Sunday, May 31, 2015

MRT/LRT & Metro Manila Traffic

by: Psychic August

The snail's pace traffic along EDSA and the MRT/LRT predicament where commuters struggle against each other to squeeze themselves into the trains, plus the other myriad mechanical problems besetting MRT/LRT that makes riding them a daily considerable risk to life and limb - may never be resolved to our complete satisfaction.

However, I see that a significant improvement will eventually come to our relief in the 1st three years of the next administration. A more systematic and pragmatic solution to this dilemma will be installed, a lot better than the previous efforts that are at best, cosmetic patches to this worsening problem.

Three public figures will be most noticeable in the ongoing resolution to this traffic/MRT/LRT problem in the next three years, earning the praises of the people.  I see two men: one trim, going towards having a slim built, and fair complexion; and another one possessing a broad built and tending towards being moreno.  One fair complexioned, short and trim woman, will be the most prominent of these three officials.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

2016 Philippine Presidential Election Prediction: Jejomar Binay, Grace Poe, or Mar Roxas?

by: Psychic Gurmeet

Who among these 3 do you predict as the next President of the Philippines? Jejomar Binay, Grace Poe, or Mar Roxas?  Or none of them?

Out of the three names that were mentioned to me the highest chances of winning for the presidential elections will be for Mr. Jejomar "Jojo" Binay, Sr.

When I see Mr. Jejomar "Jojo" Binay, I sense a great experience with the power of those who are all around him like a combination of wisdom, power and prosperity of the country.  According to my prediction, he is supposed to be the next president of Philippines, and a speedy progress of the country is seen.  Also, an asset like him are rarely found, and is made to build strong foundations for the future generations also.  The rest of the options given to me were too dim in front of his brightness and shine.  I saw a great 2016 for him.  He will also need to take care of his health in the month of October 2015.

As for now we all expect of many more candidates for filing the nominations and here I see a wild card entry kind of a situation also, there will be a strong man with a reputation of a "Dirty Harry" which as assumed by Fearless Prediction, could be Rodrigo Duterte.

Rodrigo Duterte as I see will have to be a tough competition if he files a nomination, however he could be the president in the distant future for Philippines, he as I see, is the man who will practically remove corruption from the Philippines, and has the potential to create a new era.  Also in my Easter prediction for Philippines, I had mentioned a corruption Free Philippines.

Lots of love and light,


Date: May 19, 2015

Friday, May 15, 2015

ISIS Prediction Update #9

by: World Famous Psychic SPY

My dreams warned us from Pan Am 103 to the present day.

Thousands of ISIL / ISIS arrive in Italy everyday by boat!!!
Psychic SPY is a dream precognition psychic and has been officially documented to have predicted high profile cases including the 9/11 attack.  You may visit his chatroom and see him in action.

Date: May 14, 2015

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Janicel Lubina @ Miss International 2015

by: Psychic 2Light

There is a lot of energy around Miss Philippines.  The energy is enthusiastic and robust.  What I sense with this energy is something close to the energy surrounding political nominations and sporting events.  This fervor is not just about Miss Philippines winning the Miss International but a reflection of the Philippines itself taking the crown and achieving victory over other nations.

Currently, there is success ahead, abundance and money.  With power comes responsibility and with the title of Miss Philippines comes a majestic role much like a political candidate announcing their run for major office, Miss Philippines understands this role and is ready to take it on.  She has had to deal with set backs and disappointment in the past.  Her road to victory was not an easy one.  She feels a certain zest, an eagerness to move forward and upward.

At the moment, Miss Philippines is caught up in the hype and the energy surrounding her.  It is a whirlwind of hope and desire and the country's need to see Miss Philippines succeed and take the crown of Miss International.  Love is in the air for Miss Philippines.  It is not a romantic love she feels with the coronation of being Miss Philippines but a love for country and a love for one's self.  She is not a selfish person, but one who now sees the worthiness of the title she now holds and her future is opening up, becoming brighter with each passing day.

Romance is also around Miss Philippines.  This positive energy fuels her desire, ambition and drive for future success as Miss International.  However, there is a downturn in success for Miss Philippines.  She will need to be cautious and proceed into the future with less zest or more constructive energy; she will need to step back from tension and stress so that she can see the future path, the one of destiny ahead.  There is stiff competition ahead.  Although Miss Philippines is aware of this competition, she is not yet ready for it.  She must relax and anticipate and allow her intuition to guide her forward.  I sense that Miss Philippines will not take the crown of Miss International due to the fatigue and tension surrounding her and her inability to listen to her intuition.  She will fall victim to the tension and stress surrounding the Miss International contest much in the same way that so many others before her had done so.

What we all need to remember is that the future is never set in stone. Miss Philippines can change this current future and turn it into victory, only if she listens to intuition and follows the guidance within her heart.
Psychic 2LIGHT has been doing readings for over 20 years.  He uses the Tarot to assist and to guide.  This, combined with his intense intuitive ability, allows him to hear the voice of Spirit, "which is the ultimate voice in the path to love and light and happiness".   
You may visit his chatroom to see him in action.

Reading Date: May 3, 2015 

Will There Be A Pacquiao - Mayweather Rematch?

by: Psychic Jay

With his dismal loss to Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao encases himself in a bubble of illusion, self-deception, anxiety, and fears.  Undoubtedly feeling unhappy from his loss, Manny is hovered with confusion of what else he can, and could do to rise above the situation.  There is just too much frustration from his thwarted attempt to beat the undefeated Mayweather.  He had expected too much from this bout.

This feeling of illusion and confusion, and great difficulty in letting go will eventually subside.  He will start to shrug off the anxiety and face the world again with lifted burdens.  He will feel liberated from his frustrations.

Will there be a re-match?  There will be speculations and public clamor in the near future, but the answer is NO, there will not be another Pacquiao-Mayweather bout.

Instead, Pacquiao will explore his other interests and embark on new opportunities.  He will realize that he has reached very far in life, and the only remaining item on his check-list is to consider a much longer-term view, and explore things beyond his familiar grounds.

In the end, in spite of the disappointing result of the much-hyped Fight of the Century, Manny Pacquiao will come into terms that there are more things in life than boxing.

Psychic Jay is a dream-precognition psychic, a clairvoyant and a seasoned tarot reader. Some of his significant predictions include Obama's presidency, the rise of ISIS, the German World Cup championship, and the recent Mayweather victory.
Reading Date: May 5, 2015

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Pope Francis: Change and Revolution

by: Psychic Gurmeet

The reading here is of no ordinary man, not only because of he is the Pope but he is a very high soul and has the power to bring very big changes in the world.  Each word that comes from him is too deep but will not be accepted by all, he is a very pure soul and even more God speaks through him, he is a man of many hidden talents.  He is a deeply emotional man never been fully understood by the people around him, he is a man of commitment -- loyal, compassionate, with deep desire for peace, harmony, love and unity among all.

When I began my reading for him it showed me clearly that when he was born there were strong changes in the world and also those who personally know him would confirm that his coming was indicated in dreams or messages which were divine to his mother and other people at that time.

There has been constant battle with the dark forces since his birth time, there have people who have lied to him and deceivers through many times against him, things have happened that have tested his powers, but he has remained unharmed and looking to God as pure as 100% Silver, white brightness shines through him and his aura has the silver-white pure light that surround him and anything he touches or sees is blessed.

The man who knows everything about all religions, respects them, understands them and knows true God as we see he speaks to him regularly and directly.

His messages will be in controversies as most of the corrupt will not understand even if they know; his messages that will not be taken seriously will have the wrath of God upon those who will deny.  Whatever he said or will say should be taken very seriously throughout the world; otherwise consequences will be far more painful!

He knows well that there are deceivers around him even now but will not react to them as he knows God is with him and he is surrounded by the angels of heaven.  He has no fear of those deceivers and knows what he has to do.

In the near future Pope will not be well for sometime but he will recover very well recharged and re-energized by the powers that protect him. I also see him traveling to a place that has fresh waters and nature.  Some decisions will be taken by him in the near future that he has been thinking for some time now, but will not be accepted by all.  My suggestion to those who do not accept his thoughts is to understand if you deny his word you are denying the word of God!

I also know that his messages will still not be fully accepted by everyone but only those who know of what he speaks, those who will accept his messages and follow will be the highest and unharmed with generations to prosper and be fertile.

His powers of distance healing are very powerful.

He has already blessed or will very soon be blessing a pregnant woman with a baby girl still inside or with a newly born girl that that has been sent by heaven to rule.  Her coming to power in the distant future will fulfill the dream of Pope Francis of unification of a nation.

That's all I can see for now.

Reading Date: May 5, 2015

Monday, May 4, 2015

Karma Cleansing 八十八佛大懺悔文-佛光山 梵唄

by: Psychic GU

The law of karma says:
"For every event, there will follow another event which was caused by the first, and this second event will be pleasant or unpleasant according to whether the causing event was unjustly beneficial or harmful, to you and others"
This means that things that happen  to you, whether good or bad, is indirectly or directly caused by you.  It's a cause and effect.  You may not escape a bad karma, but you can create a positive one for you!

Today, I will share with you an effective method of clearing your negative karma, by listening to the chant below.  Just concentrate with thoughts of doing positive things for others.  You may pray to your own God while listening!

Psychic Gu is a natural intuitive psychic specializing in Tarot, I Ching, Runes, and the oldest divination tool - Chinese Sticks.  

VIDEO credits to:  hsiuchutulin