Sunday, October 2, 2022

Miss Universe 2022 Psychic Prediction

Thanks to all dear readers and fans for all the years of love and appreciation. Since we are in the period of Navaratri, an annual festival of 9 sacred days for the 9 different forms of Goddess Durga, let us take a glimpse of the 9 top contestants.

A clear competition with highs and lows:
  • A beauty with letter "A" in her name will come very close and be confident to win but her confidence will be shattered on 9th December 2022 and will get stressed. She can be a winner if she came out of her illusions, and number 6 will be connected to her achievement.
  • This contestant connected to alphabet "H" and number 2 will be falsely guided by a man who will look wise to her but will hide the truth or may even lie, which will be the reason for her losing. She may not win this competition but will ultimately get married after this event. This contestant will belong to a place connected to a river and mountains.
  • This competitor will be connected to letter "D" in her name and can be connected to legal work. Number 2 will bring her down, her luck seems stuck but anger is raging high which will be realised and may make her winning difficult.
  • This contestant connected to number 7 and alphabet "P" in her name will give her best but will not be able to make it this time due to the competition around her.
  • A contestant connected to number 5 and name or place connected to alphabet "Q" will try to bribe or compromise but still be far from winning.
  • A very well educated and a person of multiple talents that also include writing, belonging to a place where alphabet "L" is connected to her will give her best but winning is not destined for her, if she gets into top 3, a tragedy awaits.
  • A contestant connected to a place with "A" and "C" in her name will give up hope and will not be able to perform well or at all.
  • A girl from a sunny, windy land with green pastures and beautiful countryside will give a tough competition to all. Alphabet "O" is related to her name and place. She will certainly have a young smart lover. She will be a believer in God and can win with the help of the divine forces. Number 8 will also be connected to her name, the place where she belongs and events in her life.
  • A contestant with a tragic past in 2020, has risen to an intellectual and spiritual level. Alphabet "J" has importance in her life and the place of birth connected to number 10, she shall give a tough competition to become a winner depending upon her final words at the show.
My best wishes to all the contenders. May the most deserving beauty win.

September 27, 2022