Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Pope Francis: Change and Revolution

by: Psychic Gurmeet

The reading here is of no ordinary man, not only because of he is the Pope but he is a very high soul and has the power to bring very big changes in the world.  Each word that comes from him is too deep but will not be accepted by all, he is a very pure soul and even more God speaks through him, he is a man of many hidden talents.  He is a deeply emotional man never been fully understood by the people around him, he is a man of commitment -- loyal, compassionate, with deep desire for peace, harmony, love and unity among all.

When I began my reading for him it showed me clearly that when he was born there were strong changes in the world and also those who personally know him would confirm that his coming was indicated in dreams or messages which were divine to his mother and other people at that time.

There has been constant battle with the dark forces since his birth time, there have people who have lied to him and deceivers through many times against him, things have happened that have tested his powers, but he has remained unharmed and looking to God as pure as 100% Silver, white brightness shines through him and his aura has the silver-white pure light that surround him and anything he touches or sees is blessed.

The man who knows everything about all religions, respects them, understands them and knows true God as we see he speaks to him regularly and directly.

His messages will be in controversies as most of the corrupt will not understand even if they know; his messages that will not be taken seriously will have the wrath of God upon those who will deny.  Whatever he said or will say should be taken very seriously throughout the world; otherwise consequences will be far more painful!

He knows well that there are deceivers around him even now but will not react to them as he knows God is with him and he is surrounded by the angels of heaven.  He has no fear of those deceivers and knows what he has to do.

In the near future Pope will not be well for sometime but he will recover very well recharged and re-energized by the powers that protect him. I also see him traveling to a place that has fresh waters and nature.  Some decisions will be taken by him in the near future that he has been thinking for some time now, but will not be accepted by all.  My suggestion to those who do not accept his thoughts is to understand if you deny his word you are denying the word of God!

I also know that his messages will still not be fully accepted by everyone but only those who know of what he speaks, those who will accept his messages and follow will be the highest and unharmed with generations to prosper and be fertile.

His powers of distance healing are very powerful.

He has already blessed or will very soon be blessing a pregnant woman with a baby girl still inside or with a newly born girl that that has been sent by heaven to rule.  Her coming to power in the distant future will fulfill the dream of Pope Francis of unification of a nation.

That's all I can see for now.

Reading Date: May 5, 2015