Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Miss Universe 2021 Psychic Prediction

Many thanks to all the readers and followers for the love and appreciation.  Here, I present to you my prediction for the 70th Miss Universe competition:

  • I see a young girl who will be soft but with powerful aura, humble and full of sympathy, love and positivity.  With wavy colored hair, big and deep eyes, she will once wear a deep reddish or brownish black velvety gown.  She will speak of nature and forests on social events, will  be connected to art, and can be the winner.  She is connected to an island with alphabet 'P', 'U', numbers 3 and 21, with a good wildlife and fruits that are green on the outside and yellow on the inside.  This is a place where majority believes and sees the miracles of angels.
  • A mother with a secret child plays her game whose name is connected to letter 'C' and is deceptive, she may lose because of health issues.
  • Another contestant connected to number 14 and place connected to  number 4  which repeats in her life, will be a strong contender, her winning will depend on her walk, she will wear dark or green outfit at the time of her final walk.
  • A participant will be distracted by her lover who is cheating on her.  This contestant will lose due to lack of focus.  Alphabet 'E' will be the cause of her struggle which will connect to number 5, however, she will get one more chance to win because stars of different colors will favor this lady connected to number 17.  She is connected to a country of tribes and traditions, where women are strong and worshippers of snakes.
  • A contestant uses the power of a shaman's feather in her dress.  She gains the favor of a judge with less hair.  She will be connected to number 8 and to a place where there are green hills near a river.
  • A contender connected with number 9, with colored hair receives a news.  This news becomes the reason for her changed behavior, which results in her downfall.
  • There can be a fight or arguments which can have devastating results between two to three contestants.  This can lead to great problems to contestants connected with number 2, 3, and 12.  At this point, a contestant with connection to number 3 and alphabet 'B' will have to quit or lose.
  • An excited contestant connected to alphabet 'H', a lover of law and justice, will give a tough competition.  Number 3 and alphabet 'C' will also be connected to her, she will love to swim in a sea.  She will belong to a country with tough times connected to number 8 and where an old lawgiver and king is still remembered and worshipped.
  • Contestant connected to alphabet 'A' and number 6 will be deceived by her fellows but her will power can promise her return and give a tough competition when she walks in a dress of fire.
  • There's a beauty which the world will know but right now her time is slow, she falls in love and is connected to alphabet 'J'.
  • A contestant connected to  alphabet 'I' will try her best but will not make it this time, as while answering her mind will be lost in some other thoughts.
There will be conflicts in this edition of Miss Universe pageant and liars will be determined with their points.

My best wishes to all the contestants!