Sunday, March 29, 2015

Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton

by: Psychic Gurmeet

Past and Character

Prince William and Kate holding on to their own possessions and securities but destined to meet somebody which strong emotions generate, a choice of heart that cannot be made by logic alone.  A decisive point is reached and an important decision is made with reference to true desires rather than duty.  A dramatic change of attitude leads to happier times with lots of love and physical pleasures.

Lovelife and Emotions in the Past

Anxiety and sleepless nights, spite and slander, Kate and Prince William both are in tensions at this point of time, slow movement and long term planning which will yield great results for Kate.

Kate with her feminine influences got near to what she wanted and now enters Prince William's life.


Victory, conquest over difficult odds.  The force of destiny which drives one to achieve great things and Kate becoming flushed with success as to become arrogant at that point of times. She is seen bounded with troubles in this relationship and also bonds of duty where help is available if she forgets pride and asks for it. A departure from head-in-the-clouds behavior and childish inhibitions.

An old love of Kate, well traveled, fair complexion, good personality but this is not William.  She thinks of someone else as I see him with my third eye, it is someone else which was her true desire.  Kate is with William but thinks of the old love now and then.

Expectations or Outcome

Boredom, relationship having reached a stability within their relationship and now nothing more left to achieve, new love interests are on both sides, Kate is thinking of an old love where as William is also looking at another woman.  Far reaching decision and a decision that will affect them rest of their life.  This outcome will be quicker than expected.  Legal formalities, contracts are being signed connected to relationship, with a thought for balancing, harmony and the righting of wrong.

Unexpected or Unknown Factors in Future Event

I see a man enters and who likes gossips, he is a spy who is very close to both of them who sees and reveals the inside of this relationship in open public. Having a little more patience, a travel near a water body where someone is spying them.  Love close to its end, separation and knowing inside that there is nothing left, temporary separation, betrayal and disappointment.

Near Future

End to the delays and a good news on the 8th day coming its way, the day can also be 17, 26 or 8th in the coming 6 months but later separation of William and Kate.  Heartache, a painful ending of relationship.  High burdens, anxiety, and a difficult situation.

Distant Future

Prince William becomes strong and a man of trust and authority, wise, loyal, logical, and calm.  He dislikes overt displays of emotions and I see him as a King sitting on throne, as if he has grown more and knows what he has to do, but till this time I don’t see Kate around.  A meeting with Pope and William, a beautiful father-son relationship, Glory and happiness as the son grows, prosperity grows, son tries play a role in reunion.

This is what I see.  Usually, when the outcome of a prediction is not so happy, it is disturbing to the psychic as well, but it is universally well-known there are solutions to every problem if done in time.  This can save the person or situation.  Take an umbrella or shelter when it is about to rain!

Psychic Gurmeet