Friday, October 21, 2016

Psychic Prediction: 2016 Miss Grand International

by: Psychic Gurmeet

This is the prediction out of top 10 contestants.

The top three contestants that will be connected to number 17, number 19 & number 1 in any ways they can be.  These can be the contestant numbers or have strong connection to these numbers.

The next contestant looks cheerful and also a person of two worlds, with head in the heavens and roots in the earth, will come from a big country of rivers and lakes, with lots of hope and will prosper but will lose of immaturity and needs to grow.

Further I see a hardworking contestant connected to number 8, good at cooking,  loses it all for now but her long term goals will be fruitful.

Later is a contestant who is clever at spells and is jealous of many, burns in agony and will soon need help, her name will start with D.

Next is the one with the place with name E, she feels alone and now knows the goal is tough.

Another one will be in tensions too high. Will be in her own style and not appreciated because her talks will be in personal style, number 2 will be connected to her in any ways and will reveal whatever is in her mind is not in the right time.

Finally the  two out of ten will be one that will never rise will have a connection with letter M and the next  one connected with letter L  will lose too but will transform later completely when she loses to realise that this isn't the right pace for her & will later do something else.

This is all I see for now.

All the best to all the contestants.  May the best one win.

With lots of love & light to all,