Friday, April 24, 2015

A Philippine Fortune Teller's Advice on Predicting Love Fulfillment for Yourself

by: Psychic August


Love and romance are among the foremost topics Tarot readers and other diviners of fortune are most often consulted for, with questions about material prosperity being only a close second.  It is the problems of love that bother people the most, and absolutely bring about sleepless nights and extreme emotions.  There are a lot of lonely people out there, even if they already have all the trappings of financial prosperity and career success.

There are those who do find the love that they are seeking for in their lives. And there are those who feel they haven’t found it yet, either still continuing to shuttle endlessly from one partner to the next, hoping that the current paramour is the “one” to give them the love they seek, or in fits of despair and loneliness, quietly waiting out the days for the arrival of the “right” person in their lives, whatever that means for them.

Now, for those who consult the many Tarot readers and other oracles of fortune out there, asking when romance will arrive in their lives, or whether it will still continue in an existing relationship, certain suggestions are given here that can help in getting a good prediction of fulfillment in love and romance that will surely come to pass.

Know What You Are Looking For

To begin, it must always be emphasized that in love relationships, as it is with other things in life, you should know what it is you are looking for.  This means that you should have a clear picture of the kind of partner you want, as well as the kind of love experience you desire.  A lot of people are desirous of great romance in their lives, demanding to know when this will happen to them, all the while not really having the faintest idea of exactly what it is they are asking for.  Obviously, as a result, they fall into unending disappointment.

Make a list, mentally, or better yet in writing, of the kind of person you desire to be a love partner.  Define exactly the features, personality, and characteristics of this desired partner, i.e, whether male or female, tall or short, slim, chubby, stocky, or medium built, fair, tan, or very dark in complexion, with straight, wavy, or curly hair, what shape of nose, eyes, etc.  It is best to be as specific as possible.

Define the stature. Does he/she need to be a successful businessman/woman?  A corporate superstar? A model?

Next, define the kind of experiences you would like to have with this person - lively interesting discussions, great fun with each other in the places where you both want to hang out in, frequent travel together to places you both want to visit, and so on.

Having defined the kind of person you want as a love partner, and having defined the kind of experiences you want to share with this partner, commit all these details to heart to help you have a clear idea of the kind of love relationship you want to predict for yourself.

Ways to Bring Romance into Your Life

It is even advised for you to utilize more advanced ways to successfully bring romance into your life, such as the techniques of writing and reciting affirmative prayers, or the tried and tested methods of visualization.

But to benefit from these approaches, again, you should have a clear idea of the kind of love relationship you want.

If you are interested in using the methods of visualization to bring about and materialize for yourself a fulfilling love life, as well as making all your other desires come true, you may check this sample video, or if you wish I could also help you get started with a technique suitable to you.

Perspective on Love Relationships

The next thing to observe in predicting fulfillment in love for ourselves is the kind of perspective we have on love relationships in general.

What are the thoughts you have about love? What do you feel about falling in love?  Is your mind filled with positive expectations about romance in such a way as to have a certainty that you are already attracting the person you want as a love partner? Or do you entertain the common cliches unfulfilled people have about relationships, like there are not too many eligible men and women anymore, or all the best men and women are already taken, or I’m too old to fall in love, or I always wind up getting hurt in the end, or my relationships don’t last very long, or I’m scared to fall in love, and often such cliches.  If you keep on entertaining these very negative statements in your mind, then it will be very difficult to see a cherished prediction about a fulfilling love life come to pass.

Positive Thoughts About Love

So start entertaining mostly positive thoughts about love and relationships in your mind.  Picture the process of falling in love as mostly an exciting and fulfilling journey, with happiness as the end result.  Support this picture with the corresponding positive thoughts. Then you will see that it is not really that difficult to experience a prediction of a great love life come to pass in your life.

Those wishing happiness as an end result in their love life should feel absolutely certain that it is this happiness, and nothing less, that is now coming to pass for them.  And they should feel absolutely certain that they deserve this happiness! This last statement is important, for there are a lot of people out there who feel so unworthy of love.

Loving and Accepting the Self

The cure for this is to start loving and accepting ourselves as we are at this moment – no more, no less.  We must first love ourselves before other people around us will give us the love we desire, which includes love expressed as romance.  We should have and feel love inside of us before we can find it’s numerous expressions outside ourselves.  And it will be very easy to feel worthy of the experience of love given to us when we have it for ourselves deep inside.

Give to Receive Love

When we love ourselves and feel worthy of being loved, it will be easy for us to radiate love to wards others, not necessarily romance, but all acts of love – charity, benevolence, compassion, etc.  This is important, for acts of love given to other people help it come back to us in many wonderful forms, including the great romance we desire.  We must first give love to experience love given back to us.  We must first give to receive.

We Attract What We Are

After loving ourselves and loving others as well, we can now begin improving ourselves.  This is important in wanting a great love life to happen to us, for the quality of the love life we will experience depends not only on the quality of partner we attract, but also on our own qualities – the kind of person we are.  And pretty much the quality of the partner we attract in our love life would reflect our own quality as a person.  Like other things we have in our life, the kind of partner we would attract has to match us, being a mirror-image of ourselves, the kind of person we are.  It would be like looking back at ourselves.

So if you want a high quality partner in your love life, you should be high quality yourself, meaning, you should cultivate first in yourself the characteristics, traits, virtues, etc., that you want in a love partner so that you attract such a person in your life.  Be the best that you can be so that you will attract the best person for you in fulfilling romance.

All the suggestions given above are tools you can use to work on yourself to help fulfill a prediction of happiness and satisfaction in a love relationship that will surely come to pass.  In addition, there are two things you can observe while you are having a Tarot reading session, or if you have just had one, in which the coming of romance in your life was predicted.

Doubt Negates Good Predictions

During an oracle reading session where the Tarot reader sees romance (or for that matter, any kind of good luck) happening to you in the future, it pays to have a quiet and simple feeling of certainty that the given prediction would surely come to pass.  Conversely speaking, an attitude of doubt and pessimism negates any kind of good prediction from happening, especially predictions of happiness in romance.

A lot of people are too pessimistic about most things in their lives so much so that they prevent from happening by the power of the mind, all the good things that are really destined for them, including a fulfilling love life.  This is a major reason behind the experience of many people who, having had the prediction of a fulfilling romance made for them, find out that it doesn’t really happen to them, or so they say.

It doesn’t happen to them because they have already introduced, even before the actual prediction is made, strong doubts and pessimism that any kind of positive tendencies predicted for them in romance can possibly happen.  And as a result, it really doesn't happen.  It would have been better for these people not to have had their futures predicted, because perhaps, had they not known that something positive was going to happen to them, in this case fulfilling romance, they wouldn’t have negated it with their pessimistic thinking, and it would have come to pass.

Open and Positive Expectation of Good Things

That is why knowing the future is a great responsibility for the one who wants to know about it.  This is also the reason why it always pays to have an open and positive expectation that good things can and are bound to happen to you.  So, whenever a prediction of romance has been made for you, just quietly acknowledge that it will come to pass in due time.  And it surely will!

Anxious and Impatient

Lastly, there are also a lot of people who, after being read and learning that positive tendencies for romance are soon to happen to them, become too anxious, impatiently wanting the experience to happen to them ASAP, to the extent that they are constantly bothered why it isn’t happening to them yet.

This even leads them to demand for more oracle readings to be done for them, more than what should be the norm in terms of the frequency of having your fortunes told.  They eventually make the conclusion that nothing will really happen to them, in terms of the predictions made for them.  And in so doing, they cut the positive tendencies that were already unfolding for them.
Let the Tendencies Unfold
When positive tendencies of romance were predicted for us, we must be able to stand back and let the tendencies unfold as they should in our lives, having a quiet trust that the happiness we desire in love and romance is already coming to pass for us and will be fully realized in due time. We must drop all urges to be impatient, anxiously and constantly worrying when the experience of great romance will become real for us.  
Adopt an Attitude of Quiet Trust
We must adopt an attitude of quiet trust and let things happen as they should, for often things happen when we least expect it – when we are not in the way.
Life loves surprises. It brings to us our most cherished desires, especially love and romance, in its own time, according to its wisdom.

And so, when love and romance is predicted for you, quietly acknowledge it and just let go, moving on with your life. Trust that when it is time, and when you least expect it, the love and romance will be there for you.
" Life loves surprises. It brings to us our most cherished desires, especially love and romance, in its own time, according to its wisdom. "