Saturday, April 11, 2015

Miss Universe 2015 - Clairvoyant's Prediction

by: Psychic Gurmeet

Fearless Predictions™ note:  With the pageant still many months away, and most countries still preparing for their local competitions, let's ask what Psychic Gurmeet sees for the 2015 Miss Universe Beauty Pageant.  Psychic Gurmeet is a gifted clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and clairtangent.  For those ready for this early edition, Enjoy!

Miss Universe 2014 - Paulina Vega
What I saw as the 10 Finalists to the Miss Universe 2015 crown were called onstage:
  • 1st out of the 10 contestans to walk on the ramp will be connected to an island or born near sea.
  • The 2nd contestant of the 10, will be from a warm place and will have letter "R" connected to her.
  • The 3rd contestant will be extremely beautiful, has fair chance to be in the top three, and will later get married to a very powerful rich man.
  • The 4th one will try hard but I see struggles and difficulties
  • The 5th will be in the top three and I see her celebrating and happy.
  • The 6th  out of the 10to walk on the ramp is not seen anywhere in the picture, and I see her being too much stressed.
  • The 7th contestant here looks as taking a lead, confident, soft spoken, and with lots of charm. Number one is connected to her alphabet "A".
  • The 8th contestant will be in the limelight not only for her outfit, but beauty and intelligence, she is a strong contender too.
  • The 9th, will be in false hopes.
  • The 10th is deeply emotional but it is hard for her to hide her emotions and nervousness
This is going to be tough for the judges but the islands between Australia (including) and China to be in the top choices, and also Brazil.

But I see a beautiful woman from the East, with alphabet "A" attached to her, has a great scope as mentioned earlier, in some controversy at some time but that will be in her favor and will have a chance to win, with her being soft spoken and winner of hearts.

This is what I see for now.

Love and light,
Psychic Gurmeet

Reading date:  April 7, 2015
Tool: Smoky Crystal


  1. Yay, nice prediction! If i understand correctly its going to be an asian or brazilian?

  2. I think the one from East with "A" is Japan.

  3. Gosh the top 10 has Pia written all over it. Ganyan ka strong ang vibes.

  4. I don't think it's Japan. It says it's between Australia and China. Thus, those in between are the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan, plus Hong Kong.

  5. So who do you think it is?

  6. I got the same tarot reading for Pia "being soft spoken and winner of hearts."

  7. Could also be Korea.

  8. A is for PI-A. Our Queen of Hearts!!!!!

  9. The 7th finalist reads like Pia. My gut feel tells me its her.

  10. 1.Indonesia
    Winner PiA because everything pointing to her ! From the east , south east! I dont think its japan because the prediction say in between china and australia is Philippines other asian also included in the middle but the character really pia! This my interpretation only. I believed ms.universe 2015 will be asian!

  11. ay gud, miss asia pacific ba ito teh? toink!

  12. Ito ang vibes ko ayon sa description ni mamang psychic:

    1. Philippines
    2. Brazil
    3. Colombia
    4. USA
    5. Jamaica
    6. Italy
    7. Thailand
    8. France
    9. Venezuela
    10. China

    Entonces, Thailand ang queen of hearts na sinasabi sa prediction.

  13. Any country as long as it's not Thailand, they're the no.1 basher of the Philippines in any pageant. I don't understand their animosity against Filipinos and they find it very insulting to be mistaken as Filipinos.

  14. That number 9 is Miss Phillipines. Phillipino fans only see their candidates win pageants

  15. It's Filipino, not Philipino. Learn to show respect by saying it right first before anything else. It's pretty basic courtesy, you know.

  16. Nice prediction. Everyone will try to fit in this description:
    "in some controversy at some time but that will be in her favor and will have a chance to win, with her being soft spoken and winner of hearts."

  17. Si Miss Taylan and bet nitong si Sa-nay. Choz!

  18. Philippines sure top 10 ba?

  19. I visualize PIA all over this prediction. No doubt Pia is the winner of hearts in the last paragraph.

  20. Awesome! i love the way the prediction was presented ;D

    Its like watching the top 10 as each finalists walk down the ramp;D

    Pia Wurztback all the way!

  21. is it just me, or do others also think the 3rd candidate is philippines?

  22. how about Pia's perormance in Miss Universe????

  23. 9th finalist - False hopes -- Philippines