Saturday, May 9, 2015

Janicel Lubina @ Miss International 2015

by: Psychic 2Light

There is a lot of energy around Miss Philippines.  The energy is enthusiastic and robust.  What I sense with this energy is something close to the energy surrounding political nominations and sporting events.  This fervor is not just about Miss Philippines winning the Miss International but a reflection of the Philippines itself taking the crown and achieving victory over other nations.

Currently, there is success ahead, abundance and money.  With power comes responsibility and with the title of Miss Philippines comes a majestic role much like a political candidate announcing their run for major office, Miss Philippines understands this role and is ready to take it on.  She has had to deal with set backs and disappointment in the past.  Her road to victory was not an easy one.  She feels a certain zest, an eagerness to move forward and upward.

At the moment, Miss Philippines is caught up in the hype and the energy surrounding her.  It is a whirlwind of hope and desire and the country's need to see Miss Philippines succeed and take the crown of Miss International.  Love is in the air for Miss Philippines.  It is not a romantic love she feels with the coronation of being Miss Philippines but a love for country and a love for one's self.  She is not a selfish person, but one who now sees the worthiness of the title she now holds and her future is opening up, becoming brighter with each passing day.

Romance is also around Miss Philippines.  This positive energy fuels her desire, ambition and drive for future success as Miss International.  However, there is a downturn in success for Miss Philippines.  She will need to be cautious and proceed into the future with less zest or more constructive energy; she will need to step back from tension and stress so that she can see the future path, the one of destiny ahead.  There is stiff competition ahead.  Although Miss Philippines is aware of this competition, she is not yet ready for it.  She must relax and anticipate and allow her intuition to guide her forward.  I sense that Miss Philippines will not take the crown of Miss International due to the fatigue and tension surrounding her and her inability to listen to her intuition.  She will fall victim to the tension and stress surrounding the Miss International contest much in the same way that so many others before her had done so.

What we all need to remember is that the future is never set in stone. Miss Philippines can change this current future and turn it into victory, only if she listens to intuition and follows the guidance within her heart.
Psychic 2LIGHT has been doing readings for over 20 years.  He uses the Tarot to assist and to guide.  This, combined with his intense intuitive ability, allows him to hear the voice of Spirit, "which is the ultimate voice in the path to love and light and happiness".   
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Reading Date: May 3, 2015