Tuesday, November 15, 2016

US Pres. Donald Trump Psychic Prediction

 by: Psychic Gurmeet

How do you see the US government under President-elect Donald Trump?

Let me tell you directly what I see.

My vision shows an energetic man, generous to friends, with taste for luxuries, but a hasty personality who will bring a lot of changes. Some people will really like him and on the other side there will be majority of the world badly criticizing him.

I see abuse of power, cravings for more power, that will never end. There will be dishonesty, direct confrontation with  people who will work against his efforts.

There shall be protests where his downfall is also indicated.

For some time, he will be surrounded by pleasures, excellent social life, friends, happiness, economic boom for us and love relationships that will be fulfilling. Later, things turned into vanity, complacency, over-sentimental attitude and carelessness, leaving things which are very important to be addressed behind, holding to his own material possessions and benefits, running from one place to another with no peace of mind, which could lead to another world war situation.

There will be accusations, oppressions and false interpretations that will be shocking, people will feel betrayed and then there will be a change.

I see his future generations rising, specially his son who will be president one day.

Material stability and possessions gained but world suffers in coming years.

In the name of corruption and terrorism, he will attend to his own personal benefits because of which there will be more troubles. His actions for eliminating terrorism will be later clearly understood by the people. Things will look changed but ultimately it will be just a game of power and a show.

He will be on the top of his world, in a very high position where he cannot be stopped.  There will be people who will start misguiding him, facts will be moulded and he will be on his own illusions which he will present in a beautiful way.

I also see  issues related to health.

Later, I see a man but not a president left alone making his country men wiser to uncover hidden political motives, but it will be too late
I see a man but not a president left alone making his countrymen wiser to uncover hidden political motives, but it will be too late.
These are all that I can see for now.

Love & light,