Location: Colombia

My mother was a Mambo Priest , and I've inherited her Powers of Nature. I can read your destiny with egyptian tarot, pendulum and marselles cards, I can make spells for fortune at work and love, money, fertility, studies; i'm a reiki master and i can use my knowledge to heal you. I use my Powers of Nature since I was 17 years old, but when I was 8 years I used the Runes of my father accidentally and predicted flu for my sister. I love nature, trees and flowers, I'm part of them. With my cards i'm going to know your destiny, your future, your love, your work, your money, and then they are going to tell me how you must work in order to get all you need to be happy. With my cards we are going to navigate together crossing your past, present and future, in order to advise you and you will take the right way. Dream interpretation is very important too because it says what your soul is shouting when you are sleeping. Finally spells... With the spells you're gonna change your destiny, your love, your work, your studies... YOUR FUTURE.

Experience in Divination

One of Chango's unforgettable predictions is the 2010 magnitude 8.8 earthquake in Chile, for which he had seen and felt the sufferings himself before the disaster happened.
  • Tarot card and Gipsy card reading
  • Pendulum
  • Dream interpretation
  • Spiritual, Reiki, Crystal, and Chakra healing