel the outcome and the events to be.  This cannot be done accurately unless i cover all aspects of the conflict and the people behind the scenes of course!

This first part will focus on the events to be concerning this REVOLUTION:

The Hong Kong Federation of Students and Scholar began protesting outside the government headquarters on 22 September 2014 against the NPCSC's decision: 22/09/2014= 4+9+7=2.  A revolution with a path no. 2 is bound to success, as it is about freedom and equality. The peaceful orientation, that was obtained from the beginning will always be the best asset and convincing tool to sell the HK idea to the world. No point ruining the city to repair it later.

The HK people, are very much responsible and talented when it comes to expressing their needs and dreams to the public view.  HK, will always be regarded as a very advanced culture and country, the pressure that lays on their shoulders is immense as I sense this can be the start of something huge in Asia and it's influential regional power houses.

Will Hong Kong get democracy? Probably not.

Top Communist party officials have put their full weight behind the proposal for committee-vetted candidates, and have shown no sign that they’ll be willing to heed protesters’ demands. Above all, Beijing fears that the city, if left to its own devices, would choose a pro-democratic candidate, potentially planting the seeds for a movement to break away from mainland control. And for a leadership already grappling with separatist movements in the western regions Tibet and Xinjiang, any sort of successful independence movement would set an unthinkable precedent.

The civil disobedience campaign is about more than open elections – it’s about the future of the city’s relationship with Beijing.

The central government has been slowly and systematically tightening its grip over the city, leading the HK residents to feel politically marginalized and economically squeezed. Real estate markets have flooded with mainland money, making home ownership prohibitively expensive. Local media outlets have begun to rigorously self-censor, for fear of losing advertisers. Outspoken voices have been threatened, even attacked.

But, and it's a massive BUT:

This month, the HK protesters need to reach a certain level of communication with the outside world, to gain support against the Chinese machine, if not, I see them being resigned to failure by December as many will return to normal life as pressure isn't paying off. I even sense a huge drop in productivity and the city appearance will be affected by this huge drop in hours worked and strike activities.

to be continued...


Psychic Zeus

Zeus, a british national, is originally from Tunisia, and had inherited his psychic prowess from his ancestors. It started with dreams and then became visions then communication with his spirit guides. He grew to understand his abilities and embraced the responsibilities that come with them.

When he is into divination, Zeus may use tools or just rely on his inert ability and spiritual guides.  He is an expert in The Tarot, tarot of Marseille, Hippie Oracle, Angel cards, Gypsy cards, pendulums, Chkoba, chakra balancing, and dream interpretation. Zeus, a clairvoyant and clairaudient, also uses crystals.

Zeus has been reading with me for quite a long time already. He is friendly and concerned, but damn serious when he gives his vibes on the question at hand.

If you wish to know more about Zeus, including how to get in touch with him, please check out his profile.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Malaysia Airlines MH370

by: Psychic Astrid

Will they find some more important objects and details about MH370 in the near future - i.e., within the next 4-6 months?

Some passengers on board the missing MH370

There will be at, first, a kind of disappointment and resignation because there is a stagnation at the moment and, this situation will continue for a while.  But then, at an unexpected moment, they will discover something which will be very helpful for understanding what is happening.  They will have some more information but as you see, there will still be a lot of open questions, and they will continue and so on, with their search.

Unfortunately the cards are telling very clearly, that during the next half a year, the discovery they can make would not be enough to give a clear statement about the whole situation. The puzzle is much too big, and the distance too far - so it will take years to get more and more details.

The cards are showing as well a lot of secrets, that means, many objects will disappear in the unknown and they will appear in the part of the world where we never would imagine to find them.

Psychic Astrid

Astrid is a French-German clairvoyant who has been practicing divination for 37 years.  Much of her own knowledge is not learnt from books, but from her own experiences and teachers she had met along her path. Over these years, she has built up an extensive list of private clients around the world.

Astrid works with her guardian angel Nith-Haia, and is an authority in the use of "Kippercards", "Gipsy-Cards" and "Mme Lenormand" cards, which can show the past, the present and the future.  She also does numerology, the pendulum, reading coffee grounds, and dream interpretation.

"At times the insight I will give you may not be what you want to hear but it could be what you need to hear. Your reading will always be given to you with honesty and I can only give you what I get.", Astrid added.

Personally, I like Astrid's approach in her readings, as she enumerates the series of events that will lead to the final answer to the question at hand.

If you wish to know more about Astrid, including how to get in touch with her, please check out her profile.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Jeffrey "Jennifer" Laude

by: Psychic August

The murder case of the filipina transexual Jeffrey "Jennifer" Laude, involving US Marine Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton, will not really be resolved.  Despite the assurances of US government and those representing the side of the accussed, real justice will not be had by the victim's side as the accussed will ever still remain in custody of the US government, not really experiencing the full effect of the sentencing of the Philippine court.

Bearing a parallelism with what had happened with rape case involving Suzette 'Nicole' Nicolas and Lance Corporal  Daniel Smith back in 2006 and 2009, there may be some efforts of cooperation from the side of the accussed, but in the end, Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton will still be shielded by the US government, quietly citing that all their actions are valid as is indicated in the VFA between the US and Philippine governments.

There will be a lot of clamor for the scrapping or at least the revision of the VFA, and it will even be the subject of a senate inquiry, but it will remain pretty much  intact and in effect.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

President Benigno Aquino III

by: Chango

There is a power struggle going on between him and a woman; a woman who is internally enmeshing him and not only earning the trust and confidence of voters and the people of the town.

What people do not know is that this woman, this being that comes with such apparently good intentions and eager to organize the economic and moral situation of the country, and boasts of solution to problems, is nothing more than a façade, is nothing more than a mask concealing their true intentions.

Quite difficult for the place and the people who inhabit it.  It comes in a time where violence is increased, where it will be increasingly complicated to live there, where people are deprived of many rights, where they will see that, foe evil or good, in one way or another, would be better with its current president.

On the question of whether President Aquino will (attempt to run) for  next period, yes, he will try too, but will not succeed and not manage to get there, as people lose faith in what he has done and what he will do.  Sadly this place, Philippines for some years will not be so good place to live, insecurity, economic situation and many other factors begin to be affected even more than before.

Photo: Aklan Forum

Psychic Chango

Chango is a Colombian psychic who has inherited his Powers of Nature from his mother who was a Mambo priestess. When performing divination, he consults with the "higher bubble of existence".

"They are beings of light, ascended masters, some of whom were humans once. They are always with us and show us their existence".

He also reads with egyptian tarot, pendulum and marseilles cards. He is a spell-caster and a Reiki master. He started at a very young age of 8, when he accidentally predicted his sister's flu while playing with his father's runes.

One of Chango's unforgettable predictions is the 2010 magnitude 8.8 killer earthquake in Chile, for which he had seen and felt the sufferings himself before the disaster happened.

I've been reading with Chango for a long time -- and in my own opinion, the most appropriate adjective to describe him is: UNBELIEVABLE, or its synonyms.

For more details about Chango, please check out his profile at the top of the site. He has an international clientele and speaks spanish and english.

Photo: Oranum

Saturday, October 18, 2014

2016 Philippine Presidential Election

by: Psychic August

For this prediction, I used the tarot and my intuition:

The next president will be a man; definitely it will be Jejomar Binay, the current vice president. Despite the recent attacks against him, he will remain, in the public eye, to be the most trusted public official in spite of his plunging approval ratings. With the Filipinos tendency to root for the underdog but who projects an image of 'getting the job done' - mainly with what he has done in developing the country's premier business district - Makati City.

With the threat of upcoming formal investigation and possible charges filed against him and his family, the current vice president will manage to weather through all these, long enough to successfully participate and win in the upcoming 2016 elections.

Binay will fare better than Mar Roxas; in fact it would be better if Mar would not run for the presidency in 2016. Miriam Defensor will survive her bout with cancer but at the last minute she will opt not to run for the presidency, citing physical weakness as the cause. And of course, Rodrigo Duterte won't still run, still promoting his stand for federalism as the better form of government for the Philippines (it actually is, given the pinoys' diversity & divisiveness - my opinion).

Bongbong Marcos will not run for president in 2016.  He will be biding time, opting to secure his place as a senator.

Bong Revilla will run, even if detained, but will lose.  Alan Peter Cayetano will also run but will also fail to secure the presidency.

Pnoy will finish his term, with no extension, and no assassination nor coup de etat.

The country will finally develop economically with the next president, in contrast to the current, whose main accomplishment will be seen to be weeding out many corrupt personalities from public office.

The 2016 elections in the Philippines will also be messy behind the scenes, with a lot of clandestine manipulations going on. However, it will not be worse than previous national elections.

And - the next vice president of the country will also be a man.

Psychic August, Psychic / Fortune Teller Philippines

Our very first featured psychic is Psychic August, who's been into divination for 28 years.

A professional intuitive psychic and tarot reader, Psychic August maintains a wide client base including businessmen and celebrities like Maricel Soriano, Jodi Sta Maria, Amy Perez, Marvin Agustin, among others. He has also been featured in several TV and radio programs.

He is also a clairvoyant and clairaudient.

Some of August's significant predictions include President Joseph Estrada's winning the 2002 elections but not finishing his term, President Noynoy Aquino's coming into power to clean up the government, and that former Justice Corona's accusers would go to jail before him.

Psychic August, while very friendly and approachable, is a no-nonsense kind of a reader. I basically take note of almost everything he says, as I found every bit of those very useful.

If you want to know more about Psychic August, including his contact details, please check out his profile.

Ebola Virus - Philippines And The World

by: Psychic August

The dreaded virus will get itself into the country. However, it will be contained, case will be minimal, and I don't see an outbreak.

I have also seen that the Philippine goverment will not send a medical team to West Africa, instead it will just focus on preventive measures to keep the virus from entering the country.

Next year, finally, due to more concerted efforts by the international community in response to entreaties by US President Barack Obama and the United Nations, the spread of the ebola virus worldwide would be slowed down, although thousands will still die of the virus, but not in the millions as initially feared. Some drugs that would slow down the virus ( but not yet really curing it) would be officially used.

A highly publicized patient will lose the battle, and another one in the news in recent days will survive.

Everyone is encouraged to learn about Ebola,
its prevention, transmission, and symptoms
Makakapasok ang Ebola sa bansa, bagamat maagapan ito kung kaya't kaunti lang ang maapektuhan at hindi kakalat sa publiko.

Nakita ko rin na hindi magpapadala ang gobyerno ng medical team sa Africa. Ito ay magpo focus na lang sa prevention sa pagpasok at pagkalat ng sakit na ito sa bansa.

Dahil sa effort ng Amerika at United Nations, mailalabas na ng official sa susunod na taon ang gamot para mapabagal ang epekto ng virus sa mga tinamaan ng Ebola. Libo-libo pa rin ang nakakalungkot na masasawi sa sakit subalit hindi naman million gaya ng naunang kinatatakutan.

Isang pasyente na nababalita sa buong mundo sa ngayon ang nakakalungkot na masasawi, subalit ang isa ring nasa balita nitong mga nakaraang araw ay malalagpasan ang sakit na ito.

Photo credit: Inquirer, CDC

Mayon Eruption

by: Psychic August

Unlike its previous eruptions, Mount Mayon will maintain its gentle outburst in the coming days.  I don't see any major destruction of properties or loss of lives arising from its unrest this year.

Hindi gaya ng mga nakaraang pagputok nito, mananatiling banayad lang ang pagsabog ng Mayon ngayong taong ito.  Wala akong nakikitang malaking pinsala sa mga ari-arian at pagkawala ng mga buhay.

Philippine Earthquakes and Typhoons

by: Psychic August

I see no major earthquakes happening next year, that is, nothing stronger than Intensity 5.  For the remainder of the year, only slight tremors, if at all.

No more major typhoons in the next few months. We can only worry about monsoon winds which may bring about rain ("habagat") to be worse, but nothing too serious.

Wala akong nakikitang lindol sa isang taon na hihigit sa Intensity 5.  Sa natitirang bahagi ng 2014, bahagyang pagyanig lang, kung meron man.

Ganoo din sa bagyo, wala na akong nakikita na malaksa sa susunod na buwan ng taon.  Ang dapat lang paghandaan ay ang habagat, subalit hindi rin naman ito masasabing "serious".

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Thank you for those who regularly visit our blog and who took the time to send their comments and concerns about the previous predictions, as well as those who inquired about psychic consultations.

We realized we owed it to avid followers of this blog to feature other psychics whom we think are credible enough to satisfy their divination interests.

We will be featuring psychics from now and then, both local and foreign, whom we have tried and satisfied ourselves with.  The concept is to share what and who we know, as a form of service and gratitude to our blog patrons.

Again, thank you and hang on for our featured psychics and their predictions!